cheeky 中文意思是什麼

cheeky 解釋
adj. 形容詞 〈口語〉厚臉皮的,無恥的。
adv. 動詞 副詞 -ily ,-iness n. 名詞
  1. Her cheeky remarks really get up my nose !

  2. He is the cheeky reporter !

  3. That was awfully cheeky of you.

  4. You cheeky young shaver !

  5. Stop being cheeky !

  6. We thought it rather cheeky that anyone would dare sneak into the president's suite in the dead of night without his permission.

  7. - would you like me to stop being cheeky ? - no

    -想要我不再這樣厚顏無恥嗎? -不想
  8. Would you like me to stop being cheeky ? - no

    想要我不再這樣厚顏無恥嗎? -不想
  9. Cheeky ? ? a head whose cheeks are too fleshy

  10. I found his cheeky self - confidence unbearable

  11. Just a cheeky opening gambit in a tough negotiation

  12. Yes, i m glad i went, and such a quaint dear cheeky baby, clifford, said connie. it s got hair just like spider - webs, and bright orange, and the oddest, cheekiest, pale - blue china eyes. of course it s a girl, or it wouldn t be so bold, bolder than any little sir francis drake

    「是的,我覺得很高興出去走一趟,克利福,那真是個可愛的孩子,這樣玲瓏而毫無忌憚」康妮說, 「她的頭發簡直象蜘蛛網,有著光耀的橙紅色,兩隻眼睛淡藍得象磁做的一樣,那奇妙而毫無忌憚自然呵,因為那是個女孩,否則不會這么大膽的。 」
  13. The teenager has spent more than six weeks on his yacht cheeky monkey, contending with giant waves, shark - infested waters and hurricane winds

  14. You hain t done a thing from the start that had any sense in it, except coming out so cool and cheeky with that imaginary blue - arrow mark. that was bright - it was right down bully ; and it was the thing that saved us

  15. Absolutely. and cheeky too

  16. And the laughs do come big and hearty as hui bounces his cheeky humour off a terrific large supporting cast including the sophisticated hu - chin and the lovely pai hsiao - man. keeping the benny hill - style hi - jinks afloat is stalwart shaw director li han - hsiang who manages to switch flawlessly between these cheeky flings and his period epics

  17. It ' s only a cheeky half - mill, jim

  18. How warm and lovely it was to hold a child in one s lap, and the soft little arms, the unconscious cheeky little legs

  19. The baby was a perky little thing of about a year, with red hair like its father, and cheeky pale - blue eyes. it was a girl, and not to be daunted. it sat among cushions and was surrounded with rag dolls and other toys in modern excess

  20. Pluto. - you ' re cheeky