n-war 中文意思是什麼

n-war 解釋
N-War = nuclear war 核戰爭。

  • n : 1. 【羅馬數字】90〈N=90000〉。2. 【化學】=nitrogen. 3. =North(ern)。N =nuclear 核的:N-waste 核廢料。
  • war : n 1 戰爭,軍事。2 兵學,戰術。3 武器,兵器。4 斗爭;敵意,不和。adj 戰爭的,軍事的。( rr )vi 打...
  1. Argentine war of independence hero, general jos de san mart n, dies in boulogne - sur - mer ( france ), at the age of 77

  2. On 29 april 1962 she was dedicated at wilmington, n. c., as a memorial to north carolinians of all services killed in world war ii. north carolina received 12 battle stars for world war ii service

  3. In this paper the writer thinks that there are new competitors coming into being continuously in the industry with the fall of the entrance barrier, while the distemperedness of the quit mechanism hamper the tailed to retreat, which can not lead to death of the weaker. on the other hand the implicit structural factor as well as its evolvement in the circumstance make the competition wild in the industry and the stronger ca n ' t be strong for long. the price war frequently breaking out is an enlace for the sponsor

  4. With economic development and histrionic fluxing, especially after world war two, some developing countries rapidly grew up and realized industrialization. gerchenkron ' s theory of " advantage of backwardness " ca n ' t explain completely the phenomena, being desiderated to be developed and completed

  5. U. n. - mandated ceasefire ended the war last month

  6. The earth already ca n ' t bear the heavy load, the population crisis becomes the total origin of all trouble ; the grain crisis is the challenge that faces in new millennium ; the resource crisis is a real reason which causes the local war ; fresh water makes the earth of anaemia suffer from septicaemia ; the ecocrisis becomes the green grievity ; the environmental crisis is a vindictiveness of the nature

    地球已經不堪重負,人口危肇碩士學位論文mas 』 i 』 er 』 s 』 i 『 11工三515機成為一切麻煩的總根源;糧食危機是新千年面臨的挑戰;資源危機是導致局部戰爭的真正動因;淡水危機使貧血的地球患上敗血癥;生態危機成為綠色的悲哀;環境危機是大自然的報復。
  7. He said : " i do n ' t like to think that anything i wrote has been used for an argument for war

    博伊恩說: "我不願意看到自己的東西被用來為戰爭推波助瀾,我是反對戰爭的。
  8. Firstly, this part analyzes location, natural conditions and natural resources, population and labors, socio - economic elements, and the impacts of global political and economic environment change on unbalanced development of japanese regional economy. secondly, through analysis on regional development before the meiji reformation, industrialization, formation of dual structure and regional development after war, this part puts forward that unbalanced development is an objective law and regional development policies of government ca n ' t change structure of unbalanced development essentially. finally, this part sums up motive mechanism of unbalanced development of japanese regional economy, including location directional feature, scale economy, congregation and diffusion economy, putting forward that the overall effects of the three types of mechanisms stated above can be summarized as industrial group effects, which is also the important mechanism of unbalanced development of japanese regional economy

  9. There was still a great gap in industrial development between in the west and in the east. in a word, 10 years before the war of resistance against japan, the industrial development in the west was in a paradoxical condition, in which industry could grow as well as could n ' t fully grow. why the result came into being was in many ways

  10. In the fifteenth periods, shenyang came into the hot business investment, only in 2005, business item of above 5 million dollars reached to 517s, total amount to 16, 400 million dollars, in the whole city, various industry more than 10 thousand square meters reached to 32s. you can see from this, with continuously increase of economy, the competition of of company will be more more strong, competition between retail trade companies as the characteristic of price war will turn white - hot further, various price war of all sorts of strange things ca n ' t avoid. in this case, for zhongxing commercial building co., ltd, how can cope with these challenges, under the premise that do not influence normal profits of business enterprise fight for customers, keep customers, keeps it currently the share and positon in the market becomes the important mission that to pay attention to

  11. After the war, growth and distribution are in dilemma which ca n ' t co - operate with each other during some developing countries economic development

  12. U. n. ' s international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia already has convicted a number of individuals for war crimes, including genocide, during the war in bo ia

  13. U. n. ' s international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia already has convicted a number of individuals for war crimes, including genocide, during the war in bosnia

  14. Last, this thesis analyzes the us military bases in japan. after the cold war, u. s. did n ' t withdraw its troops from japan ' s territory but maintains them. always happened some contradictions, frictions and clashes that are confined in the framework of their coordination and cooperation

  15. With so many uncertain factors and informations in war situation, modern war environments are being more and more complicated, the decision - making process may be very complex for ship self - defense system sometimes. the even more difficult thing is, there are interactions and physical constraints between multiple weapons systems, we ca n ' t always allocat the self defense weapon resources in optimum way

  16. We ca n ' t win the high - tech war and information - based war without talents. the view that people are the decisive factor of the war is suitable for any type of wars

  17. Synthesize to guarantee is the life line of the modem airplane, directly the usage relate toing the right airplane support and the intact rate, training of war preparedness he used as to synthesize the training method that guarantee that one of the important main factors, our method towards customer can on time but accurately control airplane system principle with outfield support function rising key, but now all or many or littlely exsits some blemish, ca n ' t completely attain the anticipant result

  18. Milosevic died saturday in his cell at the u. n. war crimes tribunal detention center at the hague where he was standing trial

  19. In modem war, a precise orientation and emendation system applied to artillery spying is needed, existing orientation and emendation system usually computes position of object according uav ( unmanned air vehicle ) ' s position and pose and the pose of vidicon on uav, but orientation is n ' t enough precise

  20. Former yugoslav president slobodan milosevic opens his defense case at the yugoslav war crimes u. n. tribunal in the hague, the netherlands, monday, july 5, 2004