ice age 中文意思是什麼

ice age 解釋

  • ice : n 1 冰,冰塊。2 〈英國〉冰淇淋,冰淇淋 (= ice cream); 〈美國〉冰涼飲料[點心]。3 冰狀物,糖衣。...
  • age : n 1 年齡。2 成年〈滿廿一歲〉。3 老年,晚年。4 壽命;終生,一生。5 時代,時期,年代。6 〈口語〉很...
  1. During the pleistocene ice age, the ancient drainage systems were almost completely rearranged by glaciation.

  2. Ice age refers to the latest glacial epoch

  3. He saved like a lunatic squirrel for a new ice age.

  4. Whether the decreased solar activity was somehow responsible for the little ice age is still unknown.

  5. The climap team also estimated how much ice covered the land and seas during the wisconsin ice age.

  6. Where the final lumbering remnants of the ice age

  7. Give me the ice age, okay ? survival of the fiittest

  8. Your human scientists call this the ice age.

    你們人類科學家稱之為「冰河期」 。
  9. Ice age when someone summed up the reason as the earth history to once had and interglacial stage

  10. The magnetic north and south poles have shifted before in the course of the planet ' s history - one result being the last ice age

  11. Volume is # 5 - second book of the cosmic forces of mu - churchward continues to draw conclusions from the ancient documents and lore of mu to present some startling revisionist theories about the age of the earth, the nature of mountains and volcanic processes, the ice age and flood

    卷五? ? 《姆大陸的宇宙力量(二) 》一書? ?查斯沃德繼續從遠古文獻和姆大陸的知識去總結,呈現一些有關地球紀元的令人驚訝的修正主義理論,山脈和火山的自然過程,冰河時期和大洪水。
  12. Prof stephen schneider, a climatologist from stanford university, who first made his name in the 1970s by predicting a new ice age, was referring to the latest predictions by the nasa space agency that the world faces an extra 0. 6 degrees celsius of warming as a result of fossil fuel emissions already in the atmosphere

    曾在1970年預言「新冰河世紀」而聲名遠揚的施奈德教授指出,在過去的半個世紀里,地球表面氣溫上升了0 . 7攝氏度,這主要是由排放到大氣層中的二氧化碳等溫室氣體所導致。
  13. But most prior discoveries of mammoth bones have involved fragments washed down during the prehistoric floods that repeatedly swept across the columbia basin at the end of the ice age

  14. The first age was destroyed by earthquakes, the second by an ice age, and the third by a flood

  15. A series of cartoons were also being provided for children in the city, including " ice age 2 "

    此外,影院還為兒童放映了一些動畫片,其中包括《冰川時代2 》 。
  16. The climap team also estimated how much ice covered the land and seas during the wisconsin ice age

  17. Ireland was separated from the european mainland in the period following the last ice age

  18. The nomads who made these markings lived by hunting and fishing during the last ice age

  19. Condors seem to have mixed sea mammals into their diet after the last ice age, the researchers conclude

  20. This rise would be very dangerous indeed ; it is equivalent to the change in average temperatures from the last ice age to today