v-one 中文意思是什麼

v-one 解釋
n. 名詞 V-1 型火箭〈第二次大戰末期德方的一種火箭炸彈,參見 V-1 條〉。

  • v :
  • one : adj 1 獨一個的,單一的。 one hand 一隻手。 one shot 只出一期的雜志。 O swallow doesn t make a sum...
  1. The competition among those species like s. tsinyunensis, dryopteris erythrosora and veronicastrum stenostachyum etc., is intense in the communities, which may be one of the reasons why s. tsinyunensis is going to be endangered and with a very restricted distribution. the distribution patterns of the seven populations of s. tsinyunensis are clumped among the eight populations we studied, except population v of random distribution. the spatial pattern of 6 populations of s. tsinyunensis have high consistency with the negative binominal distribution, while another 2 populations, i. e., i and iii are poisson distributions

    6 )縉雲黃芩各種群空間分佈格局基本呈聚集分佈,其中7個種群的分佈格局類型是聚集分佈,其聚集強度較高,另有一個種群為隨機分佈;其種群的離散分佈擬合結果也嚴格符合一定的數學模式,其中負二項分佈、 poisson分佈分別是該物種種群空間分佈的理論分佈模式,其中6個種群擬合出的結果是負二項分佈,種群i和種群m擬合出的結果是poisson分佈。
  2. Founded in 1391 by marquis alberto v d este with the permission of pope boniface ix, the university of ferrara was one of the oldest universities in italy

  3. The circumference of the circle is 2πr and the time for one revolution is 2πr/v.

  4. There are two sets of elements geochemical anomalies : one extends nw, and is controlled by regional faults ; the other extends ne, and intersects with the former taking on " v " form, and is important to mineral exploration. 3. almost all au deposits are situated in greenstone belt of tectonic sutures

    元素地球化學場表現出兩個方向的特點:一組異常呈北西向展布,受區域構造控制;另一組異常呈北東向展布,與北西向異常交叉呈「 v 」字形,具有重要找礦意義。
  5. Two arrangements are used, one for in - line engines and another for v - type engines

  6. One in nine love missives received on valentine ' s day were sent by people to themselves " to save face on the dreaded v - day, " according to a survey released by online retailer amazon. co. uk on thursday

    據英國網上零售商amazon . co . uk公司公布的一項調查,在情人節這天寄出的情書中有九分之一都是那些擔心自己在"可怕"的情人節這天收不到情人卡,為挽回面子自己為自己寄出的。
  7. Aerospace ; plug - in relays ; dc 28 v, one - and three pole, 10 amp, polarized, monostable

    航空航天.直流28v . 10a . 1和3極極化單穩態插入式繼電器
  8. One of important methods in separation of neptunium from u, pu is selectively reducing np ( vi ) to np ( v ) which cannot be extracted by 30 % tbp / ok, while the valence of u, pu remains stationary

    其中一個重要的思路就是將np ( )選擇性地還原為不被30 tbp煤油萃取的np ( ) ,同時保持u 、 pu的價態不變,從而實現np與u 、 pu的有效分離。
  9. The path - way controlling of neptunium in co - decontamination step of purex process, the extraction thermodynamics of amido podand and its usage in recovery of actinides from simulated hllw have been investigated. more than 95 % np were maintained in np ( v ) in 1a extractor and flowed into 1 aw, if enough amount of hno2 was added in feed adjustment and then hno2 scavenger ( urea ) was added before extraction. three kinds of amido podand were synthesized, and the extraction of lanthanides, actinides and some fission products were studied. one of them ( tbopda, n, n, n ', n " - tetrabutyl - 3 - oxa - pantenadiamide ) was used as extractant to recover actinides from hllw. the results of experiments show that more than 99. 99 % actinides were recovered from hllw and separated basically in groups. the main digests are as follows : 1

    鎿走向控制研究中通過調價階段加入亞硝酸、而萃取前清除亞硝酸的獨特辦法可以將大於95的鎿趕入1aw 。合成了三種酰胺莢醚萃取劑,研究了它們對錒系和裂片元素的萃取熱力學,通過條件實驗選擇了其中一種莢醚tbopda ( n , n , n 』 , n 』 ?四丁基? 3 ?氧戊二酰胺) ,進行了從模擬高放廢液中分離錒鑭系元素的工藝研究,錒系的回收率大於99 . 99 ,並且基本上實現了錒鑭元素的組分離。其要點如下: 1
  10. Studies on spermatogenesis and oogenesis in palaemon modestus jiang ye - qin ( chemistry department, huzhou teachers coliege, huzhou 313000 ) palaemon modestus belongs to genus palaemon, family palaemonidae, caridea, natantia, decapoda, class crustacean. lt is a kind of freshwater prawn across china and especially abounds in the taihu lake which is regarded as one of the " three delicacies " of the taiha lake. as for the researches on palaemon modestus, v / e can only refer to spermatogenesis of freshwater shrimp exopalaemon modestus ^ ruang hai - xia et al, 2001 ), studies on reproductive biology of exopalaemon modestus l. the structure and development of the male reproductive system ( huang hai - xia et al, 1999 ) and studies on freshwater prawn in the taihu lake ( yan sheng - liang, 1999 ). on the bases of their researches and with the help of tem, i have made further researches on sperm ultrastructure, spermatogenesis, oogenesis and mature oocyte ultrastructure in palaemon modestus

