northern literature 中文意思是什麼

northern literature 解釋
  • northern : adj (superl northernmost) 北的,北方的,住在北部的;北方特有的;〈N 〉美國北部的。n 1 北方人 (...
  • literature : n. 1. 文學,文學作品。2. 文獻。3. 文學研究;著作業,著作。4. 〈口語〉(廣告、宣傳用的)印刷品。5. (為樂器演奏用的)一組樂曲。6. 〈古語〉學識,學問。
  1. Epitaphic style of literature was at its peak in tang dynasty compared to southern - northern dynasty, the phenomena of self - inscription was common, especially among those ordinary people and women, the literate dimension had been enhanced

  2. The writer of northern zhou dynasty - li chang and the value of his literature works

  3. On multielement of culture and literature amp; amp;. art in wei and jin dynasties and northern and southern dynasties

  4. Hanshan poems, in fact, have influenced positively and significantly the japanese language, literature, religion, art and psychology since it was introduced to japan in the reign of northern song dynasty ( 960 - 1127 ) in china, and they have been included in the canon

  5. The ethnic literature originated from the coordinating place of farming culture of the han ethnic group and nomadic hunting culture of the northern ethnic groups, combining the courageous and robust constituents of the northern hunting culture, thus imbuing our colorful chinese literature with thriving vigor, characterized with northern exhilaration and southern delicacy

  6. District and circle, due out this year, the poet will trace his preoccupations and imaginative procedures over the years. born in northern ireland, heir to a native irish tradition yet formed by an education in english literature, heaney will consider some of the ways in which his writing registered the music of what happened in himself, his country and the world

    一九九五年諾貝爾文學獎得主,愛爾蘭著名詩人謝默斯黑倪seamus heaney將在以pen work , field work , dream work為題的講座里,朗讀其四十年寫作生涯中不同時期的詩作,包括將於今年稍後時間推出的詩集
  7. He visited delhi some time in early eighteenth century and created quite a stir in the stagnant water of northern urdu literature, which had deteriorated under the influence of the state - sponsored persian