from the terrace 中文意思是什麼

from the terrace 解釋
  • from :
  • the : 〈代表用法〉…那樣的東西,…那種東西。1 〈用單數普通名詞代表它的一類時(所謂代表的單數)〉 (a) 〈...
  • terrace : n 1 臺地,階地,梯田;壇,坪;有花壇(等)的庭園。2 (房屋前面的)平臺;露臺,陽臺。3 柱廊,(東...
  1. The most notable yellow mountains pines are : yingkesong greeting pine in front of lion stone at jade screen tower, songkesong farewell pineto the right of jade screen tower, putuansong hassock pine in lotus gully, feng huangsong phoenix pine in heavenly sea, qipansong chessboard pine at pingtian stone bridge, jieyinsong usher pine on beginning - to - believe peak, qilinsong unicorn pine, on the way from north sea guesthouse to cool terrace, heihusong black tiger pine, on the way from north sea guesthouse to beginning - to - believe peak, tanhaisong or wusong probe - the - sea or dancer pine by crucian carp s backon celestialcapital and wolongsong recumbent dragon pine below beginning - to - believe peak

  2. Behind us is nha trang no 88 - 90, a simple but marvellous little place for vietnamese noodles and other snacks. william pops in to pick up a stack of free postcards. we turn the corner into lyndhurst terrace and we are nearing the end of our tour, both literally and metaphorically, for we are about equidistant from the illustrious entertainment area of lan kwai fong, and the newer soho neighbourhood, its narrow streets lined with funky restaurants and bars

  3. In the polynesian terrace restaurant in adventureland, lilo and her friends from disney s

  4. Refined elegance, superior amenities and services, waterfront, romantic restaurant on the terrace. just 3 minutes from san marco and rialto

  5. From here dramatic views over london were framed by a tree in a planter at the south end of the terrace

  6. Butterfly changes into a white gown, and her new husband gently leads her onto the terrace as vows of love flow from their lips

  7. Marking the southern boundry of the city is the dadu river, across which is changhua county and the bagua mountain terrace. to the east, and of most interest to tourists, is the central mountain range - a stunning range famous for fantastic scenery that runs from the far north of the island to the very south

  8. Butterfly puts on the gown she wore on her wedding night and motions to suzuki to close the screen that separates the room from the terrace

  9. Lilo and her pal stitch from the disney film lilo stitch have invited the disney characters and the guests to a cheerful luau at the polynesian terrace restaurant

  10. ( 5 ) by analyzing the terrace in the lacustrine sediment of the ancient barrier lake, diexi, minjiang river, forming of the terrace is not only because of the intermittent arising of the tectonic movement, but also because of descend of the eroding normal covering resulting from destroying of the barrier lake

    ( 5 )通過對岷江疊溪古堰塞湖湖相沉積中的河流階地分析可知,階地的形成不僅僅是由於新構造運動的間歇性抬升作用,由於堰塞湖的潰決引起洪水下泄,導致河流侵蝕基準面的下降也可以形成階地。
  11. Reaching out from the cliff and facing the valley in three directions, the terrace is an ideal place for watching sunrise and the sea of clouds

  12. Wutai is a rukai tribe stronghold. the name comes from the rukai language and means small village. very appropriately, the chinese characters used to write " wutai " mean fog terrace, as, being up at an altitude of 900 meters, every afternoon a fog settles in

  13. When the wind was in the east a smell came across the harbour from the shark factory ; but today there was only the faint edge of the odour because the wind had backed into the north and then dropped off and it was pleasant and sunny on the terrace

  14. Prince andrey gently moved him away, and spurring his horse galloped down the garden walk. on the terrace the old man was still sitting as before, as uninterested as a fly on some beloved dead face, knocking on the sole of the bast shoe. and two little girls came running from the plum - trees in the conservatories with their skirts full of plums

  15. Another discussion about the compilation time of " new odes from the jade terrace ". fu gang

  16. In the evening, choose either the soho area of central district or knutsford terrace in tsim sha tsui for dinner. both are packed with door - to - door restaurants offering a host of international cuisine - from chinese and italian to mexican and japanese. here you can savour dishes from the himalayas to the louisiana bayou, from malaysia to the mediterranean

  17. O curve of dsdp607 v30 - 97 show that loess began to deposit on the terrace of the yellow river about 1. 20 ma b p, and passed thirteen climatic changes from drier and cooler to warmer and wetter later. the turn of sedimentation from alluvium to loess, an event of transformation from accumulation to down - cut of the yellow river, indicates a sharp tectonic uplift occurred around 1. 2 ma b p. key words : loess - paleosol ; susceptibility ; climatic changes ; tectonic movement ; yellow river ; yangfan section

    通過對楊范剖面黃土地層巖性特徵沉積結構質量磁化率和頻率磁化率的分析及與深海氧同位素曲線的對比,劃分了剖面地層,初步確定了黃土沉積始於1 . 20 ma b p ,黃土沉積以來該區發生了13次大的乾冷暖濕氣候變化沉積轉型指示河流強烈加積轉變為河流侵蝕,代表約在1 . 20 ma b p發生過一次強烈的構造抬升事件。
  18. Every time i stepped into the daily fray, i had a moment like this : going from the quietness of my hotel with its rooftop terrace and polite clerks into the hectic flow of the ancient city

  19. This conversation had passed as they stood upon the terrace, from which a flight of stone steps led to the carriage - drive

  20. In 1992 arsenal began the redevelopment of the north bank from the wide terrace to the post - taylor report double - decker seated stand that is there today