ca 中文意思是什麼

ca 解釋
CA =chlormadinone 氯地孕酮〈避孕藥〉。

  1. Flower - heads narrowly campanulate, 16 - 19 mm long, ca. 6 mm across, usually 2 - 4 in terminal clusters ; peduncle 2 - 8 mm ; involucral bracts ca. in 7 series, ribbed on abaxial surface, apex spiny

    葉互生,卵形,長3 - 5 . 5厘米,寬2 - 4厘米,先端短尖,基部近截形,邊緣具疏齒,兩面被長柔毛,具基出脈3條;葉柄長3 - 5毫米。
  2. The local directional drilling is just staring in terrane, the equipments and the technologies ca n ' t satisfy far and far the spot construction needs, according to current circumstance and considing the existed equipments, the author put forward drilling by air hammer in terrane, having designed compounded - drilling tools, and recommended technology parameters. producing experiments have obtained good achievements in economic and in techniques

  3. Fao who joint committee of alimentary codex ca - fao who

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  5. So the effect of eutrophication of dianchi lake of sediment ca n ' t be ignored. based on the research of modern sediemnt of dianchi lake, the thesis is concerned about some physical and chemical characteristics ( including magnetic susceptibility, ammoniac nitrogen and effective phosphprus etc. ) and thermodynamics analysis of spontaneous mineral of iron

    本論文主要以滇池現代沉積物為研究對象,對滇池現代沉積物的主要物理和化學性質(包括氨氮、有效磷、磁化率等) ,進行基礎性地分析研究並對滇池現代沉積物鐵的自生礦物進行了熱力學分析。
  6. When measuring the magneto performance parameter , we find that the instrument which use to measure voltage and current is still the simple voltmeter and amperemeter in the national standard , and the form of wave that we observed is anomaly. based on the measure principles, it obviously ca n ' t be used to do quantitative analysis ; because the discharge process of ignition system is quite complex, accompanies with very strong electromagnetism interference, and the ignition current and voltage are variable , it make the measure of ignition energy become a difficult thing of ignition system performance detection

  7. Animalcule fermentation process possesses non - linear and time difference, it is inherence mechanism is very complex, some important course variable ca n ' t measure online

  8. Our country treats all districts equally without discrimination, adopts the unified financial policy, so it ca n ' t raise the anticipant result

  9. Its legal important requirement is what must have legal appeal exist, the appellee mention for appellor, must disobey the trial sentence of the appellor, must mention before word debate end, the appellor ca n ' t mention the collateral appeal again for appellee, must comply with legal program, then the author divides into five kinds of condition to discuss the relation of appeal and collateral appeal in detail

  10. Alternatively, the continental collision models postulated that the ncc consists of two archean blocks ( the eastern and the western ), separated by ca. 1800 ma proterozoic erogenic belt

    而大陸碰撞拼合模型認為華北陸塊東部帶和西部帶於1870 - 1800ma沿中部帶碰撞拼合, 1800 - 1750ma左右發生強烈的碰撞后伸展作用。
  11. After nearly one year clinical practice, the auth or thought thatin t he course of carrying out systematic holistic nursing care one should pay attent ion to some points as follows : do not take the systematic holistic nursing ca re as doctrine, the holistic nursing care is not all - powerful, and is not a empty frame either, only by changing one ' s viewpoint, drawing into competition system, one can heighten his consciousness of service and ensure the effectiven ess of carrying out the systematic holistic nursing care, to perfect manageme nt system, to ensure the quality of holistic nursing care, to pay special att ention to the links of health education, to make out a set of scientific and detailed criterion to evaluate the systematic holistic nursing care, it should b e geared to actual circumstances and give prominence to entirety, foresight and actual effectiveness

  12. Prophylls ca. 2 cm long, sheathed, without blade and auricles

  13. Our previous studies showed existence of apoplast cam in the plant cell and cam had many extracellular functions. so it supposed cam may be one of important extracellular polypeptides and trigger the intracellular signal transduction by binding the receptor. in this study, radiolabelled ligand is used to investigate the binding characteristic of cam and a. thaliana protoplasts. and chemical crosslinking is employed to explore binding proteins in the membrane. at first, ( 35 ) ~ s - cam was produced using ( 35 ) ~ s - labeled amino acid mixture in e. coli. sds - page and autoradiograph indicated high - purified, high - specific radioactivity ( 35 ) ~ s - cam was obtained. electrophoresis of ( 35 ) ~ s - cam is the same as that of unlabeled cam with ca ~ ( 2 + ) or egta ; a quatitive of protoplasts was prepared by enzymolysis

    首先,用~ ( 35 ) s標記的氨基酸混合物喂養工程菌成功地制備了~ ( 35 ) s標記的擬南芥鈣調素( ~ ( 35 ) s - cam ) , ~ ( 35 ) s - cam純度高、放射活度高、 ca ~ ( 2 + )與egta存在時的電泳行為與未標記cam相同,可作為一種高靈敏性的探針用於進行受體學分析實驗;用擬南芥種子誘導愈傷,通過酶解制備了大量原生質體。
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  16. Ca cellulose acetate butyrate

  17. Losses of ca and mg are accelerated by fertilizers which supply nitrate, sulphate and chloride.

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