noise rate 中文意思是什麼

noise rate 解釋
  • noise : n 1 聲音,聲響。2 叫喊;嘈雜聲,噪音;喧鬧聲;吵鬧,騷動,騷擾。3 〈古語〉謠言,風聲。4 〈美國〉...
  • rate : n 1 比率,率;速度,進度;程度;(鐘的快慢)差率。2 價格;行市,行情;估價,評價;費,費用,運費...
  1. Fluid noise mainly comes from out put pulsation of rate of flow, the main reason of out put pulsation of rate of flow is the instant high pressure return flow that obturation cubage produced when the big round curve pressure transition. the v trough on the port plate can reduce the fluid noise. in this paper, the author based on the acting of dam a river and condensability of liquid and used matlab language as tool to calculate the v trough on the original port plate and drew out the p - t diagrammatic curve and analyzed its shortcoming and improved the design of original v trough and got that the best size of its angle was 12. 3 and its length was 5mm and the cross section was an equilateral triangle

    流體噪聲主要來源於輸出流量脈動,造成輸出流量脈動的主要原因是閉死容積在大圓弧段壓力切換時產生的瞬時高壓迴流,在配流盤上開設v型尖槽可降低因高壓迴流而引起的流體噪聲,本文以截流作用和液體的可壓縮性為理論依據,以matlab語言為工具,對原配流盤上的v型尖槽進行了理論計算,繪制出p - t圖線,分析了它的不足,並對原有v型尖槽進行了優化設計,得出了v型尖槽的最佳幾何尺寸:配流盤平面上的v型尖槽的兩邊的夾角為12 . 3 ,槽長5mm ,槽的橫截面為等邊三角形。
  2. In digital relay, the percentage of noise will increase rapidly with the increase of sampling rate when derivation calculus is substituted by sampled difference term. to solve this problem, a new method using fragment function integrated with the least square algorithm is proposed in this paper. the influence of white noise is greatly reduced and the accuracy of the dead angle calculation is nicely improved after adopting the new method

  3. For that the reporter visited some supermarket, such as gome, suning etc. the clerks in supermarkets said, the washing machines capability is not only one standard, and they require more better for example cleaning rate noise and intertwist etc. the request from the consumers is from large to better

    據賣場的工作人員介紹,現在消費者購買洗衣機,洗衣容量不僅僅是購買的唯一標準,在關注洗衣容量以外,洗衣機能否洗好」 ,如洗衣是否纏繞衣物洗凈度如何以及機器使用時噪音大小等更為消費者所看重,消費者已經從單純的追求洗大」逐漸轉變為不但洗大」更要洗好」 。
  4. The master dissertation introduces passive correlative orientation system and base theory in signal dispose briefly in the first place. the system takes tv sound fm signal from tv satation signal. the power rate of tv station signal to sound signal is ten to one. in the case of submerged by mussy weave and machine ' s hot noise, dispersed target signal is feeble

    系統採用電臺的電視伴音調頻信號,其中電臺信號與伴音信號功率之比基本為10 : 1 ,並且目標散射信號較弱,一般情況下淹沒在雜波和機器熱噪聲之下,採用常規的脈沖檢測方法很難對遠距離的目標進行檢測,而以電臺直達信號作為參考與目標回波信號進行相關檢測;系統中信號的相關處理會產生旁瓣,而強目標的旁瓣會影響附近的弱目標檢測。
  5. The noise constantly is not affecting our normal life, for example ; just repaired the family, to the quiet at dead of night building about the water pipe noise, has caused you to be unable normally to rest, the senior citizen, the neurasthenia, the heart was not specially good and so on the community, was is unable to rest, the saint porch company produced " the down - flow pipe sound insulation wrap " the product, fundamentally has solved this problem, this product has used the advanced sound insulation, the sound absorption, the material, passed through the specialized technical many years research development, and experimented after the beijing ten plots different levels owner, the sound - insulated effect achieved above 90 %, satisfaction rate reached above 99 %, did not have an example suit, received the owners universal welcome

    噪音無時無刻不在影響著我們正常的生活,例如;一個剛剛裝修完的家庭,到了夜深人靜樓上下水管的噪聲,使你無法正常休息,特別是老年人,神經衰弱,心臟不好等群體,更是無法休息,聖軒公司生產的「下水管隔聲套」產品,從根本上解決了這個問題,此產品採用了先進的隔音,吸音,材料,經過專業技術多年的研究開發,並經過北京十個小區不同層次業主試驗,隔音效果達到90 %以上,滿意率達99 %以上,無一例投訴,受到業主們普遍歡迎。
  6. The investigation has declared that the fuel injection with bq fuel pump had higher injection pressure, bigger fuel supply rate and shouter fuel supply duration, which would cause the fuel injection quantity and the fule - air mixture to increase during ignition delay period, the pre - mixed combustion to become acutely, and finally result in increased power levels of noise

