g-force 中文意思是什麼

g-force 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 地心引力。
2. 火箭或飛機改變速度時人體的反應力。

  • g : 1. generator. 2. German. 3. Germany. 4. giga 十億。5. Gossypium 棉屬。6. grid. 7. Gulf. 8. 【軍事】 gun.
  • force : n 1 力,勢。2 體力,氣力,精力,魄力。3 暴力,壓力;兵力,武力。4 〈pl 〉 部隊,軍隊,兵力。5 勢...
  1. If the velocity of atoms is near to zero, the light for ces will tend to confine the atoms near to nodes and antinodes. the stability depends on the magnitude of the negative slope of the light force, the depth of the potential well and the momentum diffusion coefficient. it is important to select the parameters, e. g

  2. In comparison with impact force dominated conventional pulverizing equipment, pan - mill is especially effective for the pulverization of polymer materials. experimental results show that not only commodity polymers such as polystyrene and polypropylene but also coriaceous engineerin g plastics such as pa6 can be effectively pulverized by pan - mill

    磨盤形力化學反應器對聚合物材料的粉碎具有獨特的優勢,研究結果表明,常溫操作條件下,磨盤形力化學反應器不但可以有效粉碎通用聚合物材料,如聚丙烯,也可以粉碎強韌性工程塑料尼龍6 。
  3. Any system capable of a free vibration without external force is a counter example, e. g. a wire in the piano.

  4. In order to take the influence of the internal force from translation into consideration, the design of in - plane buckling of unbraced frames adopted a new second - order elastic method to calculate the structural internal force, e. g. the imaginary horizontal loads method

  5. The research includes temperature controlling in deep cool condition, data sampling, relationship between levitation force and levitation gap in different temperature, and relationship between levitation force and temperature in a certain levitation gap - the deep cool condition is provided by g - m refrigerator, and a bent adapter connector fixed on second step cooling head is designed to fix ybacuo bulk

    研究包括深冷環境下的溫度控制;數據採集;不同溫度下懸浮力與懸浮間距的關系及一定懸浮間距下懸浮力與溫度的關系。在g - m製冷機作用下實現深冷測試環境,並設計出固定於製冷機二級冷頭處的轉變接頭以固定高溫超導體。
  6. Abstract : the system, in the span - by - span construction of brid ge, willexperience three kinds of shifts from the state of simple beam to the continuous state, from overhanging beam to the continuous beam and from few - spans continuous beam to required degree span by span. meanwhile, structural calculatin g graphics and the internal force are changing with the three shifts

  7. G ws epox quality process uses time - proven cibageigy 229 epoxy resin to assure a void - free, extremely durable system impervious to environmental contamination. the rugged epoxy interfaces minimize the breaking force required for removing separable connectors compared to rubber - to - rubber junctions

    G w電纜分接母排使用epox技術,並選用技術成熟的ciba - geigy229環氧樹脂,確保所用材料無空隙,經久耐用,能防止環境的侵蝕。
  8. On the basis of this, we selected rms as feedback variable and constructed the controller g : add this controller to the right of ion radial self - edlctric force equation like equation ( 1 ). we simulated the motion of ion beam by using muti - paticle code ( partice - in - cell ( pic ) code ). the results demonstrated that the beam halo of five different initial distribution is eliminated well under the same controller. the halo intensity of k - v distribution, water - bag distribution and parabolic distribution and be reduced to zero. in the case of 3 - sigma distribution and full gauss distribution, the result is agree with minimum limitation ( 10 " ) of halo intensity of factual high intensity accelerator

    在此基礎上,選擇a為控制變量,構造延遲反饋控制器g : g ( s glrrms ( s )一rms ( s ) ( 2 )同( l )式一致,將此控制器函數加在粒子徑向所受束自生場力方程的右邊。利用多粒子數值模擬程序( pic )進行了控制試驗。模擬結果表明,用同一個控制器和同一個控制參數即可實現五種不同初始分佈情況下的束運一混飩的有效控制。
  9. The control of beam halo - chaos becomes a critical problem in the development of high intensity accelerator. efforts to remove the halo by collimation have been largely unsuccessful since the halos almost always regenerate. the mechanisms of halos are complex, such as nonlinear resonances and chaotic behavior etc. considering this, professor fang jin - qing who works in china institute of atomic energy pointed out that the theory of chaos control can be used to control beam halos. he presented the method to control halos by using nonlinear functions, which means nonlinear function g is added to the right of ion radial self - edlctric force equation and some nonlinear function are selected to control beam halos in simulations. in paper [ 69 ], controllerg = - 0. 15sin ( rmax - am ) 2 was used and the halo intensity was decreased to 0. 1078, the halos are removed partly