    秀麗白蝦palaemonmodestus屬甲殼綱crustacea十足目decapoda游泳亞目natantia真蝦部caridae長臂蝦科palaemonidae長臂蝦屬palaemon ,是我國南北均產的淡水蝦,其中太湖產量尤其大,與太湖銀魚、鱭魚並稱「太湖三寶」 。有關秀麗白蝦的研究僅見秀麗白蝦雄性生殖系統的研究(黃海霞等, 1999 ) 、秀麗白蝦精子發生的研究(黃海霞等, 2001 ) 。本人在前人工作的基礎上,利用透射電鏡技術( tem )進一步研究了秀麗白蝦精子的形態、結構及精子的發生過程,同時還研究了秀麗白蝦卵的發育過程,從卵原細胞到卵黃發生前的卵母細胞、卵黃發生的卵母細胞及成熟卵細胞,各期卵細胞的形態結構特點及各部分結構的變化情況。
  11. One of the main goal of the phenix detector is to investigat the j / v production mechanism from relativistic heavy ion reaction

    廠。研究衣明,為了得到丁確的修小結采,盂要在aiollt , ct
  12. The sequence of hntx - v had been determined by 491 sequencer : nh2 - eclgfgkgcnpsdqccksanlvcsrkhrwckyei - cooh, in which there were 35 amino acid residues and six cys. the toxin could block neuromuscular transmission in an isolated mouse phrenic nerve diaphragm preparation. hntx - v is a natural mutant of hntx - iv, for there is only one different residue ( ala20ser )

    Hntx -經491測序儀測得其氨基酸組成為: nh2 - eclgfgkgcnpsdqccksanlvcsrkhrwckyei - cooh ,含35個氨基酸殘基, 6個半胱氨酸全部參與了二硫鍵的形成,該毒素對小鼠膈神經-膈肌標本有阻遏作用。
  13. One to three - pole socket terminal strips lighting fixture terminals 380 v a. c. and 440 v d. c. for conductors up to 2, 5 mm

    交流380v直流440v . 2 . 5mm2平方以下導線的一極至三極插
  14. Thirty - one crystals of polyoxometalates ( 1d, 2d, 3d ) were prepared by means of middle hydrothermal technique, molecular design and self - assembly, and characterized structurally by single crystal x - ray diffraction. the thermal stability, activity of catalysis and magnetism of some compounds were systematically studied. the continuous appearance of p - v - o, p - mo - o, v - mo - o, v - o system with novel structure enrich polyoxometalate chemistry, the reaction characterization and the synthesis law of molybdates, tungstates and vanadates under hydrothermal conditions were explored

    由於p - v - o 、 p - mo - o 、 v - mo - o 、 v - o體系新結構不斷出現,豐富了多金屬氧酸鹽化學,探討水熱條件下釩、鉬、鎢物種的反應特性和生成規律,研究原料的選擇、配比、加料順序、濃度、酸度、反應溫度、反應時間等因素對產物的生成及結構的影響,為新的催化劑、導電材料、磁性材料的研製與開發積累經驗。
  15. The significant feature of the system model is that the two - dipole moment is in the v configuration. of the two dipole allowed transitions, one is very strong while the other is very weak

  16. Each calendar card can be split into two v one for father and one for mother. the card can also be given to whoever is taking care of the child

  17. The thesis consists of four sections. in section one, we introduce some background of the topic, in section two we review some basic and recent results about the structure and hierarchies of the computably enumerable degrees which are closely related to our topic - the algebraic structure of the plus cupping turing degrees, in section three, we outline the basic principles of the priority tree argument, one of the main frameworks and tools of theorem proving in computability theory, and in section four, we prove a new result concerning the algebraic structure of the plus cupping turing degrees that there exist two computably enumerable degrees a, b such that a, b ? pc, and the join a v b of a and b is high

    本篇論文分為4個部分:第一部分介紹了這個領域的一些背景知識;第二部分主要回顧了前人在研究可計算枚舉度的結構和層譜時所取得的一些基本和最新結果,這些結果與我們的主題?加杯圖靈度的代數結構密切相關;在第三部分中,我們概要的描述了優先樹方法的基本原理,此方法是可計算性理論中定理證明的一個重要框架和工具;第四部分證明了一個加杯圖靈度代數結構的新結果:存在兩個可計算枚舉度a , b ,滿足a , b pc ,而且a和b的並a b是一個高度。
  18. Seven years later more than 1000 research papers had been published on dominating sets and related sets in graphs, and the field is steadily growing. in this paper, we discuss the relationship between the total domination number and the least domination number. the total domination number of a graph g is the minimum cardinality of a dominating set of gsuch that every vertex in v has at least one neighbor in d. the least domination number of g is the minimum cardinality of a dominating set of g whose domination number is the minimum

    圖g的全控制集是滿足v中每個點都至少有一個鄰點在其中的控制集,而g的全控制數_ t ( g ) = nin { / d / | d是g的全控制集} ;圖g的小控制集是滿足其控制數在所有g的控制集中達最小的控制集,而g的小控制數_ l ( g ) = min { | x | | x是g的小控制集} 。
  19. V : one rarely has time for fun and games

  20. A similar solution, over the smartgate gateway, is offered by v - one for use with wince smartpass clients

    V - one提供了基於smartgate網關的一個類似解決方案,用於與wince smartpass客戶機一起使用。