caac 中文意思是什麼

caac 解釋
CAAC =General Administration of Civil Aviation of China 中國民用航空總局〈CAAC是前譯名Civil Aviation Administration of China的縮寫,現仍沿用〉。

  1. Hebei meteorology center of caac, shijiazhuang, 050802

    民航河北省局氣象臺,石家莊, 050802
  2. Fig. 1 visit by a delegation from caac atmb

  3. 1 visit by a delegation from caac atmb

  4. Seminar on aviation meteorological services and information exchange with caac

  5. His letter was copied to the caac minister and chairman of air china

  6. Comparative analysis of airport pavement design procedures between caac and faa

  7. The delegation from caac atmb pictured here with the director and staff of the observatory

  8. Of caac, who would later deliver the clothes to shanghai red cross

  9. Must hold caac cert 、 convert faa cert 、 jaa cert , valid category ii health certificate

    持有caac 、 faa 、 jaa現行有效的飛行教員執照和體檢合格證。
  10. Valid caac ( str ) maintenance personnel license, type certificate b737 / 767 series is preferred

    持有有效的caac結構修理執照,有b737 / 767機型執照優先。
  11. As one of the six important airlines in china, xh has 11 boeing airlines and twenty - seven year safety flying records. it was awarded " security aviation unit " by civil aviation administration of china ( caac ) and chongqing government for many times

  12. Hainan aviation group includes : hainan airlines, changan airlines ( i believe it was the great wall airlines under caac ), xinhua airlines and shanxi airlines - not currently willis clients

    海南航空集團下屬:海南航線,長安航線(我相信它曾是caac屬下的長城航線)新華線和山西/陜西線? ?目前不是威利斯的客戶。
  13. The result indicates that the caac should not control the ticket price ; rational airlines have inner driving force to depreciate

  14. The article draws a conclusion that revenue management pricing is suitable for chinese airlines, in other words, in order to maximize the benefits for caac, airlines and passengers, the caac should open the market ; the airlines should make diversiform and multi - hierarchy price system according to different passengers

  15. According to caac the biggest problems facing the civil aviation industry include too few airports, limited services, saturation at the main hubs of shanghai, guangzhou and beijing and difficulties in co - ordinating civil and military flight paths

    民航總局表示,航空業面臨的最大問題包括機場數量太少、服務地域不廣、 (上海、廣州和北京等)樞紐機場容量飽和、軍民航空域使用協調困難等。
  16. In the beginning of the formal application phase, ccar - 142 applicant should submit a formal application letter and attachments to the caac regional administration or local safety supervision office designated by regional administration fulfilled with the following information

    正式申請開始階段, ccar 142部合格證申請人應當向所在地區的民航地區管理局或地區管理局指定的安監辦呈交一份填有下述內容的正式申請書和附件:
  17. This article analyses the phenomenon that the ticket price controlled by general administration of civil aviation of china ( caac ) and depreciating competition between airlines

  18. The wide use of e - ticketing is expected to lower operational costs, which could lead to lower prices, said an expert with the safety technology centre of the general administration of civil aviation ( caac )

  19. The paper ' s research of meilan airport mis has been accepted by caac. now it is running in haikou airport. it is helpful to give the passenger rapid x good -

  20. The acp will become even more critical in the years ahead as china acquires more u. s. aviation and aerospace products and services to meet its substantial air transportation needs. " ustda helped to launch the acp with the caac in early 2004