icc 中文意思是什麼

icc 解釋
1. International Chamber of Commerce 國際商會。
2. Interstate Commerce Commission 〈美國〉州際商務委員會。

  1. 3. added icc system for canbus protocol, with functions : read trouble code, clear trouble code, read datastream, work support, can diagnosis, function test, ecu programming and bcu programming, etc

    3新增了can bus協議icc系統,包括讀故障碼清除故障碼讀數據流can診斷工作支持動作測試ecu編碼和bcu編碼等功能。
  2. The new legislation empowered the icc to suspend general rate increases and revise rates on its own initiative.

  3. The number of complaints received by the integrated call centre ( icc ) and highways department ( hyd ) on uneven surface of paving slab footway for the last 2 years was about 950 each year

  4. To begin with, the icc was empowered, upon complaint, to investigate and lower rates.

  5. The "railroad senators" who framed the elkins act carefully avoid giving the icc any authority over the rate-making process.

  6. The car is one of 104 members of the icc

  7. Ucp600 icc uniform customs and practice for documentary credits ucp

  8. It is the members who set icc ' s agenda

  9. Hong kong landmarks icc and the cullinan

  10. Shkp appoints marketing and leasing consultants for icc

  11. How does icc membership work for you

  12. Icc the interstate commerce commission

  13. International chamber of commerce, icc

  14. Interstate commerce commission icc

  15. This decision placed ups in direct competition with the us postal service, and in direct opposition to the regulations of the interstate commerce commission ( icc )

    這個決定使ups直接與美國郵政服務競爭,而且直接與州際商業委員會( icc )的規章對立。
  16. The most important of these endowed the courts with sweeping authority to review and nullify the icc's rate decisions.

  17. In partnership with unctad, icc has set up an investment advisory council for the least - developed countries

  18. The difference bet ween the construction suggested in this study and those existing is that in this study, we const ut two components of ccem directed against manager ; in enterprise as icc and mcc and hold that they are of hierarchical relation and demonsti ate this in way of experiment

  19. The chongqing international countryside club ( icc ) is located on lush qiaoping mountain, banan district, covers an area of over 400 acres

  20. Turbo code, also named parallel concatenated convolution code, was presented by c. berrou, a. glavieux and p. thifimajshiwa in icc ' 93

    Turbo碼,又稱并行級聯卷積碼( pccc ) ,是由c . berrou等在1993年icc會議上提出的。