duster 中文意思是什麼

duster 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 打掃灰塵的人,打掃工。
2. 撣子,撣帚;除塵器;畚箕,擦布,揩布。
3. 撒粉器;撒(胡椒等的)粉瓶。
4. 〈美國〉防塵外衣,風衣。

  1. She went over the room with a duster.

  2. She held her feather duster by handle.

  3. At the far end of the passage an arab was flicking idly, with a feather duster.

  4. Mole promptly had another fit of the blues, dropping down on a couch in dark despair and burying his face in his duster.

  5. That ' s not what - you were hitting me with that duster

  6. That ' s not what - - you were hitting me with that duster

    不是這樣- -你用那撣子打我
  7. Americans practically spray it on with a crop - duster

  8. The maid did down the walls with a duster

  9. Application of pocket duster in steel - smelting electric furnace

  10. Tom : a feather duster, with which father wakes me up every morning

  11. I took a cluster of leafs from one tree, it looked like a feather duster and i used it to clean out the sand from the woodblock

  12. Research on the knapsack sprayer duster model scuta 3wf

  13. Taking the effect of big du. flers into account, we explain the volume - fraction dependence qualitatively by effective duster model. meanwhile, we enterpret phenomenonally the rnagnetoresistance dependence on ii 3 temperature in doped pervoskite manganite films

  14. Make sure your child has the tools he / she needs ? child size broom, mop, dust pan, whisk broom, duster, etc., to help maintain the cleanliness of the household

    保證孩子有合適的工具- - -適合孩子尺寸的笤帚,拖把,簸萁,打蛋器和擦塵的工具,等等,用來保持居家的整潔。
  15. Our main products : dust mop, wet mop, pva mop, drying mop, microfibre mop, sweeper, wool duster, ostrich duster, turkey duster, electrostatic duster, lint brush, sticky roller, car brush, pet hair pic - up lint mitt, broom, dustpan, toilet brush, windows wiper, magic sponge, cleaning slippers etc

  16. During furniture cleaning eliminate dust with softeners like duster first, wipe it gently with clean duster cloth

  17. The hardware decoration shall simply be wiped gently with clean duster cloth, do not use detergent containing chemical substances, glass and leather can be cleaned with pledge

  18. Clean up the dust on the surface of the furniture with duster or clean duster cloth after installation, use of the duster cloth containing sand to wipe furniture is strictly forbidden

  19. That duster is very dirty

  20. The girl went over the room quickly with a duster