va 中文意思是什麼

va 解釋
1. Veterans' Administration 〈美國〉退伍軍人管理局。
2. vicar apostolic 【天主教】名譽主教。
3. vice admiral 海軍中將。
4. volt-ampere 【電學】伏安,伏特安培。
5. value analysis 【社會學】價值分析。
〈義大利語〉 【音樂】繼續下去,繼續…〈指揮用語〉。
va piano 繼續弱。

  1. Le chapeau gris ne va pas du tout avec votre teint

  2. At first, this thesis analyzes sorts of residential mortgage risks, brings forward some methods of risk control, points out that insurance is the most effective way to transfer the risks of residential mortgage, and introduces some insurances on residential mortgage in domestic financial market and abroad, expounds particularly the successful experience of usa where the business insurance agents, fha and va provide full ensurance for the loans of bank to disperse default risk, thus promotes the prosperity of real estate finance

    本論文首先從分析住房抵押貸款的風險種類入手,提出了多種風險處理措施,指出住房抵押貸款風險最有效的轉移措施是保險,並介紹了國內外現行住房抵押貸款有關保險,詳細闡述了美國的成功經驗:通過商業保險公司、 fha 、 va等機構對銀行放款提供全方位保障,化解來自借款人不能償付貸款的風險,促使整個房地產金融活躍起來。
  3. So it ' s a few months later, and i ' m working my flunky file clerk gig at the va hospital

  4. We describe the strong congruences on s in terms of their kernels and traces. a semigroup 5 is called an e - inversive e - congruate semigroup, if s is e - inversive semigroup and for each c ? s. c " ? w ( c ). ce ( s ) c '. c ' e ( s ) c c e ( s ). a congruence on 5 is called a strong congruence, if ( i ) va. be s. apb = > vg " ? v ( a ). vb " ? v ( b }

    ,叫為s的一個強同余對,且t二h ( ; r , 11e , , ) ?在第五節中,引入了e一反演e共軛半群s的核正規系的概念,用核正規系的方法刻畫s上的強同余
  5. M2497 coaxial signal wire cd interconnect, grounding, va lues for money, neutral, original and high resolutions

  6. Interaction between va mycorhiza to seabuckthorn and treated soil in different phosphoric fertilizers

  7. Effects of phosphorus levels and va mycorrhizae on growth and mineral contents o f apple seedlings

  8. U. s. a. atlantic ports south of norfolk va

  9. Monsieur chat va au travail pied. et madame chat y va en voiture

  10. < i > il va m ' accompagner. . a la porte. < / i >

  11. < i > il va m ' accompanier. . a la porte. < / i >

  12. October 21, first transmission of speech across the atlantic by radiotelephone, arlington, va., to paris

  13. By introducing the regulable parameter e, the transient quality of the system is improved. by regulating the parameter e, the control precision and the energy consume are compromised logically. the simulation result proves the va

  14. The basic aspect is the rivalship between so and va, through different layers of information, under two unsymmetrical information conditions, including two reverse - direction information handling processes. we also use game theory to analyze the dynamic process of the defence system in large - scale network

    基本環節是so與va之間圍繞目標系統漏洞信息所展開的基於兩個非對稱條件下信息分層、雙向的對抗方式;動態過程是由公共對抗、目標管理系統、 so與va之間形成的一個四方動態重復博弈過程。
  15. In the age of information, security system does not mean a simple pure protection, but the great rivalship between the security officers ( so ) and virtual attackers ( va ). some cyberspace security systems only give the defense framework, which is the integration of different protection technologies based on the system security management requirements, but not based on the understanding of information rivalry

    在信息技術高速發展的時代,網路安全已不再是單純的防禦技術,而越來越成為安全管理員( securityofficers , so )與虛擬攻擊者( virtualattackers , va )之間信息與知識的對抗。
  16. Evaluation on timbering schemes of deep pit based on va

  17. Charlottesville daily progress, va - 1 hour ago 6 for a

    湯加現在,湯加- 3個小時前
  18. Press media wire press release, va - 13 hours ago

    舊金山記載,美國- 2個小時前
  19. Va a traer mas guerreros ? - he didn ' t say

    -他需要額外的戰士嗎? -他沒說
  20. Pvp polyvinyl pyrrolidone pvp series product pvp - va series

    聚乙烯吡咯烷酮pvp系列pvp - va