naa 中文意思是什麼

naa 解釋
NAA =National Aeronautic Association 〈美國〉全國航空協會。

  1. High frequency of bud induction was found on ms medium supplemented with 6 - ba the optimum medium for adventitious bud induction was ms + l. 0mg / 1 naa + 0. 5mg / l 6 - ba, and ms + 1. 5mg / l naa + 0. 5mg / l iaa for bud rooting

    門)誘導毛狀根體細胞胚再生植株。通過正交實驗篩選出了毛狀根體細胞胚誘導的最佳培養基為: ms 05mg lnaa 0 sing kt 30gil蔗糖。
  2. Anti - keratin auto antibody ( ak auto ab ) is accepted generally as a significant component of natural auto antibody ( naa ) which is found in human as well as vertebrate, and is of characteristic of polyreactivity, low avidity, extensive connectivity and shorting of specificity to the species

    天然自身抗體( naa )廣泛存在於人和脊椎動物體內,具有多反應性、親和力低、締和性廣及種屬特異性差的特點。
  3. Higher value of ba / naa improved the initition of axillary bud, but as the result, the variegated parts were lost

    增加ba naa值可以促進腋芽發生,但對有些品種會增加花葉性狀的變異率,即花葉性狀的丟失。
  4. Physiological effects of naa and sa on seed germination of cornus officinalis

  5. But cluster buds can not be obtained from the callus of stems and embryo. it has likely relate to the inner structure of callus. lt is very difficult to get embryoid from mature embryo and its inducing rate is very low, and only 11. 5 % in the media containing n6 + ba 1. 5mg / l + naa 0. 5mg / l + sucrose 30g / l + agar 8g / l + ac 2g / l which is the best media for gingo tissue culture

    而莖段和胚誘導的愈傷組織基本上沒有叢生芽發生,這可能和不同愈傷組織的內部結構有關。成熟胚的胚狀體誘導率較低,誘導相當困難,在n6 bai
  6. Cotyledon produce callus in ms + 6 - ba 0. 5 mg / l + 254 - d 2 mg / l and hypocotyl produce it in ms + 6 - ba 1 mg / l + naa 0. 5 mg / l. callus initiate in ms + 6 - ba 2 mg / l. 4

    以載體t - dna上的一段dna設計一個引物,以chs上的一段dna為另一個引物,進行pcr檢測。
  7. Nuclide identification of naa spectra by using computer

  8. Effect of iaa naa and b on the seeding - quality of the chrysanthemum cuttage

  9. Application of naa and 6 - ba in tissue culture of sweet potato

  10. If 0. 1mg / l naa is added in the ms medium, many roots form quickly

  11. Preparation and application of unsymmetrical ceramic microporous membrane modified by the growth of naa zeolite

  12. Call from strawberry anthers of darslect and toyonaka were induced on ms media with 6 - ba and 2, 4 - d, or 6 - ba and naa, and the inducing frequency was very high

    當花藥在附加2 0mg l6 - ba和0 5mg lnaa的培養基上進行培養時,愈傷組織誘導率最高。
  13. The regeneration system of tobacco was established. the adventitious shoots were induced from leaf explants of tobacco based on ms basal medium supple - - mented with 2. 0mg / l 6 - ba and 0. 3mg / l naa. then the regenerated plants were rooted on ms medium containing 0. 3mg / l naa

    植株再生體系的建立採用無菌苗煙草葉片為外植體,以ms為基本培養基,篩選出ms + 6 - ba2 . 0mg l + naa0 . 3mg l以誘導不定芽的分化,並於ms + naa0 . 3mg l的pa碩士學位論文v沉了砂「工隊nk 」主根培養基上生根,獲得完整再生植株。
  14. As explants, were infected by agrobacterium tumefaciens strain lba4404 and gv3101 : pmp90 harboring the expression vectors pbgsb and pbglsb respectively and co - cultured for 3 days in darkness on the culture medium ( ms + 0. 1 mg / l 6 - ba + o. l mg / l naa + 0. 7 % agor ph 5. 7 )

    Ling inaa )中暗培養三天後,移入加入抗生素100mg lkan和500mg幾cr的誘芽培養基,于組培室中進行誘芽和抗性篩選。
  15. Cotyledon and true leaves of stem mustard were cultured on ms medium supplemented with different concentrations of various cytokinins ( ba, cppu, tdz or kt ) alone or in combination with naa or iba, and the adventitious buds regeneration rate was evaluated.

