tld 中文意思是什麼

tld 解釋
  1. Tld practice for use of thermoluminescence - dosimetry systems for radiation processing

  2. Tld standard practice for use of thermoluminescence - dosimetry systems for radiation processing

  3. The idea of passive control is to utilize additional facility within a structure to dissipate or absorb a large portion of the seismic energy, which has been applied to practical engineering extensively since its control devices - dampers are convenient and it does not need large energy supply and the structural system identification. now the main devices which have been developed in the passive control may be grouped into the following types : viscous, visco - elastic, metallic and frictional, and tuned mass damper ( tmd ) and tuned liquid damper ( tld )

    被動控制通過附加阻尼裝置耗散或吸收大部分的地震動能量以達到減振的目的,由於其控制裝置簡單,不需要外界能源輸入和系統識別,容易在工程上實現並已得到廣泛的應用;目前被應用於結構被動控制的阻尼器主要有:粘滯型、粘彈型、摩擦型、調諧質量阻尼器( tmd )和調諧液體阻尼器( tld ) 。
  4. Beijing qianlong sports products co., tld

  5. You further acknowledge and agree that your registration of a domain name is subject to suspension, cancellation or transfer by any icann procedure, by any registrar including dns. com. cn or registry administrator procedures approved by an icann - adopted policy, or by any other tld registry administrator procedures as the case by be, to correct mistakes by dns. com. cn, another registrar or the registry administrator in administering the name or for the resolution of disputes concerning the domain name

    ( iii )指定在行政訴訟中向被申訴方傳送( a )僅為電子方式的資料和( b )包括復印件在內的資料的首選傳輸方式(包括聯絡人、中介、和地址信息) ; ( iv )如果申訴方在申訴書中選擇了一人陪審團, (見章節3 ( b ) ( iv ) ) ,聲明被申訴方是否另外選擇要由三人陪審團裁決爭議;
  6. Tld standard practice for application of thermoluminescence - dosimetry systems for determining absorbed dose in radiation - hardness testing of electronic devices

  7. Place admin. tld in the tld folder of your project

    將admin . tld置於您的項目的文件夾中。
  8. The dynamic approach has the jsp page point directly to the location of the tld and is therefore processed at jsp page translation time

  9. It is similar in concept to a tld file in jsp

  10. Research on structural vibration control contains vibration mitigation using tuned liquid damper and mr damper, respectively. the sloshing characteristics of tld are investigated using shallow water wave theory and the effectiveness and feasibility of the tld on platform vibration suppression are investigated

  11. Datetaglib. tld is an excellent, minimal tag library descriptor file

    Datetaglib . tld是一個出色的、最小的標記庫描述符文件。
  12. Originally, the three letter extensions after the dot or top level domain tld were meant to denote whether the domain name was being used for business. com charity non - profit. org or for a technology based company. net

    由三個英文字母組成的第一級域名本來是希望透過它們來區別商業. com慈善機構和非牟利組織. org及網路技術公司. net之設定。
  13. From the tld is always the best choice, and then use the library just like any other jsp tag

    始終是最好的選擇) ,然後就像使用任何其他jsp標記一樣使用這個標記。
  14. The realistic meaning and the development of the tmd / tld and active control are described for anti - wind and anti - seismic control of tall steel structure

    闡明了tmd / tld及主動控制對高層鋼結構抗風抗震控制的現實意義及發展。
  15. The results of " comparison of tld measuring for environment ", which were attended by many domestic department in 2005, were introduced in this paper

  16. The third step is to make the class or classes and tld accessible to the web application

  17. Make the tld file and handler classes accessible

  18. The mechanism analysis of improving tld in structure

  19. Create a tag library descriptor. tld

  20. Make the tld and handler class accessible