pacifism 中文意思是什麼

pacifism 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 和平主義;綏靖主義。
2. 消極態度。

  1. Pacifism in japan ' s constitution and its present situation

  2. The pacifism of hu shi

  3. One had only to mention the subject of pacifism in the colonel ' s presence, and he saw red

  4. The rationalism and pacifism provide basic elements for the appearance of idealism

  5. He was ideally suited for the role of construction worker ku ting, whose skill at " tai chi " shadow boxing is as great as his pacifism

  6. During the 1960s, american poet robert lowell, having embraced pacifism, refused to serve his country in vietnam. for this refusal, he was sentenced to five months in prison

  7. Within this part i also try to argue that the concept of reason used by kant in his philosophy of history is opaque, and this opaqueness will bring some difficulties to the position of the absolute pacifism

  8. Tier 9 pacify requires 1 point in power infusion requires 40 points in discipline talents 10 % of base mana 30 yd range 1. 5 sec cast 2 min cooldown telepathically induce a state of pacifism, making the target unable to attack or use any offensive spells or abilities for 10 seconds

    撫慰(戒律系終極天賦)需要: 1點能量灌注前置需要: 40點戒律系天賦10 %基礎法力值30碼距離1 . 5秒施法時間2分鐘冷卻時間利用心靈感應達成寧靜狀態,使目標無法攻擊或使用攻擊性法術及技能,持續10秒。