helps 中文意思是什麼

helps 解釋
  1. With its anti - acarid and deodorization, it helps baby keep good sleeping posture, contribute to baby ' s head shape

  2. Part of the advance guard that helps harry in his escape from the dursley house ( op3 - 9, 35 )

    是幫助哈利逃出達力家的先遣警衛一員(鳳凰社第三至九章、第三十五章) 。
  3. In the renin - angiotensin - aldosterone system, the juxtaglomerular apparatus helps regulate volume and pressure

  4. Helps reduce the discomfort caused by pet allergens

  5. The allicin in garlic has an antibacterial function that strengthens the body ' s immune system. in addition, garlic ' s anti - oxidising function helps protect against harmful free radicals

  6. Cucumber extract draws out impurities like air pollutants while the amaranth tea helps prevent color fading

  7. A teenager helps save countless animals lives

  8. Others suggest that watching violence and promiscuity in films helps antisocial viewers to safely rid themselves of aggressive feelings.

  9. The expense reimbursement and approval application template helps manage elements of the expense approval process, saving time for approvers

  10. The expense reimbursement and approval application template for microsoft windows sharepoint services 3. 0 helps manage elements of the expense approval process, saving time for approvers

    Microsoft windows sharepoint services 3 . 0的支出補助及核準應用程式範本可以協助管理支出核準程序的細節,為批準者節省時間。
  11. Function : to accelerate blood circulation and metabolic rate. in turn, this helps cure problems with tendons, bones, arthrosis, as well as relax the body, mind and improve health conditions

  12. The aswan dam helps to control the river nile in egypt

  13. Combine iolite with other prosperity stones citrine, aventurine, peridot, etc when the goal is to eliminate debt. iolite helps with the acceptance of financial responsibility and improves the ability ito manage finances. it also enhances leadership ability, personality power, self confidence, executive ability, and enhances intuition

  14. E ) with the help of pecvd, we found that high substrate temperature is advantage to the basal plane orientation. higher temperature helps the particles absorbed on the substrate moved to the location of two - dimension nucleation rapidly

    E )高溫有利於基面平行於襯底的取向,在高的生長溫度下吸附於襯底表面的沉積粒子能夠迅速遷移到二維核的位置,並使粒子有足夠能量調整位置。
  15. The company demonstrated 18 concept products at the exhibition, covering five main themes : " listen to your body, " " move your body, " " relax your body, " " relax your mind " and " share experiences. " the products included a faucet with a uv purifier and carbon filtration, and a bed lamp that both helps you wake up and improves your sleep

  16. Ylang ylang, bergamot, chamomile roman it helps for releasing deep felt tensions aggressions

  17. Numerous studies have shown bilberry helps to maintain the tiny capillaries that deliver nutrients to eye muscles and nerves

  18. Contains antioxidant bioflavonoid that helps resist free radical attacks, protects dna from harmful damage and prevents ageing

    含抗氧化生物類黃酮之天然抗氧化劑,能?御游離基對肌膚的傷害,減少細胞? ? na受損的機會,預防衰老。
  19. This helps them reset their biological clocks and adjust to a new time zone

  20. Hear the birdies cheeping ? helps to keep it cheery