c-in-c 中文意思是什麼

c-in-c 解釋
C-in-C =commander in chief 總司令。

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  • in : adv 1 朝里,向內,在內。 A coat with a furry side in有皮裡子的外衣。 Come in please 請進來。 The ...
  1. It has to sit in a bath of liquid helium cooled to just a fraction of a degree above absolute zero ( - 273 c ) in order to work

    為了能夠運行, 「獵人」不得不被放置在有液態氦溶液中,裏面的溫度只比絕對零度( 273 c )高一點點。
  2. A n alcoholic drink m ade from grain that is popular in c anada

  3. Equal channel angular processing of the pearlitic steel ( 0. 65 wt. % c ) was successfully carried out at 650 with route c in this study, obtaining a total equivalent true strain ~ 5. the microstructure evolution of pearlitic steel in ecap was investigated by means of transmission electron microscope and scanning electron microscope. the main results are as the following : 1

    本研究成功地實現了c方式650珠光體鋼65mnecap變形,累積等效真應變達到5 。並用透射電鏡、掃描電鏡研究了珠光體組織的演變特點和滲碳體的變形。主要結果如下: 1
  4. The phenomenon of cultural aphasia in c - e trademark translation

  5. This famous temple to the god of healing and the sun was built towards the middle of the 5th century b. c. in the lonely heights of the arcadian mountains

  6. Sonata in c major for bassoon and piano

    辛德米特: c大調大管奏鳴曲(鋼琴伴奏版)
  7. Fantasia in c major for bassoon and piano

  8. Eccentric fox - trot in c for bassoon quartet

    亨利: c大調古怪的狐步舞曲(為大管四重奏)
  9. Concerto in c for bassoon and piano

    托瑪茲: c大調大管協奏曲(鋼琴伴奏版)
  10. An inner bridge b of a cycle c in g is transferable.

  11. Mozart piano concerto no. 21 in c major, k467

  12. Piano concerto no. 2 in c minor, op. 18

  13. We hold that the integrate effect consists of two parts : 1 + 1 > 2 and a + b = c, in terms of math : here x1, x2, . . . , xn : integrate units s : functions of new system what features an integrated system are subjective initiative, non - linear function, dynamic connection, sub - system uncertainty, selective competition. the basic factors of integration are integrate context, integrate units, integrate interface and environment, which form the integration condition respectively the basic integrate patterns covers point - to - point, pipeline and hub

    首先,深入探討了集成的內涵,即集成是指為了實現某一目標,在一定的集成環境中,若干集成單元動態地集合成一個泛邊界狀態的有機整體的過程,指出集成效應的數學解釋除了1 + 1 2外,還應該包括: a + b = c ,即若以x _ 1 , x _ 2 , … … , x _ n代表集成單元, s代表集成后新系統的總功能,那麼其特徵有:主體行為性、功能非線性、關系動態性、單元泛化性、選擇競爭性;集成的基本要素包括集成背景、集成單元、集成界面和集成環境等四要素;基本模式有點到點模式、管線型模式和集線器型模式;基本條件有集成背景條件、集成單元條件、集成界面條件和集成環境條件。
  14. Answer : because the first head of the foreign section of the secret service bureau, captain sir mansfield cumming rn, always signed himself mc or c in green ink and the tradition has continued till today, partly to aid the security needed for siss staff

    答案是因為秘密情報局外事處的首任處長mansfield cumming rn上校總是在簽名時稱自己為「 mc 」或者「 c 」 ,這個傳統一直流傳至今,這也是出於考慮英國秘密情報局( sis )成員自身安全的需要。
  15. According to the general plant of pkpm, the development of the pre - process part of cad system for tower structure has been done with object - oriented program language c + + in cfg graphic supporting system. the cad system is composed of the model - processed work of six kinds of towerbody structure, four kinds of towerboard, cupulate towerhead and extensive towerhead

    依照pkpm的總體布局要求,本工作採用設計語言c + + ,在cfg圖形平臺上進行塔架結構計算機輔助設計前處理的開發,完成了六種塔身結構、四種橫隔形式、酒杯型塔頭和擴展干字型塔頭的處理工作,這些都是最常用的典型結構。
  16. In most cases, it was found that the jb criterion is safer than hg specification, but adverse result was obtained when r / r is close to 0. 8 and d / t is too small ( less than 40 ). code in c language was worked out for simplifying the calculation

    在大多數情況下,按照jb標準對此種結構進行補強設計時其安全裕度要比hg標準為高;但是當開孔率接近0 . 8且d t很小時(不大於40 ) ,依jb標準補強設計后的安全裕度反而較按hg規范計算結果要小。
  17. Therrnogravimetric analysis at heating rates 5, 10, 15 and 20 c / min was used to study the decomposition kinetics of the pdms / pma ipn in ni and in air by using tg and dtg, and the upper limit of the temperature was 700 c. it was found that ipn began to decomposite at 350 c. the process of the thermal degradation was multiple steps, the curve of the rate of thermal decomposition had two peaks, one of which lied between 400 c ~ 420 c and the other lied between 500 c ~ 540 c, the result corresponded to the components of ipn

    在熱分解動力學研究中,通過在兩種氣氛中,分別以5 、 10 、 15和20 min四種升溫速率條件下,採用tg - dtg聯動測試, ipn材料在350開始熱分解。熱分解速率存在兩個峰值,一個分解峰值在400 420之間,另一個在500 540之間,這與ipn結構中包含兩組分相對應,同時發現當緩慢升溫時,特別是在空氣氣氛中,兩個分解峰減弱,熱分解趨向於一個連續過程。
  18. In c, destructor syntax is used to implement the

    在c + +中,析構函數語法用於實現
  19. On an object destructor syntax in c and c

    (在c #和c + +中為析構函數語法)可提供隱式控制。
  20. A new method is proposed for geodesic lines generation by nonlinear element method in c