frictional resistance 中文意思是什麼

frictional resistance 解釋

  • frictional : n. 摩擦的,由摩擦而生的。adv. -ly
  • resistance : n. 1. 抵抗,反抗,抗拒,抵禦;敵對,抵抗力,反抗力,阻力,【生物學】抗病性。2. 【電學】電阻;阻抗;電阻器。
  1. This energy is then dissipated by dry frictional resistance.

  2. It has enough energy to overcome the frictional resistance in valves and registers.

  3. In severe creasing the frictional resistance plays only a minor role in determining the crease resistance.

  4. Direct calculation method of air duct frictional resistance

  5. Discussion on calculation of frictional resistance for gas pipeline

  6. Influence of negative frictional resistance force of foundation pile and countermeasure

  7. Study on calculating frictional resistance of fluid flowing in industrial pipe - line

  8. The ratios of frictional resistance increment in the ultimate bearing capacity increment were 56 % ~ 88 %

    側阻力增量對樁極限承載力的貢獻為56 % ~ 88 % 。
  9. The research on calculating formula of coefficient of frictional resistance of bolting and shotcreting roadways

  10. Study on distribution and diffusion regularity of frictional resistance in the inter face of grouted body of anchor cable

  11. According to the method in paper, roughness of bedrock surface of north anchor pit of runyang bridge is described in quantitative fractal dimension, and the method of determining frictional resistance of the whole anchor under many factors is discussed, which offers a new ideal and approach for precise determination of frictional resistance of rock mass engineering

  12. This paper elaborates on principles and calculation methods of experiment of prestress tube frictional resistance and also makes data procession of the experimental results by using least - square method

  13. Influencing factors of frictional resistance coefficient and main solutions to reduce frictional resistance coefficient

  14. In consideration of the soil arch effect between anti - slide piles, a calculation formula for the anti - slide pile spacing was developed, taking the following factors as the controlling conditions - the static equilibrium equation of the frictional resistance and adhesive force between the side of piles and slope soil, which sustains the thrusting force of the landside, and the strength conditions at the medial cross - section and two end sections of soil arch

  15. After it starts, not only adds 35 % pressure to edge of shovel, also moves the part weight of front shaft of vehicle to the tail shaft, which can improve 25 % frictional resistance

    系統啟動后,不但能對雪板的鏟刃增加35 %的壓力,而且還會把車輛前軸的部分載荷轉移至后軸,這樣可提高25 %后輪對地面的摩擦力。
  16. When mixed with the lubricating oil, the nanometer particles can improve lubricating oil ' s abilities of extreme pressure, anti - wear and reduce frictional resistance

  17. Low friction coefficient between pcd diamond and steel materials reduces frictional resistance during bearing processing, thus enhances bearing processing precision

  18. The stones are designed to generate as much frictional resistance as possible - like sand scattered on an icy pavement - and so reduce the speed of a skidding car quickly and effectively

  19. According to the the regression analysis on the bloting and shotcreting roadways of henan pingmei group, the regression equation on the degree that absolute grade and area of roadway influence coefficient of frictional resistance is built in the paper. the notable character test of the regression equation is completed. at last, the degree that absolute grade and area of roadway influence coefficient of frictional resistance is discussed and summed up. the practical and guiding sense in choosing coefficient of frictional resistance of congeneric roadways is given in the paper

  20. The friction coefficient, critical vertical loads and critical frictional resistance strength have been worked out by means of the pullout tests under the different vertical loads, analysis of frictional characteristics between soil and material and analysis of the different work mechanism between direct shear test and pullout tests. the creep characteristic parameters of some typical reinforcement materials have been obtained by the creep tests under the loads for a long time and the rheological analysis