mac 中文意思是什麼

mac 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 麥克〈男子名, cf. Mac-〉。
2. 〈俚語〉(稱呼用)老兄,老弟,伙計。
n. 名詞 〈口語〉 = mackintosh. n. 名詞 麥克〈男子名〉。

  1. Mac protocol for wireless ad hoc network based on ieee802

  2. Key engraved with alt on most mac keyboards

    按鍵上在大多數mac鍵盤上標明alt 。
  3. Structurally, biomaterials are typically composite materials, being intimately associated with organic mac - romolecules, and are often hierarchically organized on a scale from angstroms to millimeters

  4. - through the neutral zone. - attaboy, mac

    已經攻到中場好樣的, mac
  5. Through the neutral zone. - attaboy, mac

    已經攻到中場好樣的, mac
  6. If francis, james, wells and scola can fill those needs ( and t - mac ' s balky back holds up ), the rockets just might be able to take the next step in their quest

    如果弗朗西斯,詹姆斯,韋爾斯,斯科拉能夠滿足這些需要(再加上麥迪拿出做老大的氣勢) ,火箭就能在他們的前進道路上更進一步。
  7. The specification of d2 - mac packet colour television system

    D2 - mac數據包制彩色電視技術規范
  8. Not because the mac spittin potent dope and this overdose, comatose

  9. Moreover, because of the rising popularity of multimedia applications and potential commercial usage of manet, qos based mac protocols have become a key issue for manet

  10. Most of the former ad hoc network mac protocols were designed for omni - directional antenna systems

  11. Perfect sound and an extendible modular i o solution available end of november with the phase 88 audio system, terratec producer provides a professional audio and midi interface that transforms every pc or mac into a professional recording system, without an additional mixer

    在phase 88音頻系統里, terratec以專業的音頻與midi介面,使每個pc或是mac都能變成專業的錄音系統,且不需額外的混音器。
  12. Fenian ossianic literature was popular at this time and continued to influence writers in english through to the nineteenth century. the works centre on the legendary hero fionn mac cumhaill, his son oisn and their followers, the fanna

    奧西恩風格的文學在當時很受歡迎,對用英語作家的影響一直持續到19世紀。這些作品以傳奇英雄fionn mac cumhaill 、他的兒子oisin和他們的追隨者the fianna為中心。
  13. How many hexadecimal digits are in a mac address

  14. Better let me hold your money, mac.

  15. Mac was really tickled when i told him.

  16. Mac says we got to make a good showing right here so they won't be building up.

  17. Some scientific theories that mac diarmid quoted in his long poems are obviously outdated now.

  18. I don ' t lik. e it, mac. something ' s not right

  19. Detail information of the qcode 4 mac hong kong

  20. Mcsb physical, mac llc, network layer specification

    Mcsb物理mac llc和網路層規范