vis 中文意思是什麼

vis 解釋
n. 名詞 (pl. vires ) 〈拉丁語〉 力。
vis a fronte 前面來的力。
vis a tergo 後面來的力。
vis animi 勇氣。
vis elastica 彈力。
vis inertiae 惰性,慣性力。
vismajor 【法律】不可抗力。
vis medicatrix naturae 【醫學】自然治愈力,自愈力。
vis mortua 【物理學】死勢,致動力。
vismotiva 原動力。
vis vitae = vis vitalis 活力;生命力。
vis viva 【物理學】活勁,活勢;工作能力。
vis,inertiae〈拉丁語〉 惰性,惰力 (= force of inertia )。

  1. Equipment and instruments : electronic analytic balance, uv and vis spectrophotometer, 97rt fluorescence spectrophotometer, gas chromatograph spectrometer, high speed centrifugal machines, leica rm 2015 microtome, fluorescence microscopes, pcr amplifier, and so on

    :電子分析天平、紫外可見光分光光度計、 97rt熒光分光光度計、氣相色譜儀(附4種檢測器) 、高速離心機、病理切片機、熒光顯微鏡、 pcr擴增儀等。
  2. The media is awash in speculation vis - a - vis their whereabouts

  3. Determination of bilirubin in xihuang soft capsule by vis

  4. We can see from the photos of the sem that the diameters of the powers of this tree land of materials obtained by the system of trion x - 100 / caprylic alcohol / cyclohexane / water are about 20 nm. by means of uv - vis, atomic absorption spectrometry and so on, nanoparticles of this three kind of anode materials are synthesized

    利用trionx - 100 /正辛醇/環己烷/水反膠束體系制備出三種物質的粉體,掃描電子顯微鏡照片顯示粒子的粒徑在20nm左右,分佈均勻;此外還利用uv - vis 、原子吸收光譜等測試手段,都表明合成出了三種正極材料的納米粒子。
  5. Study on the determination of flavonoid in eugenia caryophyllata thunb. by vis and uv spectrophotometry

  6. Fandango, 48 % poly, 48 % vis, 4 % spandex. original is herringbone. buyer also would like to see this quality in atwill weave ( a tradintional gabardine weave )

    滌綸, 48 %粘膠, 4 %氨綸.原因是人字紋,客戶想看看同樣品質的斜紋(傳統的華達呢斜紋) 。
  7. Tom introduced his vis-a-vis to the hostess.

  8. An overview of the preparation and photoluminescence properties of zno colloids, powders with different morphology and thin films was presented. quantum - size 2 - propanol zno colloids, hydrosol and powders / thin films were prepared by sol technology, and were characterized by xrd, tem, xps, ir, uv - vis, tg, afm and laser granulometry methods

  9. The refractive index and the changing behaviour of the a - sic : h films were calculated by using uv - vis - nir spectroscopy interference wave and it was found that the hydrogen content and ir transmittance were decreased with y rays irradiation dose. lt is very interesting that the sp ' c - h bonds were observed by the raman spectra for the first time and expand the application scopes of raman spectroscopy in structure analyse fields

    根據uv ? vis ? nir光譜中的干涉條紋,計算出了y射線輻照下a - sic : h薄膜的折射率及其變化趨勢,並由此得出y射線輻照導致其氫含量變小及紅外透過率變小的結論。有趣的是:還首次用raman光譜觀察到了dlc薄膜中sp ~ 3c - h鍵隨輻照劑量改變的變化規律,擴大了其在結構分析領域中的應用。
  10. The ability of counterion so42 - to improve fc16ab monolayer ' s compressibility is poorer than cl -. with the technology of lb film, the monomolecular film of fc16ab was deposited on to quartz and caf2 with hydrophilic surfaces on ultrapure water subphase, y - type lb film of transfer ratio approaching to 1 is obtained. the lb film is demonstrated with uv - vis, ft - ir spectra

    利用lb膜技術將不同亞相上的fc _ ( 16 ) ab單分子膜沉積到具有親水表面的石英基片和caf _ 2基片上,得到轉移比接近1的y -型lb膜,並用uv - vis 、 ft - ir光譜lb膜進行了表徵。
  11. The results showed that inclpc nanoparticles were ball - shaped with a size of 25 - 50 run, that their diffraction peaks become broader, and that the blue - shift in uv / vis absorption was also observed. the photoconductivity of inclpc nanoparticles in single - layered p

  12. Dsc, uv - vis and cyclic voltammograms studies showed that the enhanced photoconductivity might be resulted from the improvement of the separation efficiency of charge - carrier pairs, and that the decline of photosensitivity was due to the formation of the charge transfer complex of tnf - bah

  13. On the basics of briefly summarizing the research and application presents of building coatings and nano - composite building coatings in domestic and overseas, presented a creative approach of modified exterior building latex coatings applying inorganic nano - powders and its " compound. systematically studied the effect of factors such as nano - materials " category, additive capacity, dispersing method on the behavior of exterior building coatings " weathering resistance, scratch resistance, water resistance and alkaline resistance etc. studying on uv - vis optical property of nano - powder materials and its " compounds turned up that nano - tio2, nano - sio2, nano - zno have excellent characteristics to uv shielding ; dispersing system of polybasic nano - composite materials owned higher uv shielding capability than single disperse system

  14. Based on the multi - channel satellite observations with olr, hirs - tb12, erb, vis, ssmr, ssm i jiang shangcheng yang xiangdong shang shurong gu lei

  15. Now we can send and receive television pictures vis satellite

  16. On the basis of it, - a isotherms were analyzed at different ph 、 temperature 、 molar fraction of mpda and the optimal condition were obtained the preparation of polydiacetylene monolayers and the studies of its spectroscopic properties : the mpda / pda monolayers were irritated by 254nm uv - lamp for 20 seconds and the sensitive monolayers were produced. the uv - vis spectra showed that the recognition between mannose and e. colik12 is specific. the results of the rrs confirmed that the bands of double < wp = 7 > and triple bonds simultaneously shifted toward high wavenumber and its electrical structure of the backbone changed from acetylene to butatriene

    - a曲線的結果表明:雙炔( pda )及其甘露糖衍生物( mpda )是混溶的。在此基礎之上,我們又對亞相處于不同溫度、不同ph值時和雙炔( pda )及其甘露糖衍生物( mpda )二者以不同比例混合時的- a曲線進行了詳細的分析,從而確定了雙炔( pda )及其甘露糖衍生物( mpda )成膜的最佳條件。
  17. An unweighted, non - dispersed and non - inghbitive freshwater bentonite system together with hi - vis bentonite sweeps is to be used for this section

  18. It reflects the timing of vegetative shoot extension vis-a-vis flower development.

  19. Can vecon - vis recognize overseas license plates

  20. Retail sales vis - a - vis private consumption expenditure