lift 中文意思是什麼

音標 [lift]
lift 解釋
vt. 及物動詞 1. 舉起,使升起,提起,抬起;提高;提升。
2. 使高尚;鼓舞。
3. 運送,搬運;空運 ( = airlift). 4. 偷竊;偷去;抄襲,剽竊。
5. 起出,拔起;掘出;拔營。
6. (把板球等)向高空擊去。
7. 〈美國〉清償;贖出,贖取(典押物)。
8. 解除,撤除,撤消。
lift that parcel down the shelf 把那包東西從架上拿下來。
lift weights 舉重。
Mount Chomolungma lifts its cone into the clouds. 珠穆朗瑪峰頂高聳入雲。
lift the tariff 〈美國〉提高稅率。
His wallet was lifted. 他的皮夾子被人扒走了。
lift a passage from the book 從書中剽竊一段文字。
lift a mortgage 償付抵押債款。
lift the ban on 解除對…的禁令。
lift the curfew. 撤消宵禁。
vi. 不及物動詞 1. 被提高,升起。
2. 消散。
3. 水漲船高,(船)乘浪升高。
4. (地面)隆起。
5. 聳立。
n. 名詞 1. 舉起;抬高;提升,搬起。
2. 高昂的姿態。
3. 情緒昂揚,精神振奮。
4. (一次)舉重量,起重量;【礦物】(一次)採掘量。
5. 【機械工程】揚力,(水泵)揚程;【航空】升力,浮力。
6. 〈英國〉電梯;吊車;升降機 ( = 〈美國〉 elevator)。
7. 起重機;千斤頂。
8. 鞋後跟皮的一層。
9. 土地的隆起,小丘。
10. (霧等的)消散。
11. 幫助,幫忙,照顧。

  1. Calculation of up - lift displacement of aeolian - sand spread foundation

  2. Dynamic inverse control for astovl lift - fan air craft

  3. As the air craft moves forward, the air flowing over the wings produces lift to raise the aircraft off the ground, and keep it in the air

  4. Analytic personage points out, the share price of firm of not alexandrine city goes sign is possible because be restricted to make work current appear on the market in succession and appear differentiation, but current although a quantitative addition can arise to the market decrease maintain pressure, but the bounds of lift a ban made work 2007 current market prise photograph total to huge market market prise and do not calculate for the abundant financing on the market at present big

  5. Analogous coefficients are usually defined for the lift.

  6. The lift attendants were very observant.

  7. Technical analysis of backhand sideway lift in table tennis

  8. Win1000 bed lift wins the teust of hospitals and high praises of patients for its unique design and excellent performance indexes and becomes the best choice of many hospitals and sanatoriums

  9. Win2000 bed lift is of personalized design, ultra - stable operation, to offer quietness and comfortableness to the greatest extent to patients with warm colors. it is provided with variable voltage variable frequency device, to produce the best operating curve in accordance with the physiological requirements of human body, to show make the safe, comfort, stable and excellent perfomance in the whole process during the operation of the lift from start, acceleration, deceleration to stop. optional cut - off emergency leveling device may be equiooed at the demand of user to ensure that the passengers inside the lift can be rescued in case of power cut - off accident

  10. Shake not head, feet, or legs rowl not the eyes lift not one eyebrow higher than the other, wry not the mouth, and bedew no mans face with your spittle, by approaching too near him when you speak

  11. " why, you just said a body could lift up the bedstead and slip the chain off.

    「哈,你不是說,只要有人把床往上一提,腳鐐就能往下掉么? 」
  12. Haojieshi shoe cover dispenser co., ltd. which located in no. 11 kangming rd shongjiang jiufu shanghai, is that one collects streamlined enterprises of scientific research, production and sale. it specializes in producing shoe cover dispenser, the company developed independently the series of " haojieshi " - car and super thin automatic shoe cover machine, which depends on their own scientific and technological strength, it is one that meet the need of change shoes when enter the room. his appearance is small and exquisite and beautiful, it is only 11. 5 centimetres high, and extremely convenient to use. the only thing guest need to do is step on gently in shoe cover plane, there will be a lovely shoe cover suit under foot, sanitary and beautiful, at the same time it is very substantial, the most important thing is make us get rid of the trouble of change shoes when entering door, and never worry should lift foottoo high. also it have dispelled the beriberi that changes the shoes. it also prevents the constrained and awkward feeling while calling at friends house, extensively suitable for such places as the family, hospital, computer room, etc., it is the indispensable practical necessities in the daily life

  13. " report it to the nations, now ! proclaim over jerusalem, ' besiegers come from a far country, and lift their voices against the cities of judah

    耶4 : 16你們當傳給列國、報告攻擊耶路撒冷的事、說、有探望的人、從遠方來到、向猶大的城邑、大聲吶喊。
  14. Encountering a big box, he could not lift it

  15. Some could lift big sticks high above their heads or jump over tall boxes

  16. The capacity of the bins should be such that two bins could be handled at one time by the fork-lift machinery.

  17. Taiwan to lift ban on u. s. boneless beef, agriculture dept. says

  18. Lift bop stack and replace wellhead connector ax ring

  19. Braille & tactile markings on the lift control panel

  20. Brazil nuts and chocolate are both known to lift your mood