pacific rim 中文意思是什麼

pacific rim 解釋

  • pacific : adj. 1. 和平的,太平的;平時的。2. 愛好和平的,(性質)溫和的。3. 〈P-〉太平洋的。adv. -ically
  • rim : n. 1. (圓形器皿的)邊,緣;輪圈,輞圈,輪輞,輪緣;眼鏡框,帽邊(等)。2. 【航海】水面,海面。vt. 裝邊(緣),裝輪圈;〈美俚〉欺騙,誑騙。
  1. Member, pacific rim bankers program advisory board

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  6. Lucas is responsible for many of the firm ' s pacific rim clients

  7. Pacific rim tel : 2582 7725

    維港咖啡閣電話: 25827731
  8. The agency ' s pacific rim surveillance worked out of this office until ' 98

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  10. Collect pacific rim cultural artifacts, paleontology, and anthropology

  11. Sheng - tun li, li - yen shue and shu - fen lee, 2004, 7, ” the study of adopting customer relationship management in the isp, ” the 14th international conference on pacific rim management, association for chinese management educators ( acme ) 2004 annual meeting, chicago, u. s. a

    李淑芬、李升暾、許蒞彥, 2004 , 12 ,保險業導入顧客關系管理影響因素之研究,第十屆海峽兩岸資訊管理發展策略研討會,中山大學。
  12. As the heads of next - generation start - ups, these asian innovators can draw on customs and languages to forge righter links with crucial pacific rim markets

  13. As the pace - setters [ heads ] of this new trend, asian innovator can draw on { their advantage on } customer and language to build [ forge ] tighter links with [ crucial ] pacific rim market

  14. Beware of government regulations : of course, government regulations and red tape can be a big - time hassle for businessmen in any country, not just the pacific rim

  15. In late 2006, the department hosted the 12th pacific rim immigration intelligence conference, which brought together 35 delegates from 12 member jurisdictions and two observer organisations in the field of immigration intelligence

  16. Korea stands as a peninsula, sticking out into the ocean along the pacific rim

  17. And i believe that ' s why i have a vested interest in helping the asia - pacific rim

  18. Shi - ming huang, meng - cheng chen, and hsiang - yuan hsueh, 2004, “ estimating web services reliability : a semantic approach ”, 14th international conference on pacific rim management ( acme 2004 ), chicago usa

    江明錦,黃士銘,莊菁怡,蔡季蓉,潘怡倫2004 , 「以顧客觀點探討行銷與服務流程再造方法- -軟體公司為例」 ,第十五屆國際資訊管理學術研討會
  19. Pacific rim s perfectly presented and wonderfully varied dinner buffet takes you all the way from fresh seafood to dream desserts, plus coffee or tea with our compliments

  20. Pacific rim nations reached a compromise thursday to call for a new round of world trade talks that would consider the needs of developing countries, which fear they are being left behind in the new global economy