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yellow time 解釋
  • yellow : adj 1 黃(色)的。2 皮膚黃的;蒙古[黃色]人種的。3 憂郁的;妒嫉的,猜忌的。4 (新聞等)聳人聽聞的...
  • time : n 1 時,時間,時日,歲月。2 時候,時刻;期間;時節,季節;〈常pl 〉時期,年代,時代; 〈the time ...
  1. Diet acrimony, sootiness, salt bloats, mildew changes, cankered food : hot food stimulates gastric mucous membrane, as time passes injures gastric mucous membrane ; carcinogenic substance of fumigated food generation can be caused and aggravating illness ; nitric acid salt is contained in souse food, very powerful carcinogen can be formed after with food medium nitrite is united in wedlock - - inferior saltpetre amine ; mildew changes element of very strong carcinogen yellow aspergillus is contained in food ; cankered material can produce effluvial carcinogen aldehyde. 2

    忌食辛辣、煙熏、鹽腌、霉變、腐爛食品:辛辣食物刺激胃粘膜,久而久之損傷胃粘膜;熏制食物產生致癌物可誘發和加重病情;腌制食物中含有硝酸鹽,和食物中的亞硝酸鹽結合后可以形成很強的致癌物質? ?亞硝胺;霉變食物中含有很強的致癌物質黃麴黴素;腐爛的物質可以產生惡臭的致癌物質乙醛。
  2. The period of time after its exuviate is thinner, weigh water crab ; after this flesh gradually plump, the male crab of fat and not the female crab of be fertilized, weigh fleshy crab ; and the female body after be fertilized, after classics fatten is ovarian and mature, " connect body to coagulate fat, red yellow miscellaneous mix, the knot is pomegranate seed ", call cream crab

    它脫殼后一段時間比較瘦,稱水蟹;此後肉漸豐滿,肥實的雄蟹和未受精的雌蟹,稱肉蟹;而受精后的雌體,經育肥卵巢成熟后, 「通體凝脂,紅黃雜糅,結為石榴子粒「 ,則稱為膏蟹。
  3. Out of the yellow guest room went all lydia's things, and because such a time had passed she felt she no longer minded any more.

  4. This is another example of pseudomembranous inflammation, this time in the ileum. a greenish - yellow exudate covers most of the mucosal surface

  5. Led module is made with led of high brightness and wide viewing angle 60, it have great ray effect, energy saving and environmental - protecting. the life time is about 50000 - 80000hours, and work with low voltage dc12v. the imput current of each module is 25ma, red, yellow, blue, green, white etc color are available

    Led模組使用壽命長50000 - 80000hrs .模組省電低成本: 12vdc低電壓高光效能, led模組比霓紅燈節省電力70 % . led模組廣角度均勻色澤: led廣告發光模組角度范圍60 - 160度
  6. The england captain was shown two yellow cards in quick succession two minutes from time having also been dismissed in england ' s penultimate world cup qualifier against austria on october 8

  7. A distributed time - varying gain model applied to yellow river basin

  8. Red, yellow and green colour sign posts are used to represent the three most common standard no stopping restriction time periods for all vehicles

  9. Usually by an sensational way in order to satisfy the demands of audience for information and entertainment. from its birth, tabloid journalism has experienced several periods of high tides : the era of penny newspapers in 1930s and 1940s ; the era of yellow journalism in late 19th century ; the era of jazz journalism in 1920s " and contemporary time

  10. The steady dead generation and time that was caused by the isolated virus was certain by chicken embryo which was inoculated on seven or nine days. the histopathological changs of the infectious stunting syndrom were studied by the way of ordinary paraffin section and he dying. the experimental result were as follows : the test proved that the changes of the chicken embryo were different in different stage. the chicken embryo dead in a week after it inoculated. the body was dropsy and hemorrhage. dead before it hatched out, the embyo body were dropsy, pale and slime. the liver was yellow and swolled, gallbladder ( vesica fellea ) was filled with bile. bursa and glandula thymus analosis. the kindey dropsy. bowel lamina were humble, dilatation. gas and yellow foam were filled the bowel. histopathological changes were that, in early stage, obvious changes of liver and kindey were dropsy, hemorrhage and necrosis. two types eosinophilic intranuclear inclusion bodies including large round and little granular were present in cells of the above organs. the obvious changes of bursa were dropsy, adverse folliiculated growth and little lymphocytes proliferating, 19 - 21 days chicken embryo, one or two big empty vacuoles were prensent in cells of liver and kindey. the number of the folliculi was growing, the vacuoles between cells were larger

    膽囊充盈、其內充滿稀薄的膽汁;法氏囊、胸腺萎縮,腸道擴張、腸壁菲薄、內充滿氣體及黃色泡沫狀物;腎臟腫大。病理組織學變化方面,早期肝臟、腎臟、腸主要以出血、水腫和壞死為主,且肝細胞核及腎小管的上皮細胞核內均發現有核內包涵體,包涵體呈嗜酸性,為大型圓形包涵體或不規則的顆粒狀;法氏囊則以水腫、濾泡發育不良、小型淋巴細胞數量增多為主。 19 21日齡雞胚肝細胞、腎小管上皮細胞的胞漿內出現1 2各大的空泡,法氏囊濾泡數目增多細胞間有較大空隙。
  11. For the time being in the interest of national safety we are declaring a state of yellow alert.

  12. Any rider passing another rider or exceeding the speed limit in a " yellow flag " designated area will be time penalized

  13. Study achievement appears as following aspects : ( 1 ) yellow river estuary gate river flow and tide flow mixed area is not keep standing deposition status, on special income water and sediment conditions, boundary conditions and oceanic power conditions, this area may on the scour status ; ( 2 ) observed from estuary sediment deposition distributing process : delta and sea offing area sediment deposition vary trend is similar, each part sediment deposition scale varies as wave shape ; ( 3 ) on estuary gate, affect the sediment deposition factors, primary factors are tide prop, the gate widens gradually, estuary gate have branches, brine induced flocculation. this paper study the estuary gate widen, estuary gate have branches to affect the river channel deposition in quantity ; ( 4 ) based on field measured data, for the first time, deduce the estuary sediment deposition and distributing regress formula which can estimate estuary different areas sediment deposition volume ; ( 5 ) this subject demonstrate the estuary delta coastline dynamic balance conception, build the relationship between the estuary income sediment with deposition land area, draw the following important conclusion : when estuary years - averaged income sediment keeps at 345 million tons, the delta coastline may on the dynamic balance status. ( 6 ) this subject firstly brings up estuary sediment optimized control conception, and has the primary study on the macroscopically optimized control conception method

    研究認為: ( 1 )黃河河口口門逕流潮汐區域並非持續保持淤積狀態,在特定的來水來沙、邊界條件和海洋動力條件下,該區域可以處于沖刷狀態; ( 2 )從河口泥沙沉積分配的過程來看:三角洲與濱海區泥沙的沉積變化趨勢是基本一致的,各部位的泥沙沉積比例變化基本呈波動狀態,且三角洲與濱海區泥沙的沉積比例與來沙量密切相關,基本成正比關系; ( 3 )在口門處,影響泥沙沉淤的因素主要集中在潮汐頂托、口門逐漸加寬、河口門分汊、鹽水造成絮凝等,本報告主要對口門加寬,口門西妥理工大學工程碩士專業學位論文分漢對河道淤積的影響進行了定量分析: (一扣根據實測資料首次建立了河贖流路泥沙沉積分配的回歸計算式,據此可以預估計算河口不同區域泥沙的沉淤量; 、 5 )本項研究首次論證了河口三角洲岸線動態平衡的概念,並建立了黃河河口來沙量與造陸面積的相關關系,得出了當河口多年平均來沙量維持在3 . 45億t時其河口三角洲岸線則可能處于動態平衡狀態的重要結論; 『 6 )本項研究首次提出了河口泥沙優化調控的概念,並對其宏觀優化調控模式進行了初步探討。
  14. According to all the sediment peaks of 35 floods observed at each station on the downstream of xiaolangdi, it analyzes the characteristic of delayed sediment peak and establishes a regression equation between sediment peak lag time for each section of xiaolangdi, huayuankou, jiahetan, gaocun, sunkou, aishan and lijin and peak discharge, sediment concentration of the peak, flood propagation velocity and fall velocity of suspended load of the previous station, which can search, make up and extend sediment peak lag time and provide a basis for accurate forecasting on sediment peak travel time of each station on the lower yellow river

  15. The leaves of c. smyrnioides had been yellow in the end of april and the overground part of the plant had been blasted in the first of may. but at the same time, it just turned yellow for saturation treatment. and a. sylvestris and c. violaceum have similar tendency, that is, the plant in drought treatment blasted earlier than in saturation treatment

    受到乾旱脅迫的明黨參植株在4月中旬葉片就已開始發黃, 5月中旬地上部分已枯萎,而此時飽和水分條件下植株的葉片剛開始變黃,川明參和峨參均與明黨參相似,乾旱條件下植株的枯萎時間均早於飽和條件下。
  16. Gingko leaf tea, yellow and green luster, taste bitter, and then sweet, enjoy the clear clean taste. the tea also contains various efficacious elements, and so on. the special tea serves nutrient and medicinal purposes. at the same time, the tea adjust cholesteroll level, having curative properties to vessel disease

  17. 4 the unique golden yellow sterilization of " an duofu " instructs the color to turn white gradually as sterilization strength is weaker and weaker, it just like your private doctor, can remind time of the medicine accurately

    4 、 「安多福」獨特的金黃的殺菌指示色會隨著殺菌力的漸弱而逐漸變白,它就像您的私家醫生,能準確地提醒您上藥的時間。
  18. That favorable water environment benefited, not only by the rather large percentage of forest cover with quite strong capacity of water conservation in mountain areas, but also by the comparatively lower gravity of soil erosion in the loess plateau in the middle and lower yellow river basin while numerous lakes and swamps still existed at that time and maintained a huge water storage

  19. An indian lawmaker, nirmal deshpande, gave the us president perhaps the least expensive present of his time in office : the yellow linen scroll with gandhi ' s warnings, with an estimated worth of seven dollars - or one per sin

    印度立法委員娜瑪拉迪什潘德送給布希總統的那本甘地的著作《社會七宗罪》可能是這份白宮「禮單」中最便宜的禮物,這本牛皮紙質的書估計僅值七美元, 「一宗罪」差不多一美元吧!
  20. At this time, another fellow initiate said that there was light in the meditation room as well. we immediately ran over and saw white, yellow and blue lights on the walls, sofa and floor the whole room was filled with light ! this lasted for about forty minutes