ibm 中文意思是什麼

ibm 解釋
1. intercontinental ballistic missile 洲際彈道飛彈。
2. International Business Machines Corporation 〈美國〉國際商用機器公司。

  1. The company focuses mainly on notebook computer, pda and accessary products. the latest products from brand names sony, sharp, toshiba, ibm, palm and handspring. etc are carried

    Mobilexpert . com備有各名牌如sony sharp toshiba ibm palm handspring等最新型號的手提掌上電腦及配件可供選購。
  2. In the end, a prototype of the design is built based on the ibm mobile agent framework - aglet

  3. The prototype of this system is realized by using java as the programming language, and by setting ibm aglet as the mobile agent environment

    本系統的原型實現採用java作為開發語言, ibmaglet作為移動agent運行環境。
  4. The main contributions of this dissertation are summarized as follows : firstly, the security of the mobile agent platform aglet of ibm is improved

    本文的研究成果主要有: ( 1 )改進了ibm的aglet移動agent平臺的安全性。
  5. In the end of dissertation, we implement a simple but integrated system to detect watermark base on aglet ( ibm ' s mobile agent platform )

  6. Afsc operations limited, altruist financial group limited, freescale semiconductor hong kong limited, the hong kong china gas co. limited, hsin chong construction group, ibm china hong kong limited, jebsen co limited, paul y. engineering group limited, pccw ltd., s. c. johnson ltd, search investment group limited, shaw and sons limited, sir kenneth fung ping fan foundation trust i and tonic industries holding limited

    香港航煤供應營運有限公司進邦匯理有限公司飛思卡爾半導體香港有限公司香港中華煤氣有限公司新昌營造集團國際商業機器中國香港有限公司捷成洋行保華建業集團有限公司電訊盈科有限公司美國莊臣有限公司兆亞投資有限公司邵氏父子有限公司sir kenneth fung ping fan foundation trust i ,以及東力實業控股有限公司。
  7. The uddi specification was outlined by ibm, microsoft, and ariba to help facilitate the creation, description, discovery, and integration of web - based services

    Uddi規范是由ibm 、 microsoft和ariba制定的,促進了基於web的服務的創建、描述、發現和集成。
  8. Ibm developerworks autonomic computing zone

    Ibm developerworks自主計算專區
  9. Staff software engineer, ibm bangalore laboratories

  10. Rakesh midha is a software engineer with ibm software labs, bangalore

    Rakesh midha是bangalore的ibm軟體試驗室的軟體工程師。
  11. Rakesh midha, is a software engineer with ibm software labs, bangalore

    Rakesh midha是bangalore的ibm軟體試驗室的軟體工程師。
  12. Under package com. ibm. bpe. api. a macro - flow s compensation service can be triggered either explicitly or implicitly, while a micro - flow s compensation service can only be triggered implicitly

    非同步式流程( macro - flow )的補償服務可以顯式地或者隱式地觸發,而同步式流程的補償服務只能隱式地觸發。
  13. Written by ed brill, who works for ibm lotus managing the positioning of lotus software solutions

    ,由ed brill編寫,他從事ibm lotus對lotus軟體解決方案的配置管理工作。
  14. While the platform - independent xml has the flexibility of localization, the ibm java resource buddle gives a far better performance as it is compiled and run as binary code

    盡管獨立於平臺的xml可以靈活地進行本地化, ibm java resource buddle還是提供了更好的性能,用二進制碼編譯和運行xml 。
  15. Cathleen fox leger has been an advisory software engineer and team lead with ibm lotus domino notes products since the mid - 1990 s, supporting multiple platforms and specializing on zseries

    Cathleen fox leger從上個世紀90年代中期開始成為ibm lotus domino / notes產品的顧問軟體工程師和團隊負責人,該產品支持多種平臺, cathleen專攻zseries 。
  16. Cathleen has extensive experience with enterprise users in a support role, and recently moved to the solutions test group in westford where she is applying these skills towards delivering tested products to ibm customers

    在企業用戶支持方面, cathleen擁有廣泛的經驗,最近她轉到westford的solutions test group ,充分利用其經驗把經過測試的產品提供給ibm客戶。
  17. John cocke s first assignment upon joining ibm in the late 1950s was to work on

    John cocke在1950年加入ibm時的第一個任務是從事
  18. This issue includes an article on " the evolution of risc technology at ibm " by john cocke himself with victoria markstein

    這一期雜志中刊登了john cocke自己(與victoria markstein一起撰寫的)有關「
  19. Ibm s john cocke was no stranger to the battle against complexity. he had already worked on the ibm stretch computer, a rival to the ibm 704 mainframe, and on stretch successor acs advanced computing systems, rival to the 704 s successor, the s 360

    Ibm的john cocke在實現復雜性領域並不是生手,他早就從事于ibm stretch計算機的研究, ibm stretch計算機是ibm 704大型機的一個競爭對手,它的繼承者是acs (高級計算機系統) ;而704的繼承者是s / 360 ,二者也是競爭對手。
  20. Magnetic-tape units are compatible with ibm-type digital computers.