milky 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['milki]
milky 解釋
adj. 形容詞 (milkier; -iest)1. (顏色或組織)像牛奶的,乳白色的;渾濁的;柔弱的。
2. (食品)加了牛奶的;(植物)分泌乳汁的。

  1. Spinning damsel and cowherd are the famous stars vega and altair respectively. in chinese mythology, they were tragic lovers separated by the milky way and could only meet once in a year

  2. Caption : : in summer night time, the milky way is the most easily seen object, apart from that, the summer triangle - altair, vega and deneb are also shinning brightly

  3. One such cluster, called the local group, contains our own galaxy, the milky way, and our neighbor the andromeda galaxy

  4. Ripe poppy seeds have no narcotic effects. the seeds and latex ( milky sap ) extracted from green capsules, however, have sedative, tranquilizing, antispasmodic, and hypnotic properties

  5. Information about interesting stars and planets in the galaxy, as well as astral bodies outside the milky way

  6. Gives overview of the solar system, the milky way galaxy, extrasolar planets, cosmology and astrophotography. includes images, additional resources, and forums

  7. The growth and development of the ratooning buds of the combinations with slow decreasing speed of lai during the filling period and high dry matter accumulation in culm and sheath after the milky stage were quick

  8. Recently a team of international scientists discovered observable dead stars ? or dark matter ? at the edge of our own milky way galaxy

    最近,一組國際專家在我們的銀河系邊緣發現了可觀測的死恆星? ?或叫黑洞。
  9. Given the initial conditions including ( 1 ) number density distribution in space which has the similar form to the present day ones, ( 2 ) both the power law and gaussian mass functions for clusters, and ( 3 ) two different velocity distributions which one has a constant dispersion and the other is described by the eddington formula, the dynamical evolution of globular clusters in our milky way galaxy is investigated in detail by means of monte carlo simulations

  10. At its farthest end, three glaciers meet to dump their effluvia into the milky grey glacial water, launching massive igloo icebergs into the lake with thunderous splashes

  11. On pda medium, some isolates are protruding while others are effuse, some isolates are pink while some isolates are white or yellowish milky, and textures of most of the isolates are loose while some are hard and close

  12. The coelomic fluid is a milky white liquid.

  13. And if you now focus on the fuzzy trail called the milky way, you will notice that it traces a different great circle across the sky

  14. Towards morning nothing was left of the fog on the heights but a hoar frost passing into dew, but in the valleys the fog still lay in a milky - white sea

  15. The proper in hubei milky way is new to decorate plank industry limited company is a the house is engaged in exclusively material research development and productions that construct the modern and large business enterprise sell, owning now two years produce 3, 000, 000 sour calcium inin square meter knothole production line, is a sour calcium in biggest of hinterland knothole to produce the base

  16. Alone the jade is produced in nan yang city du shan county, be well - known throughout alone the jade a lot of but after whose color, that fits therefore alone the jade usually has the china emerald in recent years blockage because of jade ore, forbid exploit, alone beautiful price is more expensive, that best material treasures up but alone good one jade therefore in taking three - colour material of azure to also be alone jade, is that your sagaciousness chooses, therefore alone the jade has the potential collecting with appreciation more. alone white jade : population is often semi - transparent for white, milky white, till the tiny lucency or opacity, the diversity judging by transparency and texture there be permeable white oil, to white, to do three white species appellations, alone the among them take permeable white as the best, white jade accounts for 10 % of du shan county jade for entire about

    獨玉產于南陽獨山,獨玉經其色彩眾多而聞名,所以獨玉素有中華翡翠之稱近年來由於玉礦的封鎖,禁止開采,獨玉的價格更為昂貴,而帶天藍三色的料子更是獨玉中最好的料子所以珍藏一款好的獨玉,是你的明智選擇,所以獨玉更具有收藏和升值的潛力白獨玉:總體為白色,乳白色,常為半透明至微透明或不透明,依據透明度和質地的不同又有透水白、油白、干白三種稱謂,其中以透水白為最佳,白獨玉約占整個獨山玉的10 。
  17. This halo could extend all the way to the milky way ' s nearest neighboring galaxies, the magellanic clouds, scientists said

  18. The large and small magellanic clouds orbit our own galaxy, the milky way, and are sufficiently close for detailed study

  19. If the milky way has a very extended corona ( much bigger than the one proposed by spitzer ), this corona could strip off gas from the magellanic clouds

    假如銀河系有一個非常大的星系冕(遠遠大於史畢哲所想像的) ,則它將可拉扯出麥哲倫雲的氣體。
  20. On february 23, 1987, astronomers got the next best thing : a supernova in one of the milky way ' s satellite galaxies, the large magellanic cloud