ktm 中文意思是什麼

ktm 解釋
  1. 2. the test of space learning and memory task of young sd rats administrated by ktm ( i. p. ) in the morris water maze : the rats were divided into six groups as following : the control group, the ktm group, the marginal division ( mrd ) group, the fimbria / fornix ( ff ) group, the ktm + mrd group and the ktm + ff group

    試驗結果: ( l )腹腔注射ktm組與對照組比較,學習記憶能力明顯下降,有顯著的統計學差異( p < 0 . 0勻; (勸mrd毀損組與ff離斷組與對照組比較,學習記憶能力下降,有顯著的統計學差異( p < a仍) ;但加介d毀損組與ff離斷組組間比較,無顯著的統計學差異( p二0 . 46 ) 。
  2. We have also been appointed as gsa by the ktm keretapi tanah melayu, the grand continental hotel group, the star cruise services, the resort world, hotemart, hoteline and elong hotel reservations from china

    同時,我們也是馬來半島火車服務keretapi tanah malayu ,大洲酒店集團,麗星郵輪,雲頂的resort world , hotemart , hoteline ,以及e旅遊網所委任的銷售總代理。
  3. If from kl centre ktm station, it takes about 1 hours to reach the port klang terminal, then you will see the jetty a few meter away

  4. Car parks are available at ktm terminal, in front of hte police station and private company s parking lots. ferry services are available everyday

  5. In 1999, the new ferry services had been introduced. one of the ktm terminal located at pork klang. both types of transportations make the journey to pulau ketam more easy and time saving

  6. And then we aim to investigate the effects of the nmda receptor antagonists ketamine ( ktm ) on the behaviors of learning and memory of rats marginal division with the morris water - maze task. furthermore we devise and make the model of senile sd rats whose were under intracranial administration of the l - glu / ktm.

    我們研究所以前發現:迷宮試驗顯示紋狀體邊緣區( marginaldivisionoftheneostriatum , mrd )與學習記憶有關; 1994年舒斯雲教授觀察到紋狀體邊緣區有nmda1受體的表達, 2001年我所王虹等用地高辛原位探針的方法,原位檢測到該區有nmda2b受體mrna的表達。