dust-colour 中文意思是什麼

dust-colour 解釋
n. 名詞 灰暗色。

  • dust : n 1 塵,灰塵,塵土,塵埃。2 〈英國〉垃圾,廢品;灰燼。3 〈口語〉金粉;粉末,粉劑;花粉。4 〈詩〉...
  • colour : n 1 顏色,色彩;色調;著色;色素,顏料,染料;〈pl 〉 圖畫顏料。2 臉色,血色;(有色人種的)膚色...
  1. This typically entails lightening / darkening, sharpening, removal of dust and basic colour correction

  2. But owing to the constant presence of air currents, arranging both the dust and vapour in strata of varying extent and density, and of high or low clouds which both absorb and reflect the light in varying degrees, we see produced all those wondrous combinations of tints and those gorgeous ever - changing colours which are a constant source of admiration and delight to all who have the advantage of an uninterrupted view to the west and who are accustomed to watch for those not infrequent exhibitions of nature ' s kaleidoscopic colour painting

  3. With advancing age, dust is inspired into and accumulated in the lungs. as a result, they appear grey in colour

  4. Its endless buildings look grey, its sky and its streets assume a sombre hue ; the scattered, leafless trees and wind - blown dust and paper but add to the general solemnity of colour