testament 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['testəmənt]
testament 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 契約;誓約。
2. 〈T-〉【宗教】(基督教)聖約書,舊約全書或新約全書。
3. 〈口語〉一部新約全書。
4. 【法律】遺言,遺囑。
5. 確實的證明。
6. 信仰的宣告、聲明。
-tal (根據)遺囑的。

  1. Instead ( alia, " but, " a strong adversative conjunction ) james suggested they draft a letter affirming an ethic which would not offend those steeped in the old testament

    然而(或作「但是」 ,這是個很強的轉折詞)雅各建議寫信給外邦信徒,確立不會得罪深諳舊約教訓的(猶太)人的倫理原則。
  2. Mary magdalene, which probably means " mary of magdala ", a town on the western shore of the lake of tiberias, is described in the new testament as a follower of jesus both in the canon and in the apocrypha

    瑪麗亞抹大拉,大概意思是「抹大拉的瑪麗亞」 ,一個臺伯里亞湖西岸的小鎮,在《新約》上,不論是正典還是偽經,都是耶穌的追隨者。
  3. Only one incident between his infancy and his adult life, the finding in the temple, is mentioned in the canonical gospels, although new testament apocrypha go into these details, some quite extensively

  4. A long time ago when i was involved in making a major study of the bible the hebrew scriptures and the new testament, i noticed that catholic bibles contain several additional books that aren t in the protestant bible. these books are called " the apocrypha " in the protestant tradition

  5. The old testament was written in hebrew, with a sprinkling of aramaic

  6. The new testament was written in greek and occasionally you will find some aramaic expressions in the text

  7. Having fairly well advanced his own affairs angel listened in a willing silence, as they jogged on together through the shady lanes, to his father s account of his parish difficulties, and the coldness of brother clergymen whom he loved, because of his strict interpretations of the new testament by the light of what they deemed a pernicious calvinistic doctrine

  8. This is the last entry in the canonic new testament regarding mary of magdala, who now returned to jerusalem

  9. In the old testament, an ancient country of southwest asia, roughly coextensive with present - day syria

  10. He had dabbled in charke's homer, but had never yet worked much at the new testament in the greek.

  11. The “ sons of god ” here are the members of the ecclesia. “ sons of god ” is used both in the old testament ( gen 6v2 ) and the new testament ( 1 john 3v1 ) to speak of the ecclesia

    在這里, 「神的眾子」代表著教會的成員,聖經舊約(創世記6 : 2 )和新約(約翰一書3 : 1 )都用這種方式談及教會。
  12. Objective : this lesson gives an overview of the ways in which eschatology developed in the old testament and into the new testament

  13. In the morning i took the bible, and beginning at the new testament, i began seriously to read it, and impos d upon my self to read a while every morning and every night, not tying my self to the number of chapters, but as long as my thoughts shou d engage me : it was not long after i set seriously to this work, but i found my heart more deeply and sincerely affected with the wickedness of my past life : the impression of my dream reviv d, and the words, all these things have not brought thee to repentance, ran seriously in my thought : i was earnestly begging of god to give me repentance, when it happen d providentially the very day that reading the scripture, i came to these words, he is exalted a prince and a saviour, to give repentance, and to give remission : i threw down the book, and with my heart as well as my hands lifted up to heaven, in a kind of extasy of joy, i cry d out aloud, jesus, thou son of david, jesus, thou exalted prince and saviour, give me repentance

    忽然,就像有天意似的,在我照例翻閱聖經時,讀到了這句話: "上帝又高舉他在自己的右邊,立為君王和救主,將悔改的心和赦罪的恩,賜給以色列人。 "於是,我放下書,雙手舉向天空同時,我的心靈也升向天上,並欣喜若狂地高喊: "耶穌,你大衛的兒子,耶穌,你被上帝舉為君王和救主,請賜給我悔改的心吧! "這是我有生以來第一次算得上是真正的祈禱,因為,我這次祈禱與自己的境遇聯系了起來,並且,這次祈禱是受了上帝的話的鼓舞,抱著一種真正符合聖經精神的希望。
  14. Jesus is actually quoting from the old testament book of ezekiel

  15. The falsification of the testament was discovered by them.

  16. In the old testament, a son of jacob and the forebear of one of the tribes of israel

  17. And calling himself a frenchy for the shawls, joseph manuo, and talking against the catholic religion and he serving mass in adam and eve s when he was young with his eyes shut who wrote the new testament and the old testament and hugging and snugging

  18. Hellenistic or koine ( meaning common ) greek has been proved to be the language of the new testament period through the discoveries among the greek papyri

  19. I mary elizabeth carson, being of sound mind and sound body, do hereby declare that this is my last will and testament.

  20. God ' s holiness has been revealed in the old testament