v-shaped 中文意思是什麼

v-shaped 解釋
adj. 形容詞 V 字形的。

  1. Industrial liquid - in - glass thermometers with round or v - shaped cade ; requirements and testing

  2. Circinus compass : a v - shaped device for describing circles or circular arcs

  3. Medico - surgical equipment. implants for surgery. intramedullary nailing systems. part 1 : intramedullary nails with cloverleaf or v - shaped cross - section

  4. To broaden the antenna ' s impedance bandwidth and its radiation pattern, a novel printed dipole antenna with reflecting structure of v - shaped ground plane was proposed

  5. Numerical study on flanging of v - shaped sheet metal part

  6. V - shaped flash tube

  7. I say " hopefully " because, frankly, i cannot yet see clearly beyond the v - shaped recovery that we are happily experiencing now. the opportunities are certainly there

  8. V - shaped dike is one type of regulation structures widely used in water conservancy engineering & port and waterway engineering

  9. ( 4 ) the drag reduction of plane - surfaces with v - shaped grooves is given out by direct numerical simulation, and the drag reduction mechanism in the base of the secondary flow theory is suggested

    ( 4 )利用直接數值模擬方法求得平板上v ?型條紋表面上的降阻情況,並給出基於二次流動理論的降阻機理。
  10. Set up the v - shaped belt wheel of adjustment in inside, doesn t need extra belt wheel brace

  11. V - neck blouse with reverse collar, featuring red and orange stripes and a v - shaped orange pattern on the chest, decorated with buttons. the elegant and unique design is also available in blue, white and red

    紅橘色系的條紋衫,剪接橘色v形衣身, v字領口加翻領,胸前並有釘扣裝飾,顯得高雅別致同款另有藍白紅色系。
  12. The 55m patrol vessel uses a steel monohull with a round bilge semi - displacement hull, incorporating very fine v - shaped frames in the forward sections

  13. After the contrast between performance and cost, the maglev precision stage with applying v - shaped symmetry structure is ascertained for the experiment model in the end

  14. V shaped notch in front of collar ; decorated with elegant chinese patterns on chest and back. a nostalgic design that makes the wearer look younger ! available in blue, beige and natural linen

  15. V - shaped slowdown cam

  16. V - shaped bar bent to a half - circle is attached to the body, close to the front of the disc in full open position

  17. A v - shaped bar bent to a half - circle is attached to the body, close to the front of the disc in full open position

  18. The marines in iraq have had good success with their mraps, which have raised, v - shaped underbellies that deflect the force of improvised explosive devices and other blasts from below

  19. The v - shaped nose guard helps to streamline the flow and protects the upstream circumference of the laminated disc - seal

  20. Yet, in the third quarter, gdp staged a v - shaped rebound and recorded remarkable growth