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  1. Journal of adult education college of hubei university

  2. Four aspects are summed up : construction of new plantation production system according to the market ' s demand ; formation of industrial advantage by developing region agriculture, scale management and specialized production level ; change from the direct trade to processing trade of agricultural products ; attaching great importance to barley production, thus promoting the development of feed processing and food industrial. in the fourth chapter, the dissertation poses some necessary measures of the adjustment and escalation of hubei rural industrial structure. it mainly includes : deepening the property right system reform of rural land ; blazing new trails in the system ; reforming the rural science and technology mamgement system ; enhancing macroscopic regulation ; carrying out the cities and towns strategy ; reconstructing the structure of the agricultural development according to the comparative advantage law

  3. Pre - sinian paleostructural framework and major geological events in the huangling anticline, western hubei

  4. The rock texture , mineral occurence feature , ore electronmagnetic milling and applied possibilities in ceramics and glass of the jadeite metamorphic aegirine - augite nepheline syenite in suizhou , hubei were studied. the results show that the ore deposit combines the advantages of mining and milling , and the finished ore by single electronmagnetic milling may be fully utilized as the raw materials for ceramics and glasses. meanwhile , another important fact is that the compositon with 90 percent raw ore may be manufactured into the wall and floor tiles with glaze, which was affirmed by a lot of experiment research

  5. Hello ! welcome to hubei huayi boarding school

  6. Study on bryophyte flora in s - w hubei province, china

  7. Hubei jianli phosphorus chemical co., ltd is a national middle - sized enterprise for chemicalfertilizer. itproduces sulpguric acid 80, 000 tons, general calcium superphosphate 100, 000 tons, ammoniumphosphate 30, 000 tons and fluorine sodium silicate 300 tons per year

    湖北省監利磷化工有限公司是一家以生產農用化學肥料為主的國有中型企業。年產硫酸8萬噸、普通過磷酸鈣10萬噸、磷酸一銨3萬噸、氟硅酸鈉300噸。 。
  8. Promoting the convergency of industries, enhancing the development level of economy in hubei ' s county areas

  9. Crossbreeding effects of angus on hubei native yellow cattle

  10. Review the measure of damp proof in the traditional dwellings of southeast hubei

  11. Spatial analysis of county economy differentia in hubei province

  12. Money has poured in for the construction of the three gorges dam, downriver in neighbouring hubei province, and the relocation of hundreds of thousands of people displaced by the reservoir that stretches up to chongqing city itself

  13. Aesthetics study of dwelling house of tujia nationality in western hubei

  14. Radiation protection of medical electron accelerator in hubei

  15. The article is mainly to describe flowering and bearing habit of chinese flowering quince [ chaenomeles speciosa ( sweet ) nakai ] in changyang ], hubei

  16. The second chapter in order to educe the focus the article wants to discuss, the author firstly introduces the achievement in human - resource development and the general level of the industrial development in hubei province, then points out the fontal problem and the urgency of human - resource development

  17. The mulan lake tourism holidays district is the grandest, largest and most beautiful one in the 10 districts of hubei province. in this district, there are 28 holidays villages and gest hotels. 8 of them are over " 3 - star " grand. here 10000tourists can be received once. the mulan lake will be one of the famous tousism holidays districts of china in the future

  18. Distribution and pathogenic impact of two species of human hookworm in hubei province

  19. Traditionally three cities have been regarded as the hottest places in the country, namely chongqing, wuhan in hubei and nanjing in jiangsu

  20. Hubei and hunan immigrants of the intersectional region of jiangsu - zhejiang - anhui after tai ping tian guo war