  7. ( 4 ) a high - speed communication module for ert was introduced in this system. the advantages of this communication module are rs422 / rs232 compatibility, high band rate of 921. 6kbps, noise - immunity and low cost. the module was successfully used in electrical resistance tomography

    目前國內有文章報導的最高數據採集速度為50幅/秒( 3 )引入了一個適用於電阻層析成像系統的通用高速通訊模塊,該模塊支持rs422和rs232雙協議,最高波特率達到921 . 6kbps ,具有通訊波特率高、抗干擾性能好以及成本低廉等優點。
  8. European digital cellular telecommunications system - half rate speech - part 4 : comfort noise aspects for the half rate speech traffic channel ; english version ets 300581 - 4 : 1995

  9. According to the project of adaptive multi - rate speech coding ( amr ) being put forward by the third generation group of the mobile communication, this paper takes the principle of the speech arithmetic as the base, studies the technologies including the source controlled rate, voice activity detector, comfort noise and the error concealment unit in amr, discusses its the characteristic of adaptation and analyses its performances particularly. amr c codes are researched carefully through the modules being divided into and debugged under the tms320c54x provided by the ti corporation, and optimized in selecting the method of c code embedded assembler codes and simplified in the search codebook combining with the theory of speech coding, which are based on the realization about theory and practice of the optimization of amr speech coding

  10. The result of experiment is excellent, the signal - noise rate is high and the system is effective

  11. Secondly, comparing with the algorithm that was given by english scholars a. k. nandi and e. e. azzouz in 1995, this dissertation presents a modified automatic recognition algorithm of six kind of digital modulation types such as 2ask, 4ask, 2psk, 4psk, 2fsk and 4fsk, which only uses four key features, and has a very great exaltation in the rate of correct recognition and the performance of signal to noise, we puts forward the constitution of the best threshold which is applicable to the signal that changes within the scope of the signal to noise rate ( snr ) from 5db to 30db, and the overall success rate is not lower than 92 % when snr is over 7db

    其次,針對1995年英國學者a . k . nandi和e . e . azzouz提出的針對2ask 、 4ask 、 2psk 、 4psk 、 2fsk和4fsk這六種常用的數字調制信號識別的演算法,提出了一種數字信號調制方式識別演算法( dmra )的改進演算法。該演算法僅利用四個特徵參數,就可以識別這六種調制方式,而且在調制識別率和信噪比性能上都有了很大的提高,能夠在信噪比不低於7db時,對實際信號的識別正確率高於92 % 。並且提出了最佳門限的設置方法,設置的門限適用於信噪比在5db ~ 30db范圍內變化的信號。
  12. Improving the signal - noise rate of seismic record with k - l transform

  13. We can see that the kalman blind adaptive algorithm discussed in this thesis has the advantages of quicker convergence and better signal - to - noise rate. and the joint use of rake receiver and mud has practical value too

    本文中討論的kalman盲自適應演算法具有收斂速度快信干比高的優點, rake分集和多用戶檢測相結合的技術也很有實用價值。
  14. In comparison with the abilities of two fractal image compressions, the fractal image compression method based on region partition can gain higher compression ratio as the same of sign to noise rate, which compression ability is improved obviously

  15. Lifting scheme is being used to decomposition - reconstruction signal, noise is removed and the precise position of impact signal is keeped. the signal - noise rate is improved, the loss is low. the method is very easy, many fields can apply it

  16. The computer simulation based on different snr ( signal noise rate ) indicates that the change of a calculation error is little, it shows that the method has the advantage of rejecting noise and it is a feasible strategy for deep space optical communication

  17. Channel coding is an important component in digital tv and determines dtv system ' s error correction performance and signal - to - noise rate ( snr ) threshold to a great extent. so it plays an indispensable role in settling the overall performance of a dtv system

  18. In addition, the communication channels and the communication protocols are studied. the performance of three protocols of the piont - to - piont communiacations are compared and the effects of encoding and signal - to - noise rate on the performance of communication systems are derived

  19. One is using the autocorrelation function to detect the speech terminal, the other is using the coefficients based on the one - sided autocorrelation sequence to replace the original speech signal and then extract the speech feature to recognize. isolated word recognition experiment based on dtw shows : it can reduce the disturbance of noise effectively and get the high recognition rate. it is of great advantage to apply when snr signal to noise rate is low

  20. Stochastic resonance ( sr ) is different from traditional methods ( such as correlation, equality superposition, filter etc ) in faint signal detection. sr can turn parts of noise energy into signal energy and enhance signal while wiping off noise, so that increasing the signal - to - noise rate ( snr )