pacify 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['pæsifai]
pacify 解釋
vt. 及物動詞 ,vi. 不及物動詞 (-fied)1. 撫慰;使鎮靜。
2. 平定,平息;綏靖;使安定。

  1. To pacify her, i held the casement ajar a few seconds

  2. No words availed to pacify him.

  3. The kind and most tolerant jade emperor was advised to pacify you.

  4. Tier 9 pacify requires 1 point in power infusion requires 40 points in discipline talents 10 % of base mana 30 yd range 1. 5 sec cast 2 min cooldown telepathically induce a state of pacifism, making the target unable to attack or use any offensive spells or abilities for 10 seconds

    撫慰(戒律系終極天賦)需要: 1點能量灌注前置需要: 40點戒律系天賦10 %基礎法力值30碼距離1 . 5秒施法時間2分鐘冷卻時間利用心靈感應達成寧靜狀態,使目標無法攻擊或使用攻擊性法術及技能,持續10秒。
  5. You see we were quite right to pacify that country.

  6. That should pacify her.

  7. She knew that he had become delirious, and tried to pacify him.

  8. The idealistic slogans are, of course, to be constantly trumpeted by scholarship, the schools, the media, and the rest of the ideological system in order to pacify the domestic population.

  9. Pacify the victim and rush him to a hospital for treatment

    D .盡快到醫院求治。
  10. Live in the present and pacify the world with love

  11. Dozens of articles of the geneva convention were allegedly breached during the american bid to “ re - establish control and pacify ” this sunni stronghold in central iraq

    在美國嘗試重掌控制權和平定這個伊拉克中部遜尼派要塞的過程中, 《日內瓦公約》的不少條款據說被踐踏了。
  12. 1968, hebei western han dynasty zhongshan pacify king sheng liu and their wife hole coil up unearthed two pieces of jade clothes sewn with gold thread in the tomb all over the city, sensational whole world

  13. The wrath of a king is as messengers of death : but a wise man will pacify it

  14. Growing vegetarian food use helps pacify the world

  15. Baby pacify of rubber

  16. It has been used to pacify people suffering from mental disorders

  17. At midnight, you will find, from long or short life experiences, something can pacify you only are those past happy or sorrow, black or white worries as well as ever ignorant and frivolous you making those worry

  18. To help relieve pain, wang sheng zhou, jie yuan zhou and the namo amitabha buddha mantra sheet i wrote may be burned or chanted to pacify karmic creditors

  19. The wrath of a king is as messengers of death : but a wise man will pacify it

    箴16 : 14王的震怒、如殺人的使者但智慧人能止息王怒。
  20. " the witness held onto the roof of the vehicle, phoned through his position to the local station and audibly attempted to pacify the car thief, " police said in a statement

    警方在聲明中說: 「這名目擊者趴在汽車頂棚上,打電話把自己的方位告訴了當地警方,並且勸說這名偷車賊平靜下來。 」