straight cutting machine 中文意思是什麼

straight cutting machine 解釋
  • straight : adj 1 直,一直線的 (opp crooked bent curved )。2 直挺的,向(目標)直進的。3 直接的,連續的。4 ...
  • cutting : n 1 切斷,切下;切片;【園藝】扦插,插條;〈英國〉剪裁,(報紙等的)剪輯;(寶石等的)加工,琢磨...
  • machine : n 1 機(器),機械;機關,機構。2 印刷機器;縫紉機;打字機;汽車;自行車;三輪車;飛機;〈美俚〉...
  1. Production electric drill, hammer, corner angle grinder, straight - sand, water mill, stone cutting machine, electric circular saws, profile cutting machine, carving machine, suction fan blowing, scissors, and other electric tools

  2. This machine is used for straight - line bevel cutting and bevel grinding and polishing for flat glass, in certain condition, it can be also used in bevel cuttig, bevel grinding and polishing for soft stone panel. the contrilling system adopts plc, it can accomplish automatic grinding cutting after entering processing parameter, convery speed adopts speed adjustment of fre quency conversion, direct drive of wheel head motor, all motions for joining in parameter adjustment completely adopt straight - rolling guide - track with front beam and wheel head lifting lntegrally. the transmission of input and output adopts synchronization tooth belt and photo - electricity switch positioning, and position limitation of two pass is much more reliable

  3. The company ' s main products include : ordinary - type, forward - and - backforward - thread typeandcalibre - changed type, three series and 50 - odd varieties of steel straight thread connecting sleeve piece and steel straight thread screw rolling machine, screw rolling wheel, cutting tool, reinforced thread head special gauge, moment spanner ect., auxiliary tools which are used in construction

  4. Semi - automatic cutting machine, straight strap and 45 - degree diagonal cloth rolling machine suitable for cloth, adhesive - bonded fabric, tent, umbrella, sponge foam, leather, reflective material, plastic, paper, two - side glue, acetate fabric, reinforced belt, conductive cloth, copper, foil and other materials of various width straight

    半自動切捆條機及直紋, 45度斜紋卷布機適用於布料,無紡布,帳篷,雨傘,泡棉,皮革,反光材料,塑膠,紙張,雙面膠,醋酸布,補強帶,導電布,銅箔等材料各種寬度直條, 45度斜條的卷布及裁切。
  5. Straight knife cutting machine

  6. Fur cutting machine series mc is fur processing equipment widely appling to cutting furs with straight hair such as mink, weasel, marmot, rex and pahmi