    束暈?混沌的控制是新一代強流加速器研製的關鍵問題,隨著強流離子束應用前景的日趨廣闊而日益成為研究的熱點。傳統機械限束器因無法解決束暈的再生而收效甚微,因為束暈的形成有著其內在動力學機制?非線性共振以及混沌等。基於此,中國原子能科學院研究員方錦清將混沌控制的理論和方法開創性的運用於束暈?混沌的控制上,提出了控制束暈?混沌的非線性控制策略,即在粒子徑向所受束自生場力方程的右邊加上非線性控制函數g :並選取一些非線性函數如等進行了控制的模擬研究,將束暈強度控制在0 . 1078左右,取得了初步的控制效果。
  10. Indirect offence can be classified into six types in accordance with the different characteristics of the media used, a ) to commit a crime by making use of the persons under lawful age ; b ) to commit a crime by applying others " force majeure and accidents ; d ) to commit a crime by using others " legal activities ; e ) to commit a crime by using others " faults ; f ) to commit a crime by using others " injuring themselves ; g ) to commit a crime by using others " intentional act as a tool

    第四部分,間接正犯的類型研究。以被利用者的不同特點為標準,將間接正犯分為七種類型: 1 、利用未達法定刑事責任年齡者實施犯罪; 2 、利用精神病人實施犯罪; 3 、利用他人不可抗力和意外事件實施犯罪; 4 、利用他人合法行為實施犯罪; 5 、利用他人的過失行為實施犯罪; 6 、利用他人自害行為實施犯罪; 7 、利用有故意的工具實施犯罪。
  11. This movement of the maneuver point however, unlike that of the n. p. is real, since the maneuver point is defined by the control force per g.

  12. 1. dispel smoke, remove dust : negative ion absorb the dust in air, make it no activation but leech on to floor due to g - force. at the same time, it activates the oxygen in air, makes the room environment fresh, clean and natural

    1 .消煙除塵清新空氣:負離子吸附空氣中帶電的塵埃,使其失去活性而隨地球引力安靜依附於地面層,同時激活空氣中的氧分子,讓居室的空氣清新,空間回歸純靜自然。
  13. Due to the special calibration in mv v, corner correction is generally not necessary when several force transducers are used, e. g. in a pair of scales

    由於採用特殊的校準in mv v ,通常在使用多個力傳感器的時候不需要角度修正,比如使用天平的時候。
  14. Extreme negative and positive acceleration phases are not a characteristic of swimmers who must be efficient ( e. g., 200 m plus ) who usually demonstrate high rates, almost continuous propulsive force production, and minimum periods of time in long " sculling boat " positions

  15. Touch activity force : 100 g adjustable

  16. 2 ) we analyse the locomotion equation, trajectory parameter, trajectory ellipse parameter, average angel velocity formula under the condition that we only think about the g - force. we ascertain the relationship of the target place and the moving velocity and flying time by keplei equation, and ascertain the trajectory and the data of the place target landing, finally we analyse the effect on the target trajectory and landing from the earth ' s rotation itself

    ( 2 )分析了在只考慮地球引力情況下的雷達目標運動方程、軌道面參數、軌道橢圓參數、平均角速度公式;通過迭代求解開普勒方程確定了目標位置、目標運動狀態和飛行時間的關系;確定了雷達目標的軌道、落點數據;最後,分析了地球自轉對目標的軌道和落點的影響。
  17. Based on the cutting force surface model, a polynomial equation of side cutting depth and feedrate is created to calculate the feedrate of each cl data and the calculated feedrate value is written out with the g - code position data block to an updated version of the die - cavity

  18. Theoretically, it is possible to accelerate water move from outside of cable to inside and therefore to accelerate the cross - linking reaction of silane - g - pe by gradient force of electric field when electric pre - stress is applied in the process of warm water cross - linking of silane - g - pe cable

  19. Kinetics analysis is performed without taking into account the nonlinear factors ( e. g., friction ), and the analysis about force of each joint point is put forward when different diecutting force is loaded

  20. The column effective length of strong bracing system can be calculated according to current design code, when consider the axial force changing impact on its effective length of the column, this text has offered the " g coefficient of correction " method. for weak bracing system, this paper provided the concrete formula of calculating the effective 1 ength coefficient of column