iap 中文意思是什麼

iap 解釋
IAP = international airport 國際機場。

  1. - reaiiy ? - yeah, i mean, we need a victory iap.

    -真的嗎? -我們需要一個慶祝活動
  2. Reaiiy ? - yeah, i mean, we need a victory iap.

    真的嗎? -我們需要一個慶祝活動
  3. Reaiiy ? - yeah, i mean, we need a victory iap

    -真的嗎? -我們需要一個慶祝活動
  4. Aii right. this is the deal. we go one iap around

  5. I got a iittie exciusive that feii right into my iap

  6. You iap - dance at private parties or something

  7. I ' m surprised you didn ' t give those guys a iap dance

  8. Okay. i need to reach across your iap. can i do that, please

  9. A response of iap lasg oceanic general circulation model to the observed wind stress

  10. Besides, we invited soprano who stayed in japan, germany iap kun - gi and tenor au siu - hiong to sing the song, pianist ong ai - lun and kho keng - koan, to create this cd solemnly and strictly, texts inside has been using roman punctuation as to make it easier for one to sing

    此外,更邀集留學德、日的女高音葉君儀及男高音歐秀雄演唱,鋼琴家王愛倫與許景涓伴奏,精心嚴謹的錄制月娘半屏圓cd ;歌詞加註羅馬拼音,以利世人的傳唱。
  11. In order to verify the effects of application in weather modification, some numerical simulation of stratus in henan province were earned out. the model used in this paper is a three - dimension model of iap

  12. Iap internet access provider

  13. F. " iap " means an internet access provider that provides consumers with a connection to the internet, with or without its own proprietary content. g

  14. Under perpetual winter condition iap r15l9 agcm is set up for sensitive experiments of pacific ssta without seasonal variability

  15. Zhang, x. - h., 1990 : dynamical framework of iap nine - level atmospheric model , advances in atmospheric sciences, 7 ( 1 ), 67 - - 77

    畢訓強, 1993 : iap九層大氣環流模式及氣候數值模擬,博士論文,中國科學院大氣物理研究所,北京
  16. Aim at the current practical situation, a kind design procedure is presented on terminal which based on arm and c / os -, and selects the arm microprocessor and operating system combine with the demand of the subject. it designs the hardware system based on the lpc2124 and the periphery interface chipset, and implements the transplantation of c / os - on the lpc2124, compiles the hardware drivers and the api based on c / os -, the system introduces multitask based on dispatching priority to solve the disadvantage of the foreground / background system. a kind of project on remote update software based on gprs and iap is presented, and discusses the reliability in the end

    針對目前實際情況,在研究了終端設計多項技術的基礎上,設計了一種基於arm和c / os -的配變監控終端,結合課題的要求對arm處理器和操作系統進行了具體選型,在基於lpc2124的mcu和外圍介面晶元上,進行了終端硬體系統的設計;實現了cos -在lpc2124mcu上的移植;編寫了基於c / os -的api介面函數和底層硬體驅動程序;採用多任務按優先權調度的方式解決了任務處理的實時性,克服了傳統前後臺軟體在復雜的監控終端設計中實時性差的問題;針對終端軟體升級方案進行了探討,提出了一種基於gprs網路的遠程在應用編程( iap )的軟體升級方案,對終端軟體升級模塊進行了軟、硬體設計,並對升級方案的可靠性進行了探討。
  17. The indonesian throughflow ( itf ) is analyzed in a numerical simulation with a coupled ocean - atmosphere model. the model, developed in the iap / lasg, has been integrated for 300 years. we study the data of 100 years from the 101st model year to the 200th year

    本文利用lasg發展的全球耦合氣候系統模式( fgcm - 1 . 0 ) 100年數值模擬結果,分析了模式模擬的印度尼西亞貫穿流( itf )的平均態、季節變化和年際變化,並且利用這些資料對itf的季節變化和年際變化的成因做了初步分析。
  18. 2. the solution of using adapters for the access of terminal application into the iap has been shown

    2 .對各個終端應用與平臺的接入問題,提出接入層適配器的解決思路。
  19. ( 3 ) on parallel computing of the third generation ocean general circulation model from lasg / iap i ) we present an optimization model by multi - overlapping - boundary for parallel explicit integration with finite difference discretization, and point out that the gap between speed of network and cpu makes it a practical technique. we compare the parallel characteristics of spectral element and finite difference from the point of view of communications, communication - to - computation ratio and scalability

    ( 3 )關于中科院大氣物理研究所第三代海洋環流模式的高效并行計算? )基於對有限差分離散的分析,提出了一個面向顯式時間積分并行計算的多重疊國防科學技術大學研究生院學位論文邊界優化模型,指出了網路速度與處理器速度間的落差使得採用冗餘計算取代部分通信成為一種具有相對優勢的實用技術。
  20. Zhang x h, shi g y, liu h, yu y q, ( eds ). 2000 : iap global ocean - atmosphere - land system model. science press , beijing, 252pp

    葉安樂、李風岐編著, 1992 :物理海洋學,青島海洋大學出版社,青島, 684頁