caballero 中文意思是什麼

caballero 解釋
n. 名詞 〈西班牙語〉1. 紳士;騎士;騎馬的人。
2. (美國西南部)騎馬者;婦女崇拜者。

  1. He was afraid that caballero was not up to the situation.

  2. In valencia he heard also that the days of the caballero government were numbered.

  3. You send 1 caballero from any region from each player back to the provinces

    玩家從圖板上移走所有玩家1名騎士(每人1名,包括玩家自己) ,讓該騎士變回在野。
  4. Caballero. debian. org - the debian ia64 build daemon - has recently been upgraded to an

    的持續支持,用來編譯debian ia64軟體包的主機caballero . debian . org最近已升級為
  5. Miguel caballero, the tailor who made ruiz ' s coat, turns out over $ 3 million worth of bulletproof clothing every year from his bogota factory

  6. Known as the " armani of bulletproof clothes ", caballero produces suits, coats and even t - shirts that protect their wearers from bullets and knives

    卡巴雷若以 '防彈衣的亞曼尼 '聞名,他生產西裝、外套,甚至t恤,這些衣服可以保護穿著的人免受子彈和刀子傷害。