pacifist 中文意思是什麼

pacifist 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 和平主義者;綏靖主義者。
2. 持消極態度者。
adj. 形容詞 =pacifistic.
  1. " we think john is a fink pacifist on a super ego trip, " she said

    她說: "我們認為約翰是個極力追名逐利、喜歡告密的和平主義者。
  2. Indeed, a propos of the television series, the same senior chinese diplomat mentioned earlier argued energetically that pacifist japan ' s post - war rise was a model of good - neighbourliness that china itself could usefully emulate

  3. They ' ll probably kick me out ofthe pacifist club now

  4. I ' m a pacifist, like gandhi

  5. And he wants the pacifist article nine of the constitution to be revised

  6. They want to renounce the pacifist constitution foisted on japan by america

  7. Naturally, the newly pacifist machine wants out of the military, so he escapes

  8. The government sees the mission as proof of japan ' s global commitment ; mr ozawa says it breaches the country ' s pacifist constitution

  9. The image of einstein as stock - market punter does not sit easily with that of einstein the pacifist and idealist

  10. It took a coalition of social democrats and greens, both with strong pacifist leanings, to send the bundeswehr into armed combat, thus breaking the post - war taboo

  11. Japanese writer director umetsugu as hong kong nocturne and hong kong rhapsody really sinks his teeth into this death - filled, haunted house mystery. three men and three woman begule, blackmail, bicker, and backstab sometimes literally each other all the way to a shock surprise ending, in this death - filled, haunted house, mystery, written and directed by shaws normally pacifist japanese maestro lnoue umetsugu

  12. Long held back not just by a pacifist - sounding constitution, but also by a lack of imagination, japan under mr koizumi made commendable moves towards a more muscular and constructive diplomacy that better matched its economic clout

  13. It reached north america in the sixties and we experienced the civil rights movements - one pacifist ( dr king ) and one more revolutionary ( malcolm x and the panthers )

    它在六十年代進入北美洲,我們經歷了民權運動? ?一種和平主義(馬丁路德金博士) ,還有更加革命性的(馬爾科姆x和黑豹) 。
  14. Soka gakkai, the 8m - household - strong buddhist organisation behind the party, with a pacifist streak, was one of the first to call for mr kyuma ' s resignation

    擁有和平背景的創價學會- - - - - -該黨背後這個擁有800萬成員的佛教組織,是要求久間先生辭職的始作俑者之一。
  15. In another break with japan ' s pacifist tradition, the plan calls for selectively ending a longstanding ban on arms exports