mab 中文意思是什麼

mab 解釋
n. 名詞 梅布〈女子名〉。

  1. Roles of agonistic mab against 4 - 1bb plus apoptotic tumor - loaded dendritic cells in malignant tumor ' s immunotherapy

  2. Mab standard separation machines have proved their high quality and long life on numerous construction sites worldwide

  3. The monoclonal antibodies ( mab ) specific for the nucleoprotein of prrsv were used to select a phage random heptapeptide library

  4. Since more than 50years the schauenburg gmbh ( mab ) develops, manufactures and supplies machinery equipment for the classification and separation of solids through a variety of complex technical processes

  5. Conditioned on the successful preparation of mg7 mab, this study was conducted with an attempt to develop the mg7scfv for its further application in the targeting therapy of gastric cancer

    本研究旨在利用噬菌體呈現技術制備mg _ 7單鏈抗體,為利用其進行胃癌的靶向治療研究奠定實驗基礎。
  6. The studies provided fundamental data and materials not only for the development of monoclonal antibody ( mab ), but also for the preparation and development of special diagnosis kits of h5 aiv subtypes

    結果表明,該融合蛋白能同h5亞型陽性血清發生特異性結合,並且同h7 、 h9亞型aiv陽性血清沒有交叉反應。
  7. The technology process, conveying principle, system program arrangement, instrument disposition and daily breakdown treatment of switzerland mab company continuous air conveying control system were introduced

  8. The cells were harvested and total e. coli proteins were detected by sds - page to select expressed strains. western - blot analysis of the gel that showed a band of similar size was the major protein immunoreactive with the anti - 6xhis mab

    Rpoifn經部分純化並充分復性后,用細胞病變抑製法測定rpoifn的抗濾泡性口炎病毒( vsv )活性。
  9. Mg7, a murine mab against human gastric cancer, was prepared and proved to possess quite high specificity and sensitivity in recognize to an ascertained antigen associated with gastric cancer in the previous studies of our lab

    Mg _ 7單抗是我所研製的一株小鼠抗人胃癌單克隆抗體,既往研究表明單抗對其相應抗原的識別具有較高的特異性和敏感性。
  10. Detection of antigen - binding affinity of soluble mg7 scfv elisa was adopted to examine the antigen - binding affinity of soluble mg7 scfv ; competitive elisa was performed to test the inhibitory ratio of soluble mg7 scfv to the binding affinity of mg7 mab with its relevant antigen

    El舊a拐成惴現2個克隆的可容牲mg7seem明顯的抗原結合舌隊其a分別為0 832和0 912 ,均高出附性對照( 0
  11. Culture of mg7 hybridoma cells and detection of antigen - binding affinity of mg7 mab by elisa 2. construction and identification of mg7 recombinant phage antibody library mrna was isolated from cultured mg7 hybridoma cells and converted into cdna ; the variable fragments of heavy and light chain were separately amplified and assembled into scfvs with a specially constructed dna linker by pcr. the scfvs dma was ligated into the phagmid vector pcantabse and the ligated sample was transfered into competent e. co / / tg1 to generate a bacterial form of mg7recombinant phage antibody library ; volume and recombinant ratio of the library were evaluated by means of bacterial colony counts and restriction analysis ( ecor i and hind iii )

    Mg _ 7重組噬菌體抗體庫的構建及鑒定從培養的mg _ 7雜交瘤細胞中提取並分離mrna ,反轉錄成cdna ;利用pcr分別擴增mg _ 7單抗的重鏈及輕鏈可變區基因,並通過? dna連接子將二者連接起來形成mg _ 7單鏈抗體基因;將mg _ 7單鏈抗體基因插入pcantab5e ;將連接產物轉化感受態tg1大腸桿菌,制備細菌形式的mg _ 7重組噬菌體抗體庫;通過菌落計數和限制性酶切分析( ecor和hind )評估mg _ 7重組噬菌體抗體庫的容量和重組率。
  12. Studies of genes related to heart development in drosophila contribute to reveal the mechanisms of human heart development and the congenital heart diseases. to clone and identify new genes that control the heart development, by a way of chemical mutagen, ems, we have established 1, 200 balanced - lethal lines on chromosome 2 and 3. with the screening the 330 stocks with immunochemical method using heart - specific antibody, mab. no. 3, we detected 60 lethal lines showing heart mutant phynotype

