habitat 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['hæbitæt]
habitat 解釋
n. 名詞 1. (動、植物生長的)自然環境[地區]。
2. 聚集處,住所,居住地。
3. 經常發現某種事物的地方。
4. 海底實驗室人員居住的加壓艙,海底實驗室。

  1. 3. the two species are suitable for growing in the cool, moist habitat with alkaline soil and sensitive to water

  2. The company has the professional qualifications of the construction, rich experience and expertise in project construction team, in shenzhen and neighboring had completed a number of major projects, such as : state - building in shenzhen, the shenzhen productivity technology park building, dongguan step by step, the china everbright bank, shenzhen city communist party, china enrolling, urban forests, turtle mountain lodge, alpine garden, quieting habitat ho side, garden city, wonderlang, the bay holds garden, studded day at ocean shores, etc. glass insulation, energy, explosion - proof security to indulge their works

  3. Monkeys live in an arboreal habitat.

  4. The us army corps of engineers have begun a program to restore wildlife habitat by creating new islands along a massive, three - mile stretch of the mississippi river

  5. During 2001 to 2002, observation and statistics were made on the dynamic status of migration, habitat form, habit of activity and population density of aves in the wetland of hengshui lake. the management and protection of bird resources are also discussed in the paper

  6. Germplasm resource and habitat types of wild begonia in subtropical reg ion of guizhou

  7. Based on the theory of island biogeography, it is seemed that liuheyuan which is connected with the reserve has the geography superiority in enlarging david ' s deer habitat

    相較其它濕地,依據島嶼生物地理學「平衡理論」 ,與麋鹿保護區相連通的六合垸似乎在擴大麋鹿棲息地方面具有地理優勢。
  8. Based on the field investigations and laboratory examinations, a study of the population of the epiphytic dolichomitriopsis diversformis ( mitt. ) nog. in fanjing mountain reveals that its habitats are different among different host trees, but that there lies the common habitat characteristics of not more than 2m height from the bottoms of host trees trunks, less light, high relative humidity, slow wind speed, slow evaporation speed and long time of remaining humid in middle - lower tree bark ; that it is one dioecious moss species, the morphology is remarkably different between its perichaetium and perigonium, the number of its perichaetia is much more than that of its perigonia, its perigonium is difficult to find out, its sporophyte is upright, its seta is long and thin, its capsule is regular long oval and its calyptra is cucullate

  9. Every obtains abroad long - term ( permanent ) counterpoise habitat or already was in foreign open company ( enterprise ), bureau of cadre of classics city science and technology undertakes the identity is maintained and trade of the classics outside classics city appoint approval, invest company registration book by the foreign trader, register capital specified number not under 100 thousand yuan of rmb, this city foreign trader can be enjoyed to invest the favourable policy of the enterprise after registering ; other study abroad bureau of cadre of science and technology of personnel classics city undertakes the identity is maintained, press inside endowment after company registration book, can enjoy this city to urge each favourable policy that develops property of new and high technology

  10. This voluntary code addresses issues such as reduced pesticide use, water and energy conservation, waste reduction and recycling, controlling of erosion, the use of “ good bugs ” in the vineyard to kill the “ bad bugs ”, creating and maintaining a habitat for raptors and other wildlife around the vineyards, planting cover crops such as mustard grass and clover to replenish the soil with nutrients, improved farm worker housing, and other measures for making high quality wines in a responsible manner

  11. Ecodeme refers to a deme occuring within a specified kind of habitat.

  12. Many of the animals that inhabit this dark and downtrodden habitat are small and secretive, but they make up for their diminutive stature with huge numbers

  13. Habitat for humanity international, founded in 1976, is a nonprofit, ecumenical christian housing ministry

  14. Edaphic factors the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of the soil that together form an important component of the habitat because of their influence on plant distribution

  15. Proper and active habitat management work is essential to maximize the ecological values of these freshwater ponds and our reserve staff at mai po have cautiously managed these habitats by controlling the water levels, clearing invasive water plants as well as removing exotic fish in the systems, said samson so, wwf hong kong training officer. exuviae of dragonfly

  16. This paper conducted the comprehensive discussion and analyses of cupressus gigantean biological characteristic and taxology character, geographical distribution situation, habitat condition and growth condition, research and protection status, made an according addition to the former narration, raised some authors ' opinions and guesses

  17. Conservation - habitat protection - green dragon

  18. All species of worms in a habitat are considered.

  19. These include character displacement, habitat selection.

  20. The dam would also destroy the snail darter's habitat