wa 中文意思是什麼

wa 解釋
1. West Africa 西非。
2. Western Australia 西澳大利亞。
3. with average 【商業】水漬險(承保單獨海損)。

  1. A former leader of the aum shinrikyo cult, fumihiro joyu, said earlier he had broken away from it and formed his own cult, called hikari no wa, or circle of light

    奧姆真理教的前領袖上佑史浩早些時候說,他已經脫離奧姆真理教而自立教門,名為「光之輪」 。
  2. The results showed that the f fragment, 728bp in length, could be a new gene with a little homology to the genes coding for polyketide synthetase or fatty - acid synthetase and the b fragment, about 4kb in length, is inferred to have repeat sequences around tn5 insertion site, in which there is homology to the wa 314 right arm of the high - pathogeniciry island of yersinia enterocolitica. to reveal any pathogenicity of enterobacter cloacae b8 and its mutated strains b8b and b8f to animals, the experiment with mice was carried out

    結果顯示, f片段長度為728bp ,與現有生物數據庫的blast比較分析,發現該序列僅有局部短於1oobp的區域與polyketide合成酶基因或與脂肪酸合成酶基因有低的同源性,推測為一新基因; b片段長約4kb ,序列拼接結果推測靠近tn5插入位點部位有重復序列,對b片段tn5遠端的部分序列進行blast比較,發現它與小腸結腸炎耶爾森氏菌的強毒力島有一定的同源性。
  3. The kusadango ( confectionary made from mugwort ) were actually used in filming until the fourth installment of otoko wa tsuraiyo series

  4. Ultra - thin cutting emery wheel, gc, wa series particular kind abrasive disc, various the specification angle abrasive disc, cutting movie, wool wheel etc., the favour accepting the extensive home and abroad travelling merchant always very much that our company produces

    本公司生產的超薄切割砂輪、 gc 、 wa系列特種磨片、各種規格的角磨片、切割片、羊毛輪等,一直深受廣大國內外客商的青睞。
  5. A section of lung wui road between tim wa avenue and fenwick pier street

    ( 2 )介乎添華道與分域碼頭街之間的龍匯道;
  6. The unclear orientation of the role played by advertisers is, in fact, a periodic issue that has arisen from the immaturity of wa development

  7. The significance and contribution of wa people to the victory of anti - imperialist war contemporary

  8. Boiled ham, cheese, pickled wa nuts, if yer like. - nowt much

  9. He oke english o well that took it for granted that he wa a american

  10. Note : 1 ) p = prefectural ; n = national. 2 ) hc = high combining ability ; sr = strong restoring ability ; gq = good quality ; rb = resistant to biast ; psr = persistent resistance of blast ; ct = cold tolerance ; hoc = high outcrossing rate ; hsy = high and stable yield ; wa = wide abaptability ; geq = good eating quality ; bp = big panicle ; hy = high yield ; mrb = moderate resistance of blast

  11. Egg chambers with the 1st grade appeared on the 11th day after parasitization ( the pupa was white, and its eyes were scarlet ), egg chambers with the 2nd grade appeared on the 12th day after parasitization ad egg chambers with the 3rd grade occurred on the 1st day after emergence. feeding adults of this parasitoid with 20 % honey solution showed no marked effects on the ovarian development except significantly prolonging their life span ( most adults can survive for half a month and even to about a month ). in contrast, feeding with nothing or only wa ter, the wasps only survived for four days. no difference in ovariole lengh of female adults was found among different feedig treatments

    卵巢管從寄生后第10天開始出現(此時,卵巢管是透明的,卵室尚未形成) , 1級卵從寄生后第11天開始出現, 2級卵從寄生后第12天開始出現, 3級卵從羽化后第一天開始出現;喂20蜂蜜水對卵巢發育有一定促進作用,能顯著延長麗蠅蛹集金小蜂的壽命,不餵食或僅喂蒸餾水,其壽命僅4天,而餵食20蜂蜜水,從第11天開始出現死亡,大部分可存活15天,另有少部分生存達一個月之久。
  12. Fuk wa street photomontage of proposed

  13. West china prose and jia ping - wa ' s literary creation

  14. Dr yan wing - wa consultant, icu, pmh

  15. The broken wall was submerged by flood wa - ter

  16. Marine east division police station ( 1 wa yung road, tui min hoi, sai kung )

  17. Wa kong - tourism travel agency ltd

  18. Baby - faced wa jai plays a young lawyer freshly graduated from a prestigious british law school, whose first case is seemingly unwinnable a prostitute stands accused of murdering a wealthy young man from a powerful family, and no one else will take on her case

  19. Therefore, there is no doubt that the lost parts of " lao zi " appeared in books copied on silk of wa wangdui are no belong the " four works of huangdi "

  20. Tarun chopra, a 29 ? year ? old senior software consultant at kpmg consulting ' s wa shington dc office, is also worried about the pitfalls of trying to relocate to india