    以榨菜子葉、真葉為外植體進行離體培養,用ba 、 cppu 、 tdz和kt等細胞分裂素和生長素naa 、 iba組合誘導子葉、真葉再生不定芽試驗。
  16. This paper deals mainly with the extraction of geological and hydrogeological information from deep strata through the comparative analysis of major elements, minor elements and trace elements in rocks and in relics of dried fountains by means of neutron activation analysis ( naa )

  17. Many researchers have conducted experimellts about it, but not succeeded. culture media were compared to find the best medium of gingkgo culture for controlling callus browning by different sugars, antioxidants and sorbents. the result showed that the medium with ms + zt 1. 0mg / l + naa 1. 0mg / l + sucrose 50g / l + agar 8g / l + ac 2g / l was the best medium, at l5 days subculturing intervals

    銀杏組織培養過程中,尤其是在愈傷組織的繼代培養中,褐變現象特別嚴重,曾有不少的人做過這方面的研究,但都沒有成功,而本研究通過對不同糖類物質、抗氧化劑、吸附劑以及不同的培養基對褐變的影響和控制效果,探索出有效控制褐化現象發生的最佳培養條件,試驗結果表明: ms + zt1 . 0mg / l + naa1 . 0mg / l +蔗糖50g / l +瓊脂8g / l + ac2g / l培養基上的繼代效果最好,繼代時間最好在15d左右。
  18. It has been demonstrated directly or indirectly - 7 - that ak auto ab is an important element in the immune network and plays a important role in maintaining physiological functions, clearing aged cells and metabolic products, regulating immune responses and protecting against infection. in some pathological states such as psoriasis and contact dermatitis, a certain serum level of the antibody could inhibit the progression of the diseases, and is beneficial to the recovery from the diseases. after a long time studies on the production and regulation mechanism of physiological and pathological auto antibodies, meanwhile, experiencing an intensive academic debating on whether naas a " horror autotoxicus " or a " gnothi seaution ( know yourself ) ", a common viewpoint has been achieved that naa is of clinical significance in the treatment of immunity diseases for it ' s function in the immune system stability, immunoglobulin y and polyclonal ak auto abs have been used in treating inflammatory dermatitis, and recombinant antibody is under investigating

    抗角蛋白自身抗體( akautoab )是naa的重要組成部分,以往實驗通過雜交瘤技術、免疫親和層析技術和噬菌體抗體庫技術分別獲得單克隆akautoab 、健康人血清多克隆akautoab和基因工程人akautoab ,並對akautoab免疫學特性及在體生理和病理意義進行了廣泛的研究,直接或間接地發現akautoab是機體正常免疫調節網路的組成部分,在維護某些生理狀態的穩定、清理衰老細胞及代謝產物、調節免疫和抗感染等方面起到重要作用;在某些病理情況下(如銀屑病、接觸性皮炎等) ,體內akautoab的組分和滴度會發生變化,而正常水平的akautoab則有利於限制病情的發展,促進損傷的修復。
  19. Twenty one adventitious buds from 30 root segment cultures were obtained after subculturing on medium lacking growth regulator for 90 days. the effects of hormones 6 - ba and naa on the adventitious bud differentiation were investigated and optimized. the results were showed that 6 - ba had significant effect on bud differentiation and the optimized medium for adventitious bud differentiation was ms + l. 0mg / l naa + 0. 5mg / l 6 - ba. there were 67 adventitious buds occurred from average 30 hairy root segment cultures

    90d后統計不定芽數量,平均每30個根段培養物上可獲得21個不定芽;添加0 . 5mg 16 - ba能顯著地促進毛狀根不定芽的分化,配合使用6 - ba和naa對毛狀根不定芽的分化最為有效( ms + 1 . 0mg lnaa + 0 . 5mg l6 - ba ) , 90d后統計,平均每30個根段培養物上可獲得67個不定芽。
  20. To investigate the space / time distributions and occurrence and evolution of such events, the diffusion pattern over deserts, turbulent transfer features in sandstorm weather, the particle size distribution, mass concentration and its distribution, optic properties, chemical composition and physical factors responsible for the initiation of raising sands, we made integrative observation and sounding of sandstorms deep in the large - scale desert area, including tengri, badanjilin and maowusu, with the items consisting of micrometeorological measurement, 3d wind observation, data from kb - 120 and anderson samplers of mass concentrations of sands with their spectrum, the distribution of aerodynamic particle sizes from the aps3310a, retrieval of aerosols " optic depth from sunphotometer data, assay of the chemical composition by means of neutron activiation analysis ( naa ) and integrated study of all related factors for causing sandstorm to occur, based on the observations of all kinds

    利用所取資料,系統分析了不同強度沙塵天氣條件下沙塵氣溶膠質量濃度和質量濃度譜、粒子譜分佈、光學厚度、化學組分等特徵;綜合分析了影響沙塵起動的諸物理因子在沙塵起動中的作用;用沙塵輸送模式對一次沙塵暴天氣造成的泥雨過程的形成機制進行了模擬。歷史氣象資料統計分析表明,沙塵暴有其高發期( 4 、 5月)和高發時段( 14 - 20時) , 14時到20時之間發生的沙塵暴約占沙塵暴總次數的66 。揚沙和沙塵暴天氣條件下,湍流動量通量和湍流感熱通量都是重要的湍流交換,沙塵暴發生前近地層的超絕熱不穩定對沙塵暴天氣有加強作用。