cell polar 中文意思是什麼

cell polar 解釋
  • cell : n 1 小室,單室;隔間,艙;〈詩〉茅舍;(單個的)蜂窩,蜂房。2 〈詩〉墓穴,墓。3 (大修道院附屬的...
  • polar : adj 1 (南、北)極的,地極的;近地極的。2 【物、化】(有)極的;磁極的;有磁性的。3 【幾】極線的...
  1. Oleifera was observed with lm. results showed that there were vegetative cell and generative cell in the pollen grain of genus camellia, the generative cell is more smaller than that of the vegetative cell. the generative cell was lay on the vegetative cell as an elongate spindle, and only the generative cell membrane and nuclear membrane which near the cell polar linked up the vegetative cell membrane, one of the linked area was located near by the aperture of pollen grain

  2. In the protein adsorption and osteoblast culture in vitro, more surface hydroxyl groups and higher polar component of surface energy led to more protein and cell adsorbed, and higher cellular activity

  3. One fuses with the egg cell to form a zygote while the other either degenerates or, in certain angiosperms, fuses with the polar nuclei to give the primary endosperm nucleus

  4. At the aspect of hardware design, it adopts pulse distributor and the technology of single polar voltage drive to accomplish the function of controlling and driving stepmotor ; it adopts the technology of pulse width modulation and cmos h - bridge drive to accomplish the function of controlling and driving dc servomotor ; it adopts d / a convertor to accomplish the function of controlling ac transducer ; it adopts the technology of digital phase detection to accomplish the function of detecting the feedback position signal of induction phase shifter ; it adopts dsp ’ s capture cell to accomplish the function of detecting the feedback position signal of photoelectric coder

    硬體方面,採用脈沖分配器和單極性電壓驅動技術實現了步進電機的控制和驅動功能;採用脈寬調制技術和cmos互補h橋驅動技術實現了直流伺服電機的控制和驅動功能;採用d / a轉換器實現了交流變頻器的控制功能;採用數字化相位檢測技術實現了感應移相器位置反饋信號的檢測功能;採用dsp的捕獲單元實現了光電編碼器位置反饋信號的檢測功能。
  5. 5. the morphology of the two strains also shows that the flagella of ss - ori are around the cells, whilst the strain yz - ii6 has only a single flagellum grown at the polar of cells besides the different of cell size, though they both are bacillus and gram - negative

    形態和生理生化特徵也表明, ss - ori菌周生鞭毛,革蘭氏反應呈陰性, yz - 6菌為極生單根鞭毛,革蘭氏反應呈陰性。
  6. By using gfp - cam fusion protein, we have observed the detailed dynamic redistribution of cam in hela cells during cytokinesis. in tri - polar cell model, we have studied the relationship between the distribution pattern of cam and the formation of the cleavage furrow. furthermore, we have made the study on the regulation mechanism of cam during the whole process of cytokinesis by inhibiting its activity at different cytokinesis stages

    我們採用綠色熒光蛋白( gfp )標記技術,重點觀察了胞質分裂期hela細胞中gfp - cam的動態分佈;應用三極細胞模型研究了cam的分佈與分裂溝形成之間的關系;還通過在胞質分裂不同階段抑制cam的活性研究了cam在整個胞質分裂過程中的作用機制。
  7. In the past, it was thought that polar bodis are a non - functional, small cell with the chromosome and few cytoplasms

  8. The tri - polar cells were induced by cytochalasin b treatment, by using the tri - polar cell model, it ' s quite convenient to compare the difference of central spindle structure and the difference of cam distribution pattern between each two poles in the same cell ; moreover, it ' s easy to see whether these differences would affect the furrow formation

    2我們採用cytochalasinb處理法獲得三極細胞,應用三極細胞模型,在同一個細胞中比較每兩極之間中區紡錘體結構的差異, cam分佈的差異對最終分裂溝形成的影響。