cartridge 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['kɑ:tridʒ]
cartridge 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 【軍事】彈藥筒;子彈。
2. 【物理學】釋熱元件;【無線電】拾音器心座;(電唱機上的)針頭。
3. 【機械工程】夾頭,卡盤;燈座;(圓珠筆上盛油墨的)筆芯。
4. 【攝影】軟片,膠卷。

  1. He wore a vest of garnet - colored velvet, with buttons of cut gold ; a silk waistcoat covered with embroidery ; a roman scarf tied round his neck ; a cartridge - box worked with gold, and red and green silk ; sky - blue velvet breeches, fastened above the knee with diamond buckles ; garters of deerskin, worked with a thousand arabesques, and a hat whereon hung ribbons of all colors ; two watches hung from his girdle, and a splendid poniard was in his belt

  2. He also ran errands for the ward and in his spare time made me a cigarette lighter out of an empty austrian rifle cartridge.

  3. This paper introduces the styles, functions and current research of aeronautic missile ejecting device. the structure, principle of blank cartridge ejecting device and its differentia are discussed in detail

  4. Because of its extensive application and underdeveloped research level in our country, this paper establish the numerical model of blank cartridge ejecting device, the whole process from blank cartridge burning to eject missile is analyzed by classic interior ballistic theory and gas dynamics. several simulation examples are given, and the effect of different parameter structure on ejecting device is discussed

  5. 22000bpi. unrecorded single - disk cartridge front loading, 2200 bpi, general, physical and magnetic requirements

  6. , 2200bpi, 200tpi unrecorded single - disk, double - density cartridge front loading, 2200 bpi, 200 tpi, general, physical and magnetic requirements

  7. 6. 30mm, 1600bpi 630pmm information systems - unrecorded magnetic tape cartridge for information interchange - 0. 250 inch 6. 30 mm, 1600 bpi 63 bpmm, phase encoded

    信息系統.信息交換用未記錄的微型盒式磁帶.相位編碼的, 0 . 250英寸
  8. 6. 30mm, 1600bpi 63bpmm information systems - recorded magnetic tape cartridge for information interchange - 4 track, 0. 250 inch 6. 30 mm, 1600 bpi 63 bpmm, phase encoded

    信息系統.信息交換用已記錄盒式磁帶.相位編碼的, 4道, 0 . 250英寸
  9. These can be exploded with a cartridge.

  10. The cartridge is ejected automatically.

  11. These can be ignited as by means of a squib or exploded with a cartridge.

  12. These increments were mixed and looked into the 5. 56 mm cartridge case.

  13. If it is necessary to drill helper holes, never drill in the neighbourhood of the cartridge.

  14. But for a slight rhythmic movement of the cartridge box at the back of his belt he might have been thought to be dead.

  15. Camouflage prints and cartridge belts, now deemed inappropriate, were sent to the scrapheap

  16. In 1919 while serving a compulsory stint in the military, nurmi entered a 20 - kmarch carrying a rifle, a cartridge belt and a knapsack filled with 5 kg of sand

  17. The set is identified as grenadiers, which is confirmed by the triple - flame grenade badge on the men ' s shako and cartridge box, and the tall plume

  18. You forgot to take the cartridge case. you got sloppy

  19. Standard specification for cartridge brass cartridge case cups

  20. Another is that the cartridge cases are slightly fatter