frb 中文意思是什麼

frb 解釋
FRB = Federal Reserve Board [Bank] 〈美國〉聯邦儲備委員會[銀行]。

  1. The mass transfer model of the foam was established on the basis of the penetration theory, and the mass transfer model of the compound tray was obtained according to the mass transfer model of the foam and frb model in packing

  2. Federal reserve board frb united states

  3. Frb had abandoned the traditional random walk and simple rules, but carried out the neutral rules to achieve the economy growth and price stability with casual steps

    美聯儲摒棄傳統的相機抉擇或簡單單一規則,選擇以嚴謹的方式來實現經濟增長與物價穩定的「中性貨幣政策」 。
  4. There are 12 federal reserve districts ( frd ) in us with one federal reserve bank per district. to coordinate 12 frd ' s business, federal reserve board ( frb ) was established in us capital - washington

  5. Learning micro adjustment policy and caution attitude from frb, operating the monetary instruments in a tiny range with a cautious manner, china should keep eyes on confidence control, window guidance and public anticipation

    借鑒美聯儲的「微調」政策和謹慎態度,注重信心調控,改進「窗口指導」 ,加強對公眾預期利用、引導。
  6. Having abandoned monetary supply as intermediate target, frb turns to use real interest rate which can keep a long term stable between price and economy growth while some other countries prefer the inflation target regime

  7. It is important for china to better understand the time lag of monetary policy, to use forward - looking monetary policy like frb, to find sensitive leading indicators, to catch the macroecnomy turning point timely, and to avoid economy fluctuation when something doesn " t prepare well

    充分認識貨幣政策效應的時滯問題,借鑒美聯儲運用防微杜漸、先發制人的前瞻性策略,尋求敏感性較好的先行指標,及時把握宏觀經濟的轉折點,避免「臨陣磨刀」使經濟出現劇烈的波動或「大震」 。