habitable 中文意思是什麼

habitable 解釋
adj. 形容詞 可居住的,適于居住的。
n. 名詞 -ness = habitability.
  1. Satisfaction at the ubiquity in eastern and western terrestrial hemispheres, in all habitable lands and islands explored or unexplored the land of the midnight sun, the islands of the blessed, the isles of greece, the land of promise of adipose posterior female hemispheres, redolent of milk and honey and of excretory sanguine and seminal warmth, reminiscent of secular families of curves of amplitude, insusceptible of moods of impression or of contrarieties of expression, expressive of mute immutable mature animality

  2. Centaurus starships voyage from atma in search of habitable planets around foreign stars. the expansion of centaurus civilization beyond the system of new delta ensues

  3. Every inhabitant of this planet must contemplate that it may no longer be habitable.

  4. The house suffered only minor structural damage and could have been made habitable at relatively small cost.

  5. Walls and are habitable is normally termed as space

  6. Some of us had grave doubts that it would ever be habitable

  7. So the astronomers believe that it is potentially habitable

  8. When we first moved into this old house it was barely habitable

  9. Three factors, length, breadth and height of the habitable room

  10. Nothing habitable remains

  11. There are chinese people in almost every habitable part of this globe

  12. The lowest habitable story of a building, usually below ground level

  13. The northernmost region of the habitable world as thought of by ancient geographers

  14. These so - called habitable exoplanets could be awash in oceans of liquid water, which means they might support life

  15. These are the types of elements that form the ultimate building blocks for habitable planets

  16. These environments may be good analogues for early life on earth and are the subject of research by astrobiologists as models for primitive life on other habitable planets

  17. As an important component of these facilities, apartment for the aged is in their good graces, because in which they can independently enjoy the habitable space, more good service, more good care and the family atmosphere

  18. Mars is located outside the habitable zone. liquid water cannot exist on its surface

  19. The earth is the only planet in our solar system that is within the habitable zone, a region

  20. First of all, during the 5 billions years since the formation of the solar system, the earth has been located at the habitable zone of it