vaccine 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['væksi:n]
vaccine 解釋
adj. 形容詞 牛痘的;預防疫苗的;種痘的。
n. 名詞 1. 疫苗,牛痘苗;菌苗。
2. 【計算機】免疫程序軟體,抗病毒軟體。

  1. Dtap - ipv vaccine : diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis reduced dose inactivated poliovirus vaccine

  2. Construction, expression and antigenicity of bivalent vaccine candidate of human helicobacter pylori

  3. Plan, yanbian animal and husbandry bureau organized the training course at antu county of yanbian prefecture during sept. 6 - 15, 2006. the training was mainly on animal disease prevention and control on diagnosis and testing capacity, as well as the way of using and safe keeping vaccine

  4. It is an important that bacteria contaminated vaccine in the biologicals production. we collected 703 samples of cell culture, virus cultivation and harvest which were contaminated by bacteria during poliovaccine production within two years. we checked these samples by bacteriological method and antibiotics sensitivity tests were done. it shows that 1 ) the main contaminated bacteria come from staphylococci, bacilli and streptococci of environment in the poliovaccine production. 2 ) it is effect that antibiotics to contaminated bacteria are doxycycline, albiotic, prescription 2, cefotaxime na salt, gentamycin, neomycin, aureomycin and erythromycin

    在疫苗生產實踐中,細菌污染是影響疫苗質量和產量的關鍵性因素,筆者通過了兩年左右的時間,選取正常生產中零星細菌污染的細胞培養瓶、病毒培養瓶及收毒污染樣品等共703份,進行細菌學檢查,並對造成污染的主要細菌種類進行了各種抗菌藥物的耐藥性實驗,結果表明:我所脊灰疫苗生產中主要的污染威脅來自環境中的葡萄球菌,潛在威脅是桿菌和鏈球菌;強力黴素、林可黴素、配方2 、噻孢黴素鈉鹽、慶大黴素、新黴素、金黴素和紅黴素等抗生素對目前引起污染優勢細菌-葡萄球菌有明顯的抑菌效果,可作為疫苗生產后備抗菌手段參考
  5. In recent years, the outbreak of nd appear some new characters, it is reported that the amount of immunity defeat on nd increased, even chicks with high hi titer can be infected by ndv virulent strain. the gene - engineering vaccine is badly needed to control nd outbreak. so newcastle disease virus strain b95, a naturally avirulent and heat stable strain, was introduced from australia

  6. Biotherapy, especially tumor vaccine, has brought new hopes for human beings who have suffered a lot from rumors and have become one of the focuses of tumor treatment and studies

  7. Determination of imunogenicity of bivalent inactivated hrrs vaccine

  8. Construction of bivalent vaccine candidate expressing hspa and ureb subunit from helicobacter pylori

  9. Those young children who have not received a booster dose of vaccine in more than a year should receive an injection upon exposure.

  10. Mmr vaccine - second dose dtap - ipv vaccine - booster dose

  11. Mmr vaccine - second dose dt vaccine - booster dose

  12. Polio trivalent vaccine - booster dose

  13. Dtap - ipv vaccine - booster dose

  14. Dpt vaccine ( diphtheria, pertussis & tetanus ) - booster dose

  15. Dtwp vaccine - booster dose

  16. Dt vaccine - booster dose

  17. The programme operates each year in late august early september for new students. it includes a basic medical check - up, a booster dose of diphtheria and tetaus vaccine

  18. Experimentary study of gbpa - chitosan nanoparticles as a novel nasal delivery system for anti - carious vaccine

  19. Construction of attenuated salmonella typhimurium vaccine strain expressing helicobacter pylori catalase and observation on its protective immunity

  20. Protective immunity to schistosoma japonicum elicited by co - immunization of cathepsin b dna vaccine with eukaryotic plasmid encoding il