ha 中文意思是什麼

ha 解釋
int. 感嘆詞 哈!〈表示驚愕、快樂、疑惑、躊躇等〉。
vi. 不及物動詞 「哈!」地叫一聲。
n. 名詞 「哈!」的一聲。

  1. Advance copy of the public announcement to be made by the ha regarding its decision to re - launch the global offering of units in a real estate investment trust to implement its decision to divest its retail and car parking facilities

  2. And so i figured, ah ha! he wants me to suit him perfectly, down to the ground.

  3. Ha ha. ahem. can i talk to you for a second

  4. Jack : all hail to craig … [ pretends to be bowing to craig ] ha - ha

    傑克:來為克雷格喝采… …假裝向克雷格鞠躬哈哈。
  5. Try to imagine, kangta, finkl, shinhwa, click - b, baby vox, ha ri - su, and many more are all in one single film ! if you are a k - pop fan, merely the cast list is already the biggest allurement for you to get the film

    這絕不是容易的事,例如在香港要拍這樣的電影,單是遷就各歌手的工作日程表和度期便是令人頭痛的問題,以往同類的電影頂多隻有為賑災籌款的《豪門夜宴》 。
  6. The cuhk and the hospital authority ( ha ) have organized a special service for those who have a medical indication for refractive surgery ( lasik ) - severe myopia ( 8 diopters or more ) ; anisometropia, or a difference in refractive error more than 3 diopters between the two eyes ; and those who have had past corneal surgery such as cornea transplant

    香港中文大學及醫管局合作提供有限度矯視手術服務( lasik )予有特別需要的病人深近視( 800度或以上) 、鴛鴦眼(雙眼屈光度數相差300度或以上)或曾接受角膜手術例如角膜移植手術。
  7. Ha ! anonymity doesn ' t concern me. embarrassment does

  8. Ha - ha - i m awfully glad you have made an apostate of me all the same

  9. The changes in molecular weight, mass, mechanical strength, microstructure of fibers and ph value of the buffer solution with time in vitro had been studied. the study shows that degradation mechanism of pdlla / ha compound fiber was indicative of an autocatalysis process and simple noumenon hydrolysis

    通過對試樣的性能測試和形貌觀察,研究了pdlla ha復合纖維在降解過程中其分子量、重量和力學性能以及緩沖溶液ph值等一系列參數的變化規律,並探討了復合纖維的降解機理。
  10. Cool guy - shin ha - kyun, song kang - ho, bae doo - na

  11. Shin ha - kyun, song kang - ho, bae doo - na

  12. The experiment was conducted in a 2. 4 ha isolated field mimic rice production practice with pollen competition. a japonica gm rice l201 containing bar gene with herbicide basta resistance was used as a pollen donor and six indica hybrid rice varieties and its male sterile ( ms ) lines and two common wild rice ( oryza rufipogon and o. nivara ) that share same aa genome with cultivated rice were used as recipients

    本試驗選擇廣州作為華南水稻生態區的代表,以含bar基因(抗除草劑basta )的轉基因粳稻l201為花粉供體,模擬大田生產實際,對轉基因向秈型兩系及三系雜交稻不育系、雜交稻品種及含aa基因組的普通野生稻的基因漂流及其影響因素進行了研究。
  13. " when it ha ened, i just thought it was the rain, " batiste said through sign language interpreter phyllis st. cyr

    巴蒂斯特在一位手語女翻譯的幫助下向記者說: 「當這個意外事件發生時,我還以為外面開始下雨了。 」
  14. Although the breeze ha now utterly ceased, we had made a great deal of way during the night, and were now lying becalmed about half a mile to the south - east of the low eastern coast

  15. It presentes the modal of " bimorph degradation ". unwoven meshes were formed by pdlla / ha composite fibers with diameter of 10 ~ 15 m and embedded by i collagen albumen, polylysine and collagen albumen of the rats " tails

    前期降解較為緩慢, ph值基本穩定地保持在7 . 0左右, ha真正起到了代償pdlla降解引起的ph下降的作用,有助於防上無菌性炎癥的發生,也有利於細胞生長和組織形成。
  16. Bioactive substance such as hydroxyapatite ( ha ) and bioglass are coated on their surfaces in order to improve the bond between the implants and bone tissue

  17. Hyaluronan ( ha ) has wonderful biocompatibility and biodegradability, but needs cross - linking modification to improve its mechanical properties for its use as a biomaterial

  18. “ indeed, neural circuits for laughter exist in very ancient regions of the brain, and ancestral forms of play and laughter existed in other animals eons before we humans came along with our ' ha - ha - has ' and verbal repartee, ” says jaak panksepp, a neuroscientist at bowling green state university

  19. Ha ! there ' s a bumper sticker. i knew it was only a matter of time

  20. Helen : oh no ! that ' s not buster ' s style, ha ha