g-man 中文意思是什麼

g-man 解釋
n. 名詞 (pl. -men) 美國聯邦調查局(FBI)的調查員,密探 (= Government man)。

  • g : 1. generator. 2. German. 3. Germany. 4. giga 十億。5. Gossypium 棉屬。6. grid. 7. Gulf. 8. 【軍事】 gun.
  • man : n (pl men )1 〈無冠詞、單數〉人,人類;【生物學】人科。2 男人;大人,成年男子;男子漢,大丈夫;...
  1. Jack power could a tale unfold : father a g man. if a fellow gave them trouble being lagged they let him have it hot and heavy in the bridewell

  2. First ferry and first ferry macau director and general manager, mr. john hui exchanges gift with t. w. g. hs fong shiu yee day nursery supervisor, ms. almond man

  3. Do you know that fantastic book by h. g. wells, the invisible man ?

  4. H. g. wells "invisible man" was invisible and untraceable.

  5. To daniel magrane and francis wade in 1882 during a juvenile friendship terminated by the premature emigration of the former he had advocated during nocturnal perambulations the political theory of colonial e. g. canadian expansion and the evolutionary theories of charles darwin, expounded in the descent of man and the origin of species

  6. " do you observe, " said the countess g - to albert, who had returned to her side, " that man does nothing like other people ; he listens most devoutly to the third act of robert le diable, and when the fourth begins, takes his departure.

    伯爵夫人對阿爾貝說道阿爾貝此時已回到了她的身邊, 「那個人每樣事都和別人不同。他極熱忱地傾聽惡棍羅勃脫的第三幕,而當第四幕開始的時候卻走了。 」
  7. 4 take mtr to central exit g, then bus 26 from outside the landmark shopping mall on des voeux road central, alighting near man mo temple on hollywood road. walk up ladder street and turn right to caine lane

  8. Except the recollection of the line of politics his father had adopted, and which might interfere, unless he acted with the greatest prudence, with his own career, g rard de villefort was as happy as a man could be

  9. An introduction to some basic ideas of western culture about nature, man, and god ; the hebrew, greek, christian and modern view of life and history, individual and community, etc. through a study of selected religious, philosophical and literary classics ( e. g. the old and the new testaments, plato ' s republic )

  10. Cruccu g, jnghilleri m, megho m, intracranial stimulation of the trigeminal nerve in man, . sensory potentials. j neurol neurosurg psychiat, 1987, 50 : 1323

    羅寧,游國雄,王者晉,等.椎基底動脈供血不足瞬目反射與腦干聽覺誘發電位的對比研究.中風和神經疾病雜志, 1998 ; 15 ( 3 ) : 145
  11. Do you know that fantastic book by h. g. wells, the invisible man

  12. G f, ho man tin plaza, 80 fat kwong street, kowloon

  13. The same man who g ave you the snake containing the drug s

  14. Bridg et. how ' s it g oing with that divine man of yours

  15. Bridg ] et. how ' s it g ] oing ] with that divine man of yours

  16. Fried man p , stevenson w g , bittl j , et al. left main coronaryartery occlusion during radiofrequency catheter ablation of idio2athic outflow treat ventrcular tachycardia j. p a ce , 1997 , 20 : 1 184

    馬堅,王方正,余培禎,等.射頻消融治療起源於左室流出道的非持續性室性心動過速和頻發性室性早搏j .中華心律失常學雜志, 1999 , 3 ( 2 ) 126 - 1296
  17. Hung hom veterinary clinic, g / f, 30 man tai street, whampoa estate, hung hom, kowloon, hong kong

  18. The champion of class a ( student aged below 12 ) is yue shing - yau from canossa primary school ( pm ), champion of class b ( student aged between 12 to below 16 ) is siu king - man from t. w. g. hs. lui yun choy memorial college and champion of class c ( student aged 16 or above ) is lee ling - shan from ying wa girl s school

    A組( 12歲以下)冠軍由嘉諾撒小學下午校的余承佑同學奪得; b組( 12歲至16歲以下)冠軍得主是東華三院呂潤財紀念中學的蕭敬文同學;香港英華女學校的李靈珊同學則在c組( 16歲或以上)賽事中掄元。
  19. The defendant, chang kin - man, ivan, was prosecuted on 5 counts of wilfully with intent assisting other person to evade tax viz., 2 counts by omitting proceeds of sales from the profits tax returns of a company, contrary to section 82 ( 1 ) ( a ) of the inland revenue ordinance, and 3 counts by making use of fraud, art or contrivance, contrary to section 82 ( 1 ) ( g ) of the inland revenue ordinance

    被告張建文,被控五項蓄意意圖協助他人逃稅罪行,包括兩項在一間公司的報稅表內漏報銷售收入,觸犯《稅務條例》第82 ( 1 ) ( a )條,以及三項使用欺騙手段、詭計或手段以協助該公司逃稅,觸犯《稅務條例》第82 ( 1 ) ( g )條。
  20. At present, traffic transiting the area north of exchange square has to travel along the already congested roads and junctions e. g. man po street, man yiu street, man cheung man yiu street junction