formation 中文意思是什麼

音標 [fɔ:'meiʃən]
formation 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 構成,形成;設立;編制。
2. 組織,構造;形態;形成物,構造物;【軍事】編隊,隊形;兵團。
3. 【地質學;地理學】層;組; 【生物學】社區;(植物)群系。
adj. 形容詞 -al
  1. The sequence analysis revealed that the as1 gene encodes a myb protein, which is a candidate transcription factor. in as1 and as2 mutants, the polarity formation in leaves is defective. cell differentiation along abaxial - adaxial, proximal - distal and media - lateral axes all shows an insufficient fashion

    通過掃描電鏡、干涉相差顯微鏡、組織切片、過量表達等手段研究了as1和as2的功能,包括觀察觀察突變體的組織、細胞結構及早期發育狀況,同時採用gus表達、 rt - pcr 、原位雜交、 northern等手段分析基因的表達情況。
  2. Administration of appropriate antibiotics are necessary to prevent secondary abscess formation.

  3. In the transformation from abstractive numerals to virtual formation of product, human being is lacking the real feelings on the formation, thus there will naturally be many unreasonable places in the being designed pro duct

  4. The sedimentation is the foundation, affecting the basic pattern of the reservoir, and the sedimentary facies zones beneficial to the formation and evolution of the reservoir includes platform edge bank facies, introplatform point beach facies and acclivity sedimentary facies, etc. ; the diagenesis is the key factor, determining the pattern and scope of the final distribution of the reservoir and being of great influence on reservoir structure, and the diagenesis of promoting the formation of storage rooms is mainly the dissolution occurred during hypergene stage and burial stage ; and the tectonism is the condition of influencing the connectivity among various reservoir bodies and among the storage rooms within a single reservoir body

  5. This formation, called an accretion disk, may be very important in some stellar birth sequences.

  6. Compound graft with acellular exogenous dermis and autogenous thin skin reducing formation of scar

  7. Strain hn could ammonize organic nitrogen compounds and nitrify ammonia itself when it grew on acetamide companying the formation of ammonia and nitrite

  8. Abstract : the reaction conditions, catalysts of selective oxidation of propane to acrolein and the mechanism of acrolein formation were reviewed

  9. The mouse model of hepatic egg granuloma of schistosoma japonicum confirmed that np30 has sensitizing effect on formation of hepatic egg granuloma, active immunity in sheeps and mice with np30 can induce good protecti on against infection with schistosoma cercariae and reduces immunopathologic damage to host, np30 plays a significant down - modulatory role to hepatic granuloma and fibrosis

  10. Sedimentary control of coalbed methane in this region were expounded according to the control and influence of sedimentation on coal gathering action ( thickness of coal reservoirs, distributing and coal - bearing characteristics ), on forming and distributing, maceral, organic facies and coalfacies, cap formation types and their sealing capability of adjoining rock

    根據沉積作用對聚煤作用(煤儲層的厚度、分佈及含煤性特徵) ,對煤儲層的形成與展布、煤巖組成、有機相和煤相、頂底板蓋層類型與封蓋性能的控制和影響,討論了沉積作用的控氣特徵。
  11. The three pathways of urine formation ; glomerular filtration and the influencing factors of glomerular filtration ; osmotic diuresis and glomerulotubular balance ; function and regulation of adh

  12. To explore the formation mechanism of innovative coalition stability and prevent abortion of innovative partners, the one - to - one dynamic matching model of innovative coalitions was presented based on the analysis of dynamic and external characteristics of firm - research institute innovation coalitions with the assumption that innovative coalitions were formed through admissive negotiation rules

  13. Subject title means the competence to be adscription of legal rights and responsibilities, and has shown an emphasis on the factor of reason since modern times begun. “ b rgerliches gesetzbuch ( abr. as bgb in following text ) ” created the word “ rechtsfaehigkeit ” to take the place of “ personalite ” to meet the requirement of formation. and the non - ethical rechtsfaehigkeit became then the token of civil subject in code

  14. As a result, the party ' s formation model of early - stage in china is multi - model. this model adumbrate the fail of party politics in the beginning in republic china

  15. Four aspects are summed up : construction of new plantation production system according to the market ' s demand ; formation of industrial advantage by developing region agriculture, scale management and specialized production level ; change from the direct trade to processing trade of agricultural products ; attaching great importance to barley production, thus promoting the development of feed processing and food industrial. in the fourth chapter, the dissertation poses some necessary measures of the adjustment and escalation of hubei rural industrial structure. it mainly includes : deepening the property right system reform of rural land ; blazing new trails in the system ; reforming the rural science and technology mamgement system ; enhancing macroscopic regulation ; carrying out the cities and towns strategy ; reconstructing the structure of the agricultural development according to the comparative advantage law

  16. The conditions promote the multiple formation of adventitious buds and regenerated roots in proliferating colonies of cells.

  17. The first demonstration of the formation of adventive embryos from carrot tissue explants can be traced to the work of reinert.

  18. The first demonstration of the formation of adventive embryos from carrot tissue explants can be traced to the work of reinert

  19. Formation and control of structure of carbon aerogel

  20. To be sure, they were in no way responsible for events that led to the split in af of l and the formation of cio in 1935.