mobility 中文意思是什麼

音標 [məu'biliti]
mobility 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 可動性,活動性,能動性。
2. 靈活性,可變動性。
3. 【物理學】動性,遷移率;【化學】淌度;【軍事】運動性,機動性。
n. 名詞 群眾。
mobility and nobility 〈戲謔語〉老百姓和貴族。

  1. In this paper, the author argues that there are four factors which influence the mobility of human capital : individual ' s desire to move, the information for decision on movement needed by both the individual and the acceptant country, the opening level of the nation where the individual lives, the margin production of the individual

  2. No. 3 good mobility, advertising aeroboat can fly on compeition field, plaza or the sky on a car race, or fly according to the customer s requirement in the sky above the seashore, village, road or city, the advantages can not be all presented by any other media

  3. In sleep there come to the surface buried genealogical facts, ancestral curves, dead men's traits, which the mobility of daytime animation screens and overwhelms.

  4. Such factors as product trade, factor mobility, knowledge diffusion and technological diffusion make anfractuous relation lie in the system. so region is mutual related, not isolated. the economic growth of one region depends on not only its element devotion, but also growth traces of other regions

  5. That it was a utopia, there being no known method from the known to the unknown : an infinity, renderable equally finite by the suppositions probable apposition of one or more bodies equally of the same and of different magnitudes : a mobility of illusory forms immobilised in space, remobilised in air : a past which possibly had ceased to exist as a present before its future spectators had entered actual present existence

  6. Related services may include transportation, speech - language pathology and audiology services, psychological services, physical and occupational therapy, recreation, social work services, counseling services, including rehabilitation counseling, orientation and mobility services, and medical services for diagnostic and evaluation purposes only

    相關服務包括接送服務, (提供)語言病理治療、聽力治療、心理治療、理療和職業治療服務,提供娛樂活動、社工服務、咨詢服務? ?包括康復咨詢、培養方位感和靈活性的治療服務,以及為做診斷和進行評估提供的體格檢查服務。
  7. The mobility value used is that of the minority carrier.

  8. In the past, clear lines were drawn between taiwan s social classes, but the boundaries have become blurred with the increase in opportunities for social mobility

  9. Having soochow industrial park as a case, this study made an inquiring investigation and calling talk to some white collar working in the park. from the sight of the white collar, based on the investigation data, this study analyze the affect factors to white collar ' s position obtaining, meanwhile, analyze the current condition of the industrial white collar ' s mobility, including the ways of searching chance, cause and result of mobility, and obstacle of mobility. beside it, this study discussed the industrial white collar ' s mobility mode and the trend of polarization

  10. Mobility affects loyalty with the degree of effect depending on branch coverage.

  11. Consequently, with increasing mmt content, the tensile strength and young ' s modulus of hdpe - g - aa / mmt nanocomposites increased, while that of hdpe / mmt composites decreased. moreover, the addition of mmt to hdpe - g - aa decreased the melting temperature and the degree of crystallization of the matrix. these changes may be attributed to high interfacial adhesion between hdpe - g - aa matrix and exfoliated clay, which reduces the mobility of crystallizable pe chain segments, and subsequently reduces the crystallization ability

    研究結果表明: mmt在hdpe中不能達到納米級分散,而在hdpe - g - aa中, mmt能以插層型利剝離型的結構存在,這主要是由於極性的丙烯酸接枝在hdpe上提高了後者的極性,而且能與mmt上的活性基團進行化學反應,從而提高了pe鏈進入mmt層間的可能性,使mmt在基體中達到納米級分散。
  12. Though, the traditional e - commerce brings users with the convenience through the internet, it lacks of mobility that cumbers its spread

  13. Elders who are confined to bed or wheelchair may develop complications due to decreased mobility of the limbs ; for example, chest infection, pressure sores or decubitus ulcer and muscle contracture

  14. Elders who are confined to bed or wheelchair may develop complications due to decreased mobility of the limbs ; for example, chest infection, pressure sores ( or decubitus ulcer ) and muscle contracture

    需要長期臥床或坐輪椅的長者,會因為肢體活動減少而導致並發癥,例如:肺炎,或局部皮膚因受壓做成潰瘍和壞死,即壓瘡(又名褥瘡) ;甚至
  15. Your men are stranded. the defenders have all the mobility, the numerical superiority, and the firepower.

  16. It disrupted the enemy's communications, supplies, and mobility.

  17. Influence of jinshichuan on smooth muscle mobility of rabbit ' s duodenum

  18. The astronauts almost perform extravehicular activities with hands, so the joint mobility of the extravehicular activities ( eva ) glove which is the endmost operating device, directly affects the work ability of the astronauts

    宇航員的艙外作業主要通過手部來完成,所以作為末端操作環節的艙外航天( eva )手套的靈活性直接影響宇航員的作業能力。
  19. The legal system of equitable mobility of talents

  20. It not only provides the basal life security to the astronauts, but also has high joint mobility index, so the astronauts can fulfill all kinds of extravehicular activities with it