fridge 中文意思是什麼

音標 [fridʒ]
fridge 解釋
n. 名詞 〈主英口〉電冰箱,冷凍機。

  1. Hi, debra. i brought you some baking soda for your fridge

  2. Should we keep this in the fridge or freezer

  3. She can mend the fridge by herself.

  4. Check the fridge. it ' s a housewife ' s safe

  5. The fruits should be carefully put away in the fridge

  6. If there ' s any food ( left ) over, put it in the fridge

  7. " hey, what ' s the ball of yarn doin ' in the fridge ?

  8. One night we caught him inside the walk - in fridge

  9. There are a few eggs, a little bread in the fridge

  10. But i ' ve got a bottle of champagne in the fridge

  11. Put the food into the fridge or they may go bad

  12. We do have a shared fridge, iron and hairdryer that guests may use

  13. It ' s in the fridge, daddy - o. are you hep to the jive

  14. How can you tell if there ' s been a hippo in your fridge

  15. How about staying in a very nice double room, twin or double bed with a kitchenette, microwave, stove and fridge, in the same room, full cooking facilities, a private bathroom, wireless internet, tv digital, radio, air conditioning, hairdryer and daily cleaning

  16. There ' s lasagna in the fridge, and i have cinemax

  17. Brand new luxurious studio apartment, south facing, new decorate, separate bath room, kitchen, ikea furniture, utility, brand new fridge, wash machine, tv, dvd, wooden floor, adsl broadband internet access, 24 hour hot water, security

    全新豪華現代裝修開間式公寓,獨立浴室,廚房.全套ikea傢具,用具.全新冰箱,洗衣機,電視, dvd ,木地板, adsl寬帶上網, 24小時熱水,保安,門禁對講等,落地大窗
  18. " it ' s normally something for the home - - a fridge or a television set, " yelena yakovleva at the ulyanovsk regional administration press office, said

    烏里揚諾夫斯克州地方政府新聞辦公室的葉麗娜?雅克夫勒維說: 「獎品通常是家居用品,比如冰箱或電視機。 」
  19. About 139 guestroom, furnished with the computers of 17 inches of colour display screens, 29 inches of ultra flat color tv, chinese style makeing bed luxurious and comfort, minibar, fridge, self - service boiled water pot and allocate family wear brand bath articles

  20. Divide the dough into 2 portions and shape them into logs at about 3cm in diameter. wrap up with a baking paper. place it in a fridge until soild