sunshine (d) 中文意思是什麼

sunshine (d) 解釋

  • sunshine : 陽光,日光;太陽曬著的地方;〈美國〉黃金;晴天;歡快 (Sunshine State 〈美國〉新墨西哥 (New Mexico) 州的別名)。
  • d :
  1. Absorption is reduced, possibly contributing to iron deficiency, osteoporosis ( also related to calcium deficiency ), and osteomalacia due to lack of vitamin d and absence of exposure to sunshine

  2. The event fell on korean d - day amidst glorious sunshine and of course the beautiful chrysanthemums. a few people were moved to tears during the poem recitations, so at the end of the day we lifted our spirits with a sing - a - long

  3. Clear sky, swift - flitting boats, and brilliant sunshine disappeared ; the heavens were hung with black, and the gigantic structure of the chateau d if seemed like the phantom of a mortal enemy

  4. The researchers noted that the capacity of skin to produce vitamin d when exposed to sunshine is about 40 percent lower in men 75 and older than in men 60 and younger

    研究者注意到70歲的患者暴露在陽光下時皮膚合成維生素d的能力比60歲或更年輕的患者降低了40 % 。
  5. But that advice might need some reconsideration : a study suggests that the health benefits of vitamin d, which is produced by the skin when it is exposed to sunshine, could justify a modest increase in the amount of time we spend in the sun

    但是這一建議可能需要重新審視:一項研究表明當皮膚暴露于陽光下會產生對健康有利的維他命d ,這可以證明適當增加日曬的做法是正確的。
  6. Mr jones : oh, we ' d be very sorry if you left sunshine travel

  7. The authors said that taking more vitamin d could be especially important for people living in northern areas, which receive less vitamin d from sunshine. african americans, who do n ' t produce as much of the vitamin because of their skin pigment, could also benefit significantly from a higher intake, the authors said

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