    為了克隆和鑒定控制心臟發育的新基因,本研究利用化學誘變劑甲磺酸乙酯大規模地誘變果蠅,並且建立了1200個第二和第三染色體的平衡致死系,利用心臟組織特異抗體mab . no . 3對其中330個品系進行免疫化學方法篩選,觀察到有60個致死系表現出心臟突變表型, 20個品系的心臟突變表型有待進一步證實。
  13. For any other son to have stayed with his mother for four days at tr port, it would have been a condescension or a martyrdom, while i return, more contented, more peaceful - shall i say more poetic ! - than if i had taken queen mab or titania as my companion.

  14. By using western - blot, the fusion protein could not be react with antiserum to prrsv, whereas it presented a reactivity with swine antisera against prrsv and mab ge3 by elisa the results implied that the epitope might be one conformational epitope that was mainly composed of aa50 ~ aa55 domain on n protein

    Western - blot分析表明表達產物與prrsv陽性血清沒有反應性,而elisa分析表明表達產物可與prrsv陽性血清和單克隆抗體發生反應。由此說明單克隆抗體ge3所識別的抗原表位可能是存在於n蛋白上以kphf為核心的構象型表位。
  15. 24, 48, 72 hours later after transfection, we testified the expression of pp38 with mab h19, and pp24 with the antiserurn of pp24 expressed in e. coli. the tests justified the expression of pp24 in prokaryotic and eukaryotic expressing systems. in order to study the correlation of pp38 and pp24, we cloned pp38 gene and pp24 gene into pbudce4

    為研究pp38和pp24之間的關系,將型mdvmd11株的pp38基因和pp24基因的完整orf克隆到真核雙表達載體pbudce4 . 1中,轉染cef后,通過ifa檢測和用抗pp24多克隆血清進行western - blotting試驗檢測到了pp38和pp24磷蛋白的共表達。
  16. Western blot analysis showed that rhpk - 5 ( recombinant human plasminogen kringle 5, rhpk - 5 ) protein was recognized by mab same as native hpk - 5. the result suggested that we obtained correct gene sequence of hpk - 5 and got the purified rhpk - 5. section ii : construction of pbv220 / hpk - 5 vector for obtaining high - level hpk - 5 expression system, the hpk - 5 gene was recombined with plasmid pbv220 to construct the vector of pbv / hpk - 5

    Coli )作為宿主,經sds - page分析,篩選表達量最高的菌株作為發酵用工程菌株;用western - blot方法鑒定hpk - 5因子的免疫學活性;用搖瓶發酵的方法,研究發酵培養基的體積(溶解氧) 、組成成份及誘導起始時間和誘導持續時間對目的蛋白表達量的影響,優化hpk - 5基因工程菌的表達條件。
  17. Through three rounds of screening, seventeen clones were selected and used in competitive test. the mab ge3 could specifically inhibit eight out of seventeen clones from binding to swine antisera. based on the amin acid sequences deduced from the foreign sequence inserted in the phage, it was indicated that all clones shared the core sequence - p / ekphf, that was similar to aa50 ~ aa55 domain of n protein of prrsv

    從第三輪親和篩選的噬菌體中隨機挑取17個克隆進行功能鑒定,結果表明8個克隆與mabge3具有較強的特異性結合力並可以被prrsv陽性血清阻斷,測序發現7個克隆具有核心序列: p ekphf ,該序列與prrsvn蛋白aa50 aa55 ( p ekphf )具有較高的